10 Summer Dresses I’m Obsessed With Right Now

Have you heard of the saying “Lazy days of Summer?” For me, my lazy days of summer usually consists of little to no makeup, my hair in a high bun, and casually cute summer dress. Dresses and I have the most fun in the summer, because the help me look together with little effort. So, you will usually see me in one of my summer dresses most days.

10 Summer Dresses I'm Obsessed With Right Now | STAINED COUTURE

Unfortunately, I don’t have as many dresses this summer, which has had me fawning over so many dresses. Probably tens of tens of dresses, but I decided to share my 10 favorite summer dresses, as of now.

Although I tend to think of utility dresses a spring dress, but this khaki utility dress is really lightweight.

I don’t have many regrets this summer, but one I do have is not being able to take a vacation. However, if I did, I would take this beautiful embroidered dress from H&M. I mean- doesn’t it scream “vacation”?

Ugh, another dress to remind me that I need a vacation in order to wear it. I love the flowy, oversized look of this crepe dress. However, the deep golden mustard color is really what’s making me drool.

I love everything about this smudge print dress! The shape of the dress is adorable, the length is perfect, and the smudge print looks so cool.

ASOS Maxi Tea Dress

One of my favorite dresses to wear in the summer, especially on a chill day, is button up maxi dress. Personally, I like to unbutton until I’m 1-2 buttons away from needing to slide up some shorts. Also, this maxi button dress has just the right amount of sheerness without it being too sheer.

Warning: I’m not sure if the shape of this Universal Thread Square Neck dress will look on my shape. However, I think it’s adorable. The shape and look is perfect for spring and summer. Plus, you might be able to layer it with long sleeve tees or a turtleneck for a cute fall look.

A few days, while craving for a new dress, I almost ordered this striped shirtdress. However, I want it to have a slight loose feel to it, which means I need to try it on it person. Still, I think it’s a prefect casual Friday dress, too.

Wild Fable Strappy Swing Dress

My ideal dress to wear every weekend looks very similar to this Wild Fable strappy short swing dress. I would wear it how it’s styled in this picture – layered with a tee. Although I want it for summer and the color aren’t very “fun”, but I think I could get more fun looks with the black one. Instead, I can pair it with neon accessories.

Old Navy Printed High Neck swing Dress

Every summer, I find myself buying at least 2-3 dresses from Old Navy. I love that I can usually fit into their regular line – not just the plus-size dresses. Plus, the dresses are made of pretty good quality and are always on sale. I love the print of this high-neck jersey swing dress. It’s the perfect shade of yellow for tan/dark skin.

Old Navy Olive Crepe Dress

I need a new dress that I can pull from the back of the closet that I can wear to work or a wedding. Kinda think that this olive crepe dress from Old Navy will work for any situation – and season.

What do you look for in your favorite summer dresses? Share below.

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