5 Self-Care Activities That Keep Me Sane

One of the things I embraced this year was the importance of self-care. However, not just on the outside, but on the inside, too. Actually, when you take of your inside, it shows on your outside and vice versa. So, I have a few go-to self-care activities that makes me feel and on occasion, look good.

5 self-care activities

Keep reading to see my five favorite self-care activities that keep me together.

Self-Care Activities: Scheduled Nail Appointments for Dope Nails

I spent decades going to the everyday nail shop in the hood to get acrylics and tips. My go-to was french manicure, because it always looked classy to me. Plus, it went with everyday, which helped justify the extra $5 to get them. However, earlier this year, I really became obsessed with nail art. I followed way too many nail techs that dis ah-mazing nail art. So, I decided that would find someone in my area that had the same talent, if not better. Luckily, I was able find a few that could do what I wanted. Unfortunately, they were all booked for months.

After stalking and waiting for a few months, one of them finally started accepting new clients and signed up immediately. It was so worth the wait and extra money. Not only does she does nope nail art, but she into natural nail care and maintenance. My nails haven’t been this consistently healthy in a minute and attribute it to have a great go-to nail tech.

Self-Care Activities: Sunday Afternoon Drives

One of the most peaceful moments I treat myself to are Sunday afternoon drives while listening to one of my personal playlist on Tidal. On these days, I’m either listening to my 90s r&B playlist or my trap music playlist. Both of these playlists helps to push to the side anything clouding my mind and allow me zone out. It’s very therapeutic.

Self-Care Activities: Netflix and Sheet Mask

I know you’ve all heard of “Netflix and Chill”, which is cool, I guess. However, my favorite thing to do while watching Netflix is to wear skincare masks, because it’s a double dose of relaxation. Yesterday, I spent most of my Sunday laid up on my sofa with my sister binging The Walking Dead in preparation for the season premiere. I found one of my favorite sheet mask, Dr. Jart Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Mask, and watched an entire episode with it on. I followed it up with a hydrating mask and woke up this morning with some bright and soft skin.

Self-Care Activities: Soy Vanilla Chai Latte from Local Spot

I usually wake up in a great mood and to a calming day. However, on those days when I can just sense it’s going to be an “off” day, I treat myself to a Soy Vanilla Chai Latte from one of my favorite local coffee spots. I consider this a treat, because it’s a little pricey and totally not necessary. However, it tastes so good and makes me feel like the day is going to keep getting better.

Self-Care Activities: Mid-Week Personal Days off from Work

I used to feel so guilty when I wanted to take a personal day to just do nothing. I would even make up an excuse to justify it, such as I need to go get my car serviced or had a couple of appointments and needed the day to do them. All BS! Thankfully, I work for a company who understands the need to take a day off to regroup and possibly do nothing. I usually take my personal day in the middle of the week, because then I only have one or two workdays left when I get back in the office before the weekend. This is what I call “working smart”. 🙂

Share one of your favorite self-care activities below!

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