5 Things To Do Before 2018

Are you ready for 2018? Well, I’m ready for it to be here already, because I love fresh starts. However, in preparations for a new year, I have a list of things that I tend to do every year around this time. It’s not a long lengthy list, but it’s a list of productive and positive things to end this year on a strong. Also, they help me start the new year with a clean slate and clear mind.

Looking for ways to end this year on a high note while getting some areas of your life together? Well, keep reading to see this 5 small things you should by the end of the year. Let’s do this!

Before 2018: Declutter Your Space

I feel like a hypocrite right now, because my bedroom is a chaotic mess. However, I do plan to do some deep cleaning a decluttering this weekend.  Use this time to get rid of things that don’t you don’t use or need. You can donate, give away, or toss whatever doesn’t make the cut.

Before 2018: Do A Closet Purge

One of the things I learned to love to do this year is purging my closet. When I purge my closet, I get rid of clothes I haven’t worn in the last year or plan to wear anytime soon. If they are in pretty good condition, I donate them. If not, to the trash they go. One of the benefits of doing this

Before 2018: Have a Self-Care Day

Self-care was definitely one of the trends of 2017, but it was so necessary. Taking a self-care before new year will help you relax from the hectic moments of the Christmas holiday. A self-care day can consist of a spa day filled with massages and manis or a day of lounging on your sofa watching the last Christmas movies before time is up. Anything that makes you happy.

Before 2018: Acknowledge 2017 Wins

Everyone needs to acknowledge their wins, because it’s reminder that you can achieve and reach goals. Now, you might saying to me; “I didn’t have any wins this year”. My response to that it “stop it”. You made it today, which means you made it to another day to accomplish something. All wins don’t have to be big. For example, this year, I finally was able to score an appointment with a nail artist that I’ve been stalking for an appointment for months. Win. Also, I finally got around to reading a few books that had been on stacked on my shelf, waiting for me to read. Another win. Wins come in every size.

Before 2018: Set 3 Goals for 2018

Setting goals is one of the healthiest things you can do for you; mentally, physically, and emotionally. I thinking setting 3 goals is nice healthy and attainable reach. Personally, I like to set one small goal that I know I can reach in little time. I also set a medium goal that might require a little more effort, but I can reach in due time. Finally, I like to set a big goal that’s going to require some time, dedication, and prayer. However, like with the others, it can be reached.

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