LUST-HAVE LIST: September 2015


Hey September!

September is one of my favorite months. In case you didn’t know, September is my birthday month. Although, I’m not one of those kinda obnoxious people that celebrate their birthday all month, I still have a love when September finally hits. Aside from my birthday, it’s also the month when fall (my favorite season) finally arrives. So there’s that to look forward to, also.

Back to this month’s Lust-Have list.

It’s only safe to assume that my September LHL is just a perfectly catalog birthday wishlist for me. I will admit that usually end up getting 1 or a few items off this list every year. I guess it serves that purpose. So, keep reading to see my birthday wishlist/ Lust-Have List for September 2015. Continue Reading

Beauty Products To Keep At The Office


Sorry for the lack of post last week, but my office was a little hectic, because we relocated to a brand new and much brighter suite. Awesome work selfies are getting concocted as you read this.

With all the packing and unpacking that was going on, I realized that I was running low and even out of my some of the beauty products that I keep in my office desk. Yes, there are necessary beauty products that every woman, no matter your level of beauty-obsessed, should keep in their desk at work to help you be extra presentable, no matter how long a meeting or unexpected conversation with the CEO in passing.

In the office, it’s always best to put your best foot forward, ethically and visually. So, here is the list of beauty items you should have stored in your work desk. Hmm, I wonder can these be considered write-offs or even better, get ordered with the office supplies? Is there hybrid Staples/Ulta somewhere on this planet. Well, I think I need to take a trip to HR.

In the meantime, check out and take inventory of essential beauty products to keep in your desk at work. Continue Reading

10 Closet Staples for Fall 2015


Every season, like the weather, your wardrobe changes. Some people shop throughout the season, which I tend to do,too. However, at the beginning of each season, I usually select 8-10 “foundation pieces” that I can easily switch in and out to create multiple looks and build with various accessories and other pairings that I already have or pick up later on.

For fall, it’s all about looking put together with pieces and silhouettes that look polished and classic. Therefore, you will notice that my foundation pieces this season are very simple and easy to wear and play around with for endless moments of classic fall style. Check out my 10 closet staples for fall 2015. Continue Reading

Documentaries to Watch This Weekend


I plan to have a good ol’ super lazy weekend that consists noshing on a cheese plate for one and creating a dent in my sofa and/or bed. I haven’t exactly narrowed down the location of this “laze fest”, but it’s going down.

Although, I do have some mini binge watching of shows resting in my DVR, I would love to get catch up on some documentaries that I’ve been meaning to watch and/or rewatch. There are some really entertaining and informative documentaries lurking on Netflix and even Youtube that we should look into watching.

In the meantime, here are just a few of the docs that are on my personal to-watch list this weekend. Continue Reading