Retro Sneakers for Spring


Nostalgia is awesome.

Since people seem to love nostalgic moments, companies love bringing back throwback versions of their products. The main companies that partake in this are sneaker and athletic apparel companies.

I’ve noticed that a lot of sneaker companies have been releasing original version of some of their classic and iconic sneakers and I’m all here for it. Although retro Jordans are the retro sneakers that most people know about and stand in line to wait for the release, there are other iconic sneakers that are on the shelves. Continue Reading

Best and Favorite Foaming Cleansers


The other day, my face felt so oily and heavy, despite it being freshly washed and make-up free. At that moment, that’s when I knew that the cold weather was pretty much done and warm weather temperatures were approaching. This moment is also known as the time when my combination/oily skin becomes more oily than combo.

As soon as the weather and climate changes, one of the first things that lets me know is my skin. It not only becomes oilier, but it feels very heavy and gross and that’s when I have to start transitioning my skincare routine and the first item I usually changing is my cleanser.

Although it’s very wonderful, my usual Cetaphil cleanser just doesn’t leave my oily skin feeling clean, because it doesn’t suds or foam up. In case you don’t know, when it comes to cleansers for oily skin, foam is your friend. There is something about the foaming action that deep cleans your skin and pores and not only does your skin look clean, but feels clean. Continue Reading

Cute & Covetable Clutches for Spring


Yesterday, it was so beautiful here in Memphis! It was a sunny, 70 plus degree day without a cloud in the sky. It was so awesome and a telling sign that spring is almost here…FINALLY!

While at Target (of course.), I noticed a couple of lovely ladies looking casually chic while carrying around simple clutches and wristlets. I instantly became envious and I wanted to carry around a clutch, too. So, I’m all about finding a cute and chic clutch that I can carry around on a nice Spring day. I found a few that I more than want and why not share them with you, because everyone needs a cute clutch in the spring.Well, I believe that everyone needs a cute clutch for Spring. Continue Reading

WEEKEND AT HOME: Recipes for National Pi(e) Day


Today is March 14, which might not mean anything to most people. However, the inner geek in some of us know that March 14th is also National Pi Day, because in the intricate world of mathematics, Pi (π) is know to equal 3.14…March 14….get it?! Sheesh, I hope you do.

Anyway, every year, to commemorate the pointless piece of awesomeness, some people (me included) partake in making and/or eating some form of pie….with an e. Although the only thing they share is the fact that they sound exactly alike, on March 14 they are like Peanut Butter and Jelly, respectable on their own, but fun when they are together.

So, for this lovely day, I have decided to share some of my favorite pie recipes. Continue Reading