Who is a GirlBoss? Pretty simple. A woman about her business, literally. She’s strong, independent, and focused on maintaining and growing her business. Therefore, gift guide for these powerful women include products that will keep them on goal, on trend, and on point in their life.

So, here are some clutch gift suggestions for that girl who’s always grinding and striving. Check out these gifts for a girlboss.

  • Rebecca Minkoff ‘Like A Boss’ Business Card Case – Business cards have continuously survived the “paperless” lifestyle and a good girlboss knows that she should always be prepared to have business contact ready to give in the case an opportunity comes knocking. Therefore, this “Like A Boss” business card holder is perfect and chic.
  • Be You and Live Civil: Tools for Unlocking Your Potential and Living Your Purpose – Karen Civil is the generational voice for digital and entrepreneurial hustling. She has managed to catapult her name/brand as presence that impressive and inspire. She recently released a book that’s a quick read filled with ways to help you tap into your purpose and passion. I’m almost done reading my copy.
  • Michael Kors Battery Wallet – There are countless wireless batteries to charge your phone, but the ultimate Girlboss needs one that is not only functional, but fashionable. Therefore, enter this one from Michael Kors, that is a battery and a wallet with the sleek design of a passport holder.
  • Pebble Time Steel Watch – Smartwatches are so useful, because you can answer calls, emails, and texts while listening to music while scheduling your upcoming week of meetings all from a few taps on your watch. This Pebble Time watch does all of the aforementioned without the bulky price of the most smartwatches. Plus, there are plenty of designs and straps to customize it for anyone.
  • Akris Leather Laptop Portfolio – A laptop case that is not only sleek and minimal, but fashionable enough to pass for a fab oversize clutch. Well, that’s what this laptop portfolio from Akris provides and then some. Any girlboss in need of chic laptop sleeve can’t go wrong with this one.

Have A Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s to a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving!

Remember to give thanks for your life, everyone and thing in it. Be appreciative of your life and pray for those that may be in a hard spot and need a blessing to come to them.

If you are one of the brave souls partaking in Black Friday, be safe out there! Me? I’m sleeping in and going to wake up and try to grab a few deals online. It works for me.

Also, Stained Couture is taking quick fall sabbatical, but we’ll be back on Tuesday, December 1, 2015. The SC team has been prepping our list of gift guides. Yes, we are bringing back on our gift guides to help you find the perfect gift for some of the people on your shopping list…or you, too!

In the meantime, enjoy your holiday with your loved one and see ya next week!

Have a happy Thanksgiving from Stained Couture!

Sparkly Accessories


Since we are pretty much in the holiday season, that means there is about to be increase in the number of moments and events in our lives where a little more sparkle doesn’t hurt.

From glitzy gatherings to holiday parties, you need a little something “extra” to sparkle. Actually, this is the best time to get your sparkle on and why not do it with a few sparkly accessories?

If you are like me, then a full on ensemble of head to toe glitter and sequins is just too much. So, instead opt for small flashes in the for accessories such as a clutch, jewelry of even some sequin embellished pumps. Sequin pumps are necessary for every closet, FYI.

I was over on ShopBop and spotted more than a few accessories that are not only sparkly, but so beautiful. Also, it’s perfect timing, because ShopBop just started their annual Big Holiday sale this morning and can save up to 25%. So, yeah, you might want to take advantage of that sale and pick up a few sparkly accessories of your own.



Here I am, bright eyed and bushy tail on this Monday morning, super happy that I’m finally fully in the holiday spirit and just in time for Thanksgiving.

Like I’ve previously pointed out, I usually spend my Thanksgiving as a guest, and this year is no different. This year I only have two destinations: my dad’s house and my brother’s in-laws. Therefore, the only thing I have to worry about is what too wear, which can be very tricky.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that’s mainly family, but can also include random family friends and friends of friends coming by a.k.a strangers. However, depending on the way the day go, those strangers might become new friends or “boo” (wink, wink).

Therefore, your turkey day can be too casual (read; sweats and tee) or too over the top, because you know…dribbles happen. So, you have the pick outfit that has the comfort and give for a possible expanding belly AND still look put together.

For me, this year, I think I going to reach for this corduroy skirt that has been collecting age in the back of my closet. It’s perfect, because it’s dark and has the right amount of elastic around the waist. I’m going to pair it with a billowy top and maybe some black tights and flats or tall boots. Still a toss up. Very simple, but a little vampy.

Here’s a little inspiration for your Thanksgiving Outfit 2015:



This weekend I plan to finally attempt to get into the holiday spirit, because I feel so behind. Everywhere I look, people are putting up Christmas lights and I even know a few people who have already put up their tree. Although it seems a little premature to me, I […]