Nov 252014


Every season, your daily needs that reside in your bag changes. In the spring and summer, you always try to carry sunscreen, a bright lip products, and a sweet floral scent. In the winter, you become all about moisture.

Like most people, in the winter I try to keep as many hydrating items, as possible. For me, I have 2 areas that get ridiculously dry as soon as cold weather hits and that’s my  lips and hands/cuticles.

Lipsticks and glosses, while making your lips look pretty and shiny, can also speed out the drying of your lips in conjunction with the cold air. So, a really heavy and penetrating lip balm is necessary for me and I have been finding that in Vaseline’s Lip Therapy in cocoa butter. However, I recently stumbled upon their new rose lip balm one and I love it! It’s just as moisturizing as the original and cocoa butter options, but it has a soft rosy scent and hint of pink helps add a flush of natural pink to your cold and pale lips.

Bad cuticles and dry hands are one of my pet peeves to see on people and when I see them on myself, I instantly reach for one of multiple bottles of Sally Hansen Vitamin E cuticle oils and my Nivea Creme tin from the bottom of my purse. These 2 little hydrating gems are amazing on their own, but when combined? Oh, my hands are pretty much miraculous. Clean, soft, and moisturized hands…is the only thing that I like.

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Nov 242014


Everyone has that one awesome person in their life that loves to cook and not only loves to cook, but share their delicious concoction. I love those people! So, why not return the favor of those delicious and free meals that they blessed you with by getting them a item that can help them create even more meals? Hopefully, they will want to share some more delectable meals that you encouraged them to make with your thoughtful gift.


  • Homemade Salad Dressing Container – Once you’ve had homemade dressing, I promise, you’ll never want to go back and most great cooks know this and have a plethora of dressing recipes in their arsenal. Therefore, this might be the last missing item to curate their awesome dressings.
  • Rinse and Chop Cutting Board – A cutting board that know only allows you to chop and rinse your veggies on the same workspace thanks to draining holes built-in, but it also folds to allow you rinse, chop, and pour in your fellow swoosh. Genius!
  • Scrap Trap Bin and Scraper – Counter space is such a high commodity in the life of a cook. However, sometimes you have to make due with what you have and have to come up with creative ways to maximize your space. This scrap bin is will help to eliminate that scrap bowl that takes up plenty of counter real estate in the kitchen. The bin easily attaches to a drawer to catch the scrap you sweep away with the scraper that comes with it.
  • Food Huggers – I’m not a cook, per se, but as soon as I realized that Food Huggers existed I ordered them on the spot. Foodhuggers are reusable food savers that are made from silicone that can preserve freshly cut fruits and vegetables and opened can goods and jars. They are available in multiple sizes and

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Nov 242014


So, as you know, it’s boot season. Yay! However, my taste in boots this season has taken me back, a bit.

In the past, my style, including shoes, has been very clean and classic. I guess you can say that I like to play it safe.

However, this season, I’m all about the well-worn/loved and vintage look, especially when it comes to boots. Therefore, I’m a little obsessed with these Hanwell boots from H by Hudson. They are the perfect shade of cognac suede, which I’ve been looking for the past couple of months, with the right amount of rugged details thanks to the burnishing on the toe. Added bonus: the slouchy, short shaft that will look great when paired with straight leg jeans, leggings, or even skirts and dresses.

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Nov 182014


I love my mom, God rest her soul, but I inherited her bad skin from the huge pores, blackheads to the excessive facial hair. It’s been pretty easy for me to combat the latter two thanks to waxing appointments and blackhead strips, but the large pores? Yes, large pores are hereditary and they are some difficult somethings to tame. Aside from acne, huge pores have been a consistent part of my skin profile that I’ve had deal with all my life, but I only found out that they were a “thing” back when I was in high school.

Now, let me be, as the kids say “100 with you”…no matter what the soft spoken and smooth complexion having lady behind the luxurious beauty counter tells you, there isn’t a product that can remove your large pores. Those products are the unicorns of beauty, they sound lovely, but just don’t exist.

However, there are pore minimizers! Now, the term “pore minimizer” can be little tricky. You might think that they help shrink your pores. Actually, they just help to temporarily shrink your pores and/or shrink them over time, but never remove them.

Like I’ve said, I’ve been dealing with my large pores for awhile now and have tried way too many products over the years to help visually shrink them and trust me, there are plenty of products out there and I feel like I’ve tried about a clean 92% of them. That’s a lot of money spent and shoes rejected for these products. Girl, I mean some fierce boots have been placed back on displays, because I felted I needed a certain product more than I needed a pair of new boots that would have had me strutting a’la Beyonce while walking to my desk.

So, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite pore minimizing products that I have the chance to use and fall in love with over the years.

  • Philosophy Total Matteness Pore Mattifying Pore Eraaser – This is a great serum to apply to you clean skin in the morning to help minimize large pores for flawless foundation application.
  • Perricone MD Enlarged Pores Kit – This is kit contains a duo that treats and minimizes large pores. You use it in the morning and evening and will definitely, over time, notice the size of your pores shrink. It’s very magical and it’s reminded me that I might need to pick this up next time I realize I could eat soup out of my pores.
  • Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfecting Foundation – If you are a fan of a 1-2 punch when it comes to foundation and treating while concealing your large pores, look no further than this foundation from Clinique. This buildable foundation helps to you get a flawless and smooth application, while using built in ingredients that will help downsize the appearance of pores over time. This is a win-win in a bottle, ladies!
  • Dr. Jart+ PORE MEDIC Pore Minish Mist – Can you believe that this mist contains powder and toner to to mattyify your skin? Well, it does! Perfect to use under and over; with or without makeup. It’s a keeper.

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Nov 172014


So, first off, welcome to the first Stained Couture Shopping Guide for 2014! The first guide is dedicated to those people I envy, especially around this time of year; the athletic/fitness people on your shopping list. These gifts are for those focused on exercise or even those who are looking into upping their fitness lifestyle and regimen.

So, here are some items that they might enjoy to receive from you!


  • Adidas MiCOACH watch – This watch is a little bit of pure genius disguised as just another watch/smartwatch, but it’s not! It offer custom training, tips, and data analysis based on your performance. It’s also loaded with 400 guided workouts, in-game performance analysis, and nutritional tips and advice to meet your goals.
  • NIKE Hyper Elite Basketball Sock – Now, this is proabably one of the gift’s I’m going to get my brother who loves playing basketball and finding new items to help and/or improve his performance of the court. These socks help deliver unrivaled support and comfort with extra cushioning in areas of the foot most susceptible to impact and injury while playing basketball.
  • Tory Birch for FitBit Bracelet – FitBit Bracelets are definitely one of the ‘it” fitness gadgets this year. So, Tory Burch has created a bracelet that helps conceal the FitBit in a chic and fashionable way. It’s also available in silver and necklace form.
  • Sol Republic RELAYS earbuds – I own and love these earbuds! They are in-ear earbuds that are comfortable, compatible, and won’t fall out your ears even during the most intense workout. I lent them to my brother to participate in a run and he was in awe, because they never fell out, he didn’t have to adjust them AT ALL, plus they were some comfortable he forgot he had them on at times. Not to mention, the audio sound is clear and precise, which was just one reason he tried to “permanently borrow” them. LOL!
  • Stella McCartney for adidas Yoga Bag – I will admit that this bag may or may not be on my personal wishlist this year since I’m getting back into yoga. Aside from this bag being beyond cute, it’s also very functional with a compartment for your yoga mat and large zipper compartment for everything else. I will always be a fan of functional fashion.

So, I hope you see a few item you are interested in purchasing for someone this year or yourself. It doesn’t hurt to pick up a little something for yourself, too! Well, that’s my holiday shopping mantra. Feel free to borrow it!

GIVEAWAY ALERT! – Follow me on Instagram AND Twitter for a chance to win one of these items. I will be announcing the prize and rules TODAY! So, follow me now so you don’t miss out!

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