WEEKEND AT HOME: Curated Coffee Tables


With home decor, one of the main pieces that you can really give people a huge insight into your tastes and personal style is with what you place on your coffee table(s). Although, most rooms have many focal points, a well curated coffee table can be the main focal point in your living room.

Personally, I love my coffee table. I bought a few years on clearance from a furniture store that was going out of business and I got it for $100,which was amazing due to it being a big(read: heavy) wood table that had clean lines and a lower shelf. Plus, it was painted black, which was the my go-to color for wooden pieces the time.

Over, the years, there has been some wear to the table and the black paint has scraped off in some areas, but I love the well-worn look to it. However, I’m ready for a change to my living room, specifically my coffee table. Continue Reading

LINKAGE LOVE: April 2015


Stay Stylish! Continue Reading

Learn Anything, Anywhere…Right Now


Practically any and every thing is available to you, via a click on your computer or a couple of taps on phone, which is awesome.

Like most people, when I want to find out how to do something really fast (i.e get a stain of carpet or hair tutorial) I hit up YouTube and for fast facts or info, there’s always my BFF, Google.

However, there are some skills and knowledge that aren’t so quick or beneficial to absorb instantly and requires dedicated time. In the past, when you’ve had the urge to learn a new skill, you signed up for classes at a local college/university or online classes.

Those options are still great, but the latest thing to help you learn, sharpen, or advance yourself in new skills are websites that offer online video courses. Not only are the courses in video format, but most of these sites offer a wide range of subjects for business or hobby. Plus, unlike online course via an online university, you have the option and convenience to complete these courses at your own pace, time, and location and for the fraction of the cost. Continue Reading