Link-End Round-Up


Another Friday and another Link-End Round-Up!

This week went by fast, well it feels like it to me. Although, I was still overwhelmed with a a lot of work-related stuff, I found was to help calm me and stressed-induced increase of my blood pressure. One thing I did was bring a book that was just easy to read, but also funny. Laughing is one of the best remedies for stress. The book I chose was Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, which she released and I bought years ago. However, I never finished it, as usual.

So, whenever I need a break from staring at the computer screen while typing manic-like, I take a quick 5 minute breather by reading a chapter from the book. This quick technique has helped me immensely this week.

I only have one mission this weekend: Buy a new sofa! My current sofa is very outdated and not in that retro chic vibe. No, girl, this is just old looking in all in all it’s dingy tan glory. So, hopefully, I will be moving that one to the curb (literally!) and replacing it with a newer and cuter sofa. I would love to get a bright colored or velvet sofa, but I’m not sure how well my sister would like it or more importantly just how long I will like it. I change my mind a lot, because well…ovaries!

In the meantime, here are some things and reads that rocked my world this week. Enjoy!

Indoor Neon Signs


Neon lights are so cool, especially when incorporated indoors. Indoor neon signs and light can add a completely different vibe that’s chill, but also bright and fun. The use of neon lights as lighting options is very unexpected way to add some personality and interest to your living space.

I initially only thought that neon signs in the home would work primarily in the living rooms and bedrooms. However, I’ve seen some images of neon signs being used in dining rooms and even bathrooms that look amazing.

Personally, I would like a a neon signage with text. However, I’ve seen some simple designs and shapes that have peaked my interest. Currently, I would love to find a large sun neon sign to hang over the sofa in my living room and maybe some clouds and a couple of stars to hang over the bed in my bedroom.

I found some indoor neon signs for inspirations…

Make-Up Brush Cleaners


One of my biggest struggles in life is definitely cleaning my make-up brushes. #TheStruggleIsReal

In my opinion, cleaning my make-up brushes is on the same level as cleaning my bathroom and getting my car maintenance: It’s a horrible chore, but I’m relieved when it’s all over.

Still, depending on the number of make-up brushes you have and how often you use them, this simple task can become very tedious. Also, you should take in mind your skin. If you have sensitive and/or prone to breakout, you might be more mindful of how clean your brushes are to use.

So, let’s begin at the basics of make-up brush cleaning.

Link-End Round-Up


TGIF! Everytime I read, hear, or say “TGIF”, I instantly get taken back to my childhood of waiting for 7 p.m. to hit and my family and I plopping down to watch ABC’s Friday night line-up. Awesome memories. Speaking of awesomeness, here is this week’s Link-End Round-Up!

This past week, I’ve been all over the place; mentally, emotionally, and physically. So much so, that by this past Wednesday, I knew that I was going to spend this upcoming weekend on P & C mode a.k.a Pamper and Chill Mode. Please feel free to use that mode whenever possible. I highly encourage it

Yes, I’ve already schedule a facial and made plans with my sister to have a Saturday afternoon of pedicures, shopping here and there, and lunch, of course. The possibilities are endless as long as they are stress free. Stress free is definitely the vibe I’m going for this weekend…and the Panthers!

Yes, I almost forgot that this weekend is Superbowl Sunday! I guess I’m going to have to graze of veggies like a cow today and tomorrow, because I plan to hit the chicken wing tray…HARD! #NoShame

Here’s some reads that enjoyed this week! I hope you find some interest in them as well as have a great weekend.

Cute and Convenient Valentine’s Day Cards


One of the simplest joys you can give a person is a greeting card. No matter if it’s for a birthday, graduation, or holiday; greeting cards always seem to be appreciated or so simple to give.

Other than Christmas, one of the biggest card giving holiday’s is coming up; Valentine’s Day!

No matter how you feel about V-Day, you have to admit there are some pretty amazing, personality-filled card options out there. For me, whether I’m giving an actual gift or card, I like for the item to look and feel personable and resonates with the personality of the receiver. Unfortunately, when trying to select and buy just the right card for you Valentine in a store, it can be a little overwhelming.

Just the other day, I popped into my favorite red bulls-eye store and was immediate drawn to the card section, which was decked out in every shade of red, pink, and white imaginable. However, the greeting cards aisle was packed with various people pacing back and forth eyeing the selection to the people who pick up and read the card looking for the right caption, which is very important when selecting any greeting card.

Anyway, it’s just too much of a hassle trying to fish out the perfect card when you’re surrounded by many others on the same mission. Therefore, I prefer to shop online for greeting cards and other paper needs, such as stationary and invitations….