LINK-END ROUND-UP: May 27, 2016

link-end round-up 5-26-2016

Hey, ya’ll! Well, there are two great things to be thankful today; a 3-day weekend and this wee’s edition of Link-End Round-Up. I don’t about you all, but I need this 3-day weekend after the week I’ve had. Really, it was just a work situation that involved snarky and condescending email towards the end of a work day. I hate encountering unnecessary BS, at the end of a work day since it tends to linger on me when I leave the office, which is did. It was just really annoying, but I’ve ultimately pushed it out of my mind and get moving forward. #CubicleLife

I’m so stoked for this 3-day weekend. Although I plan to do practically NOTHING, my sister and I are going to throw a small BBQ on Monday by striking up the grill to smoke some chicken, hot dogs, smoke sausages, and whatever she buys. I’m in charge of drinks (sodas and liquor) and I’m perfectly content with that and I already have a few cocktails I plan to cuddle up all that day.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend and I will see you on Tuesday, because, like I said, I plan to do absolutely NOTHING this long weekend except enjoy it.

LINK-END ROUND-UP: May 27, 2016

Office-Friendly Sleeveless Tops for Summer

sleeveless tops for summer

In the summer, it can be hard to find and style appropriate office attire, because it’s not appropriate to show too much skin in an office environment. Therefore, you have to be real selective in what you choose to wear at work. One of the most difficult decisions you can make when dressing for the summer in finding cool, office-friendly sleeveless tops.

Beauty Oils On-The-Go

on-the-go beauty oils

In the summer, my skin and I gravitate more toward beauty oils to help with all of our moisturizing needs. Since my skin is not as dry in the summer as it is in the winter, I replace my heavy creams for gentle oils. However, unlike the heavy moisturizing creams, most oils can be used for everything from moisturizing your skin to adding shine to your hair. Therefore, I tend to carry a couple of beauty oils in my purse in the warmer months and decided to share with you my current on-the-go beauty oils.

Denim Rompers for Summer

denim rompers

For the past couple of weeks, my sister has been romper crazy. She has searched and bought a handful of rompers for summer, because it’s already getting steamy hot in our area. Now, I feel myself getting caught up in her romper fever. However, I’m more interested in denim rompers for summer.

I’ve always had an appreciation for rompers, especially in the summer, because they are easy to throw on, style with minimal accessories, and can be super comfy. Yes, even denim rompers can be comfortable in the summer. I know most people think of denim as a heavy material and too hot to wear when it get really hot. However, most denim rompers are made with a lightweight denim for cool and comfort.

So, we should all get a denim romper this summer. I found some cute and affordable options and/or inspiration to find the perfect denim romper for you.

LINK-END ROUND-UP: May 20, 2016

link-end round-up

I hope everyone had a great week and ready for this week’s edition of Link-End Round-Up. I’m so glad that Friday is finally here, because I need to take a quick breather from a hectic week. I had many moments of feeling overwhelmed and anxious with all the new things I trying to take on add to my life and business. Luckily, I knew those things come with the territory, but still having to deal with can be too much. Oh, and I drank a lot of coffee this week. Yes, a lot of coffee was consumed despite me trying to fast off of it for awhile. Maybe I’ll try again next week. Just a soft maybe.

FYI, this past Monday was the 5th year anniversary of me being at my current job. To acknowledge the occasion, a co-worker and I hit up a local Mexican restaurant and took full advantage of their all day Happy Hour menu. Celebrating 5 years with $5 margaritas was very appropriate, necessary, and fun. We closed the place down and it was great!

My plans for this weekend including having Saturday brunch with a couple of girlfriends, try to convince my BF to get couple pedicures (so he can pay for both. wink, wink.), and hopefully indulge in some awesome pre-summer, sunny weather. I love and live for lazy weekends. Speaking of “lazy”, I started hashtagging some of my favorite relaxing and easy loves with the hashtag #LazyLadyApproved. So, if you search that tag on Instagram and Twitter, you will be able to see some things that float my lazy boat. Like I said, I’m just starting, but look out for the tag.

In the meantime, have an amazing weekend and let’s catch up next week.

LINK-END ROUND-UP: May 20, 2016