Link-End Round-Up


TGIF! Everytime I read, hear, or say “TGIF”, I instantly get taken back to my childhood of waiting for 7 p.m. to hit and my family and I plopping down to watch ABC’s Friday night line-up. Awesome memories. Speaking of awesomeness, here is this week’s Link-End Round-Up!

This past week, I’ve been all over the place; mentally, emotionally, and physically. So much so, that by this past Wednesday, I knew that I was going to spend this upcoming weekend on P & C mode a.k.a Pamper and Chill Mode. Please feel free to use that mode whenever possible. I highly encourage it

Yes, I’ve already schedule a facial and made plans with my sister to have a Saturday afternoon of pedicures, shopping here and there, and lunch, of course. The possibilities are endless as long as they are stress free. Stress free is definitely the vibe I’m going for this weekend…and the Panthers!

Yes, I almost forgot that this weekend is Superbowl Sunday! I guess I’m going to have to graze of veggies like a cow today and tomorrow, because I plan to hit the chicken wing tray…HARD! #NoShame

Here’s some reads that enjoyed this week! I hope you find some interest in them as well as have a great weekend.

Cute and Convenient Valentine’s Day Cards


One of the simplest joys you can give a person is a greeting card. No matter if it’s for a birthday, graduation, or holiday; greeting cards always seem to be appreciated or so simple to give.

Other than Christmas, one of the biggest card giving holiday’s is coming up; Valentine’s Day!

No matter how you feel about V-Day, you have to admit there are some pretty amazing, personality-filled card options out there. For me, whether I’m giving an actual gift or card, I like for the item to look and feel personable and resonates with the personality of the receiver. Unfortunately, when trying to select and buy just the right card for you Valentine in a store, it can be a little overwhelming.

Just the other day, I popped into my favorite red bulls-eye store and was immediate drawn to the card section, which was decked out in every shade of red, pink, and white imaginable. However, the greeting cards aisle was packed with various people pacing back and forth eyeing the selection to the people who pick up and read the card looking for the right caption, which is very important when selecting any greeting card.

Anyway, it’s just too much of a hassle trying to fish out the perfect card when you’re surrounded by many others on the same mission. Therefore, I prefer to shop online for greeting cards and other paper needs, such as stationary and invitations….

What I Learned After Fasting for 21 Days


You might recall that I recently decided to participate in my church’s 21 Day fast and decided that I would fast off food from sunrise to sunset each of those days. However, I also to decided to completely fast off of coffee, too.

Well, my fast ended this past weekend and I decided to share my experience; highs and lows.

LUST-HAVE LIST: February 2016


Welcome, to February 2016 Lust-Have List!

I’m so happy to see February, because January was a very trying month for me in all spectrums of my life. However, I’ve entered this month with positivity and optimism, which is all you really need to do when you enter any moment in your life.

So far, this winter has been pretty blah. This weekend, we experienced a mostly sunny Saturday with a highs in the uppers 60s….in January. We barely got a dusting of snow even though we were expecting at least half a foot of snow. It was sad layer that was gone before noon. However, winter isn’t over, yet. So, we might have another chance of snow, before spring weather officially arrives.

Speaking of spring, I can’t wait! All the retailers are starting to put their winter stuff on clearance (FYI – go hit them clearance racks) and I’m already started to stalk a few spring perfect pieces for my wardrobe. I might’ve shared a couple in this month’s LHL.

Check out the Lust-Have List for February 2016!

  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil – I’m all about oil face products, even though I don’t have dry skin. Therefore, I’m very intrigued with this primer oil.
  • Living Well One Line A Day Journal – Journaling has become one of my latest hobbies, especially the unique journals, including this one line day journal. Great for those interested in starting to journal.
  • Nike Roshe One DMB – I love blue shoes, cobalt blue, and Nike shoes. So, I’m obsessed with these bright blue Roshe. I might have to order these today!
  • Iridescent Hologram Clutch – I’m firm believer in iridescent hologram clutches. I love the clean line of this one from J. Crew.
  • Leather Hook and Eye Bracelet – Loving the minimalism of this bracelet. It’s going to look so chic in the spring.
  • Ceramic Floor Planter – My plant in my living room is growing like weed. A beautiful, lush green “weed” and it needs a new planter. I’m leaning in toward this ceramic floor planter, because it’s very simple and timeless.

Link-End Round-Up


“Whew.” That’s all I can say about this past week. However, unlike the past couple of days (i.e. no post the last couple of days), I have found the time this morning, sans coffee, to slide in and share with you this week’s Link-End Round-Up.

I took on some major projects these past couple of days at the office and time was going by so fast. However, I was able to hop on to Twitter on Wednesday, just in time to tune in live to Kanye’s twitter rant. I’m still in awe over that mess.

What else happened this week? Oh, I bought a couple of more books, which I shared on my Instagram page to help me stick with my 2016 goals and aspirations. I already read one of them, because it was a very quick and easy read, but it was also very useful in helping me stir my creative juices. Oh, and Rihanna finally dropped her new album, which I’m quite enjoying, so far.

I hope you had a memorable week, chill weekend, and enjoy this week’s list of Link-End Round-Up.

I’ll be back here Monday with the biggest cup of coffee that I can find, because my fast ends this Sunday night!