LINK-END ROUND-UP: July 29, 2016

link-end round-up

What it do, boos?! Here’s this week’s Link-End Round-Up! I hope ya’ll had a great week and ready for the weekend. Since the past couple of weekends have been a little hectic on my end, I plan to chill this weekend on my sofa and eat ridiculous amounts of cereal while a oscillating fan cools me down. I’m telling you, the little things are sometime the best things. Plus, this gives me a chance to watch some stuff of my DVR, which has become one of my favorite hobbies. Between not being home much and watching the republican and democratic conventions the past 2 weeks, I have a lot of shows and movies that are demanding my attention. Got to give the shows what they want!

I do plan to slide off my sofa a couple of times this weekend to go take advantage of Tax-Free Weekend. Like I showed you yesterday, I have some things I need to buy. I do mean need. Another thing I’m trying to incorporate in my life is Self-Improvement Saturdays. SIS, for short, is dedicating a little time to improve some aspect about you, internally and externally. This can include taking a new exercise class, reading a new book, or even a trip to a spa. I think I’m going to get my nails done and maybe a wax on one of the many hairy parts of my body. I’m thinking underarms, because that situation is getting way out of control. Plus, I’m pretty sure my waxer is wondering why I’ve been M.I.A for the past month or so. Therefore, it’s about time to schedule that long overdue appointment.

So, have a great weekend, try to take advantage of tax-free shopping (if possible), and check back in over here next week. Bring coffee!

LINK-END ROUND-UP: July 29, 2016

Tax-Free Weekend Single Girl Shopping List

tax-free weekend shopping list

This weekend is Tax-Free Weekend here in Tennessee and other states. One of the main reasons for tax-free weekend is to allow parents to get their kids school supplies and clothing for the school year without having to pay taxes and save some money to buy enough supplies. However, for single, kids-free people like myself, we take this opportunity to also load up on last minute summer clothes on sale and potential fall pieces that are fresh on the racks.

I also feel incline to do some shopping, because tax-free weekend finally has coincided with my payday, which never seems to happen. Therefore, I have my hand on my cards and my eyes on some items that I’m hoping to snatch up this weekend. The downside is that this only applies to clothing $100 or less. Sucks, but the easy loophole to just place multiple orders online or multiple in-store trips. Plus, most sites offer free shipping on orders $75-$100 or more. *insert happy dance* So, let’s do this!

Favorite Murad Products

favorite murad products

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have tried some of the best beauty and skincare brands out there and one of my favorites has to be Murad. Although I haven’t tried all of their products, the ones I have had the opportunity to try has given me and my skin some of the best results every. Therefore, I thought today would be a great time to share my favorite Murad products that I’ve tried.

Changeable Purse Straps

purse straps

Handbags accessories have been really big over the past year. They have become an easy way to accessorize and customize your purse and bags. First there were those colorful puffs, which I loved and still do. Afterwards, the addition of small coin purses that people attached to outside of their bag for easy access to common needs such as cards and cash became the hot trends. Now, the newest way to accessorize your bag and make it stand out even more is with interchangeable purse straps.

LINK-END ROUND-UP: July 22, 2016

link-end round-up

Oh, hey weekend and hey new Link-End Round-Up! I hope you had a good week, because mine was fairly decent. Luckily, nothing traumatic happened that made me contemplate my life/sanity. However, my brain has been churning with some ideas and luckily a friend of mine had the same churning going on in her brain. So, we decided to join forces and see what happens. So far, everything is going great and on track! *fingers crossed*

My plans for this weekend is all about enjoying life and doing some pampering and self improvement. First stop is getting my nails done. My natural nails have finally grown to a length that I can start getting gel overlay again. I just can’t deal with nail tips anymore. I used to be addicted to getting a full set when I was in high school on up to just a few years ago. However, once I learned to stop biting my nails and taking care of my real nails properly, it’s so much better to get a overlay. It’s so much easier on your nails. Now, I just need to decide on which shade. Hmm…

On Sunday, my sister, one of our friends, and I are going to take a quick overnight trip to the casino. Just to get a little breather from the city and hopefully make a few bucks, but the main reason is to get a quick bout of relaxation and fun wrapped into one quick 45 minute trip. It’s needed at this point, because we haven’t had a girl’s excursion since earlier this year. Also, we might be hoping to find some Pokemon…might. Yeah, my sister and I have become Pokemon Go fans, but yet fanatics. However, it could still happen.

In the meantime, I hope you have a great weekend, avoid the heat as much as possible while out playing Pokemon Go!, and don’t forget to stop by next week!

LINK-END ROUND-UP: July 22, 2016