Quick Dresses For Summer To Fall


I know it’s too soon to think about or even think it’s going to happen, however, summer is going to end. It’s really hard to remember the last cool day I experienced. For the past few weeks, the heat index has consistently been in the early 100 degrees. The heat as been so unbearable that I have pretty much just been throwing on quick and light dresses whenever possible.

Dresses are great transition pieces between season, including the summer and fall. So, here are some fab dresses for summer to fall that will carry from one to the other. Continue Reading

Current Favorite Lifestyle Books


Over the years, I’ve really developed a love and appreciation for “lifestyle” books. Over the past few months, I’ve been buying and reaching more them. I use them for everything from quick and healthy recipes, beauty tips, and even inspiration (not plagiarism.) for blog posts.

They are great for quick reads and valuable tips that you can incorporate into your life, including fashion, beauty, and home, especially for us girls constantly on the go and appreciate perfectly packed and presented information with pretty covers.

Rather you have a love of lifestyle books/guides or have an appreciation for books full of tips, then you should keep reading to check out the list of lifestyle books that I’m currently enjoying and that you should own. Continue Reading

A Simple Leather Crossbody


Everyone, including you, needs a crossbody bag and preferably one that isn’t too big, which makes it perfect for running errands and throwing in a suitcase for vacation. In case you didn’t know, crossbody bags are borderline an essential vacation bag, because you won’t have to worry about lugging around a big tote that screams “I’M A TOURIST! SO, I PROBABLY HAVE ALL MY MONEY AND ESSENTIALS IN THIS BAG. WAIT FOR ME TO LEAVE IT A BAR AND MAKE YOUR MOVE TO RUIN MY VACATION AND POSSIBLY MY LIFE!” Okay, maybe that was a little harsh and my personal paranoia coming on pretty strong. Hey, but it happens all the time.

So, when I go on vacation, I tend to bring a crossbody bag, since you can just sling the bag and across your body, hence the name, and keep it right in front of me. It’s definitely a chicer substitute for the fanny pack, in my opinion.

Now, will you please focus your attention to this perfect and simple leather crossbody bags by Madewell, who makes some of the best leather bags, FYI. I have a few Madewell bags that get better with time and still give me compliments. Classic leather always wins admiration from others. Continue Reading

Easy Job Search Apps


When I graduated from college back in 2004 (whoa.), it seemed like the process to look for a job was…very interesting,for a lack of better words. You either were one of those few people who secured your first job before graduation by kicking ass (working hard) and taking names(networking) at your internship and/or pounded the pavement at the very few online and on-campus job boards looking for anything that could pay you enough to not have to move back home.

However, the job search market has changed drastically in the 10+ years since I had to endure my search for my first “real” job. Truth be told, the ability to search for jobs has rapidly developed since I found my current job 4 years ago. Now, you can search, find, apply, and even secure a new job with a few swipes off your cell phone. Yes, your next job is pretty much in your pocket…right now. Continue Reading

Easy Plants for a Busy Life


I love having plants in my house, because they are an inexpensive way to brighten and add some color to my neutral theme decor. Plus, the addition of plants have many other benefits, including purifying the air and reducing stress.

However, like with any living thing (which plants are), they can be pretty needy. Do they have enough water? How often do they need water? Are they in an area that gets enough sunlight, but not too much sun? See? So needy! Still, they are great to have and luckily there are plants that are perfect for those of us who like to look at and enjoy the presence of plants, but not do much to keep them alive and thriving. Pretty much me in every mandatory gym class I had to ever take in my life.

So, if you want to add more plants to your life, but are just too busy or lazy (that’s okay!) to deal with the constant neediness of a plant, check out these suggestions for low-maintenance plants that you can add to your home now. Continue Reading