How to Cut People Out of Your Life


This is a touchy topic for some and there are actually some people who don’t agree with “cutting people out of lives.” It can seem very harsh and extreme. I agree. However, sometimes people do things that are harsh and extreme to people without any regards to how that will effect the other person. Therefore, the only thing that you can do is remove them from your life, stop carrying them with you, and move along.

Over the past few years, I’ve had a handful of people enter my life and shared plenty of great moments with said people. Unfortunately, things happen in friendships and relationships. Some things are minor and can easily be repaired. There are some things are just broken beyond repair, be it because the crash was too big and destroyed the relationship or the relationship was barely holding up and that final feather made even come crashing down. Continue Reading



Recently, I’ve been feeling like my link-end round up is a solution to a puzzle of my brain. One week, you might notice more motivational and productivity posts than style and the next week, I might look like a complete pig thanks to an abundant links about recipes and restaurants.

I have noticed a slight theme about this weeks’ links. Can you guess it? If so, let me know in the comments sections. However, for now, please enjoy this week’s link-end round-up.

Have an awesome weekend! Continue Reading

LUST-HAVE LIST: October 2015


September was great, fast, but definitely great. I had an amazingly chill and perfect birthday (September 26) weekend that I happily spent with friends and family…and even a couple of pleasant naps on my sofa. No shame and definitely no complaints. Ultimately, I’m just very happy and blessed that I was able to enter another year on this earth.

Hopefully, October will be just as great. The weather has been consistently chilly and I’ve even woken up to condensation on my car. It’s been hot for so long that I almost forgot that warming up my car was still a ‘thing’. Ha!

Let’s welcome October by checking out the things I’m crushing on this month on the October 2o15 Lust-Have List. Continue Reading

The New Way to Buy Mattresses


Would you buy a brand new online-only bed that comes delivered in a big cardboard box?

Well, if you answered yes, then you aren’t alone, because that is one of the latest products of up and coming direct to consumer products. If you answered ‘no’, then you might to keep on reading to see if this is something you can get on board.

Over the past year, the way we shop and do things that people have been doing for decades has transformed and streamlined. For example, we are forgoing driving our cars and taxis to instead request the service of an Uber with a few clicks on an app on our phones. Well, now you can add buying a new mattress to that list of things that are getting more refined. Continue Reading

Make Peace With Your Place


For the past few years, after reaching another birthday, I start to re-examine my place. When I say place, I don’t mean my home, although I do partake in a little tidying up and cleaning out some things. However, in this case, place meaning the current moment of my living and the people and situations that I allow in my life.

I spent part of my birthday weekend attending a Women’s Conference at my church and on the first night, the message was about making peace with your place.

I just entered my 34th year of being on this planet and over these 3+ decades I’ve experienced and learned a lot about me and more importantly, about what I want. However, I have to admit that I spent the majority of those years not appreciating myself and the godly gifts that I already had and instead spent more time, almost obsessing about the things I didn’t have that others around me did have such as better clothes, nicer bodies, more friends, and that junior high diabolical desire; popularity. Oh, if only 14 year old could’ve hopped in a time machine to now and see that all of those things were not all what they cracked up to be. Continue Reading