Adding Vitamin E Oil To My Skincare

I’ve been spending a lot of time outside in the sun, which has helped my tan flourish. However, too much sun can make our skin and scars get darker. So, I decided to start adding more vitamin e to my skin by adding vitamin e oil to my skincare routines.


Read to see when and how I add vitamin e to my skincare routines.

According to research, the average adult doesn’t need to ingest extra Vitamin E and gets enough in the average diet. However, your skin sometimes can use benefit from more in a topical form. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from free radicals and pollution. Not only does it protect the skin, but it also helps repair it, as well.

Vitamin E can help hydrate, heal the skin, and can help protect the skin from the sun. Sometimes I occasionally apply vitamin E oil straight to my face, but prefer to use a carrier, such as moisturizer or face oil. Although I feel like most moisturizers contain vitamin E, I add an extra drop to my morning moisturizer. At night, add it after my serum and before face oil, because all that makes my skin look so smooth and soft in the morning.

When paired with vitamin C, vitamin E can help skin look brighter and glowy. Plus, don’t forget to finish the look with sunscreen, because this trio will help prevent the darken of acne marks and scars.

If you have sensitive skin, I suggest you apply it with your favorite gentle moisturizer. Also, if you have sensitive skin, avoid using it with a serum. Serums are very potent and can irritate the skin when mixed with solubles, such as vitamin E. One product that’s really

I switch between Jason Vitamin E Skin oil and Nature’s Gate Vitamin E Skin oil, which I pick up at Vitamin Shoppe.

Have you added a vitamin E oil to your skincare routine? Should you?

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