Karmaloop LLCElf Cosmetics
This will always hurt.

The other in the NY Times, they ran an article about the high demands and sales of fade cream in India's beauty market.

As a woman of color myself, I felt kinda of compelled to put in my two cents about this. However, since I am bi-racial and "light skin", I feel that I might not be the best person to comment on this.

I have always felt that make-up and various skin care products that are created and used to help us "enhance" our own individual beauty are fine, but I have always hated products such as fade cream for continiuously promoting the age old ugly saying and belief; The lighter, the brighter, the better!

It sucks that this visual self-hatred is spreading to more and more minority groups. Read the article, its really good, but extremely hard settling.

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Posted on Jun 1 2007 6:43 am UTC by samida
Yay or Nay: Fergie's Shoes

Not really her shoes, but how she wore them. Obviously, these are not the best sheos to be worn with skinny jeans, but she wanted people to see them. They are cute shoes, but there was an obvious choice that needed to be made; shoes or jeans? Well, "The Duchess" was fashionably compelled to make that very important decision so she said "What the hell." So, yay or nay on how she chose to rock these shoes?

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Posted on May 31 2007 8:13 pm UTC by samida
Diapering Divas

A friend of mine is expecting her own little mini me and this past weekend we celebrated my partying like rock stars and when I say rock stars I mean like mediocre divas excited that she is having a new baby and more excited that we aren't. She's the first person in our little tandem of old University of Memphis collegiates that's having a baby. Fortunately, she is adding a new little fashionista to our universe.

On that note, I had to make sure to help her keep a firm grip on her ultimate fab self. Her was my offering:


Patent Leather Diva Diaper Bag, $100, Intuition

Needless to say, it was a big hit! I loved it myself! Its so roomy and has enough zippers and pockets to hold all sorts of stuff from bottles, diapers, cell phone, and make-up...you know, the neccesities! To the naked eye it looks like a fabolous handbag, which is what I was going for! Its so haute that it almost makes me want to get knocked up myself just so I can carry it....yeah, right!

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Posted on May 31 2007 6:09 am UTC by samida
Glam Awards 2007

Its that time of the year...Glammy Time! Yes, chicas, get over to Glam.com and get to voting for your fav beauty products. This is going to be my second year voting and my choices usually are the winners. Yeah....I'm that good!


Get to voting and...

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Posted on May 30 2007 6:50 am UTC by samida
Worth Every Cent!

So, this past Friday when I went to do a little retail therapy at the mall, I walked in to one of the places that my wallet dreads for me to enter...The Body Shop! Everytime I go in there I leave with some sort of new product that I instantly convince myself that I CAN'T live without. The "Jar of Life" item that I got this time is their Spa Wisdom Monoi Moisture Balm.

As I was browsing the wall of items, I picked this up to test on my left elbow, which seems to always be dry no matter how much cocoa butter I drown it in! Anyway, as I was placing the jar back on the shelf after seeing that it costs $22, the sweet lady behind the counter swore that this is the best and richest stuff ever. It peeked my interest, so I took a chance and walked out with it and my usual stash of Almond Body Butter!

I can't remember that lady's name, but she spoke nothing but the truth about the richness of this balm. When I got home, my dry elbow was still just as soft and moisturized as when I first put in on. After every shower I took this weekend, I sparingly slathered this over my freshly washed skin and it left my skin SSOOOO soft and overly luxious! It almost makes me feel that I'm not deserving of such an incredible, indulgent, and overall lovely body balm! I knew that I had discovered a new love!

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Posted on May 29 2007 8:18 pm UTC by samida
Weekend Overload: Memorial Weekend

Seriously, Memorial Day Weekend sales brings out the worst in some people and when I say some people I mean moi! Yes, chicas, today was a pretty productive day for me, my wardrobe and my personal beauty department, there might be a couple of women with a few bruises to the arm...sorry! Yep, I loaded up on so many capris and bermuda shorts, I feel like I should be planning some sort of vacay in the warmer parts of the world!  I feel sorry for the people who are going to have to deal with Hurricane Samida tommorrow here in Memphis. If you see a skirt that you are considering buying, but unsure? You better not put it down because a curly hair chick might come and snatch it up as soon as you put it back on the rack! Guard your steals, ladies!

On that note, have a good weekend and get out and get a good whiff of some of that good ol' S-A-L-E spirit!

Weekend Look

Belle of the Ball Dark Chandeliers, $21.50, All The Rage; Breaking the Chains Bracelet, $16.20, All The Rage Online; BCBGirls One Shoulder 'Emily' Dress, $66, Bluefly;  Franchi 'Debbie' Snake Embossed Clutch, $238, Nordstrom; Dark Omen Ring, $10.80, All The Rage; Steven by Steve Madden 'Brytni' Platforms, $99.95, Nordstrom

Weekend Links

Weekend Luxe Want

Fendi B. Mix Large Tote, $1,070, Saks

My fetish for Fendi continues!!

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Posted on May 26 2007 1:57 am UTC by samida
Therapy Friday!

It's official, tommorrow is retail therapy Friday amongst my friends and I. In our tight little group, we all haven't had the best week. Therefore, as a reward, tommorrow we are going to meet up at Oak Court Mall and partake in some mani and pedis, guzzle a few Caramel Frappacinos, run amuke in Trade Secrets, and finally set up shop in Macy's shoe department for a few hours. Of course, if you are in the Memphis area you can meet us @ 11am in front of the fountain diving for dimes...just kidding about the dimes!

Anyway, while at Macy's, they better have these shoes or all corners of hell are break lose up in there!

Jessica Simpson 'Aidan'  Pump, $89, Macy's

If there is a very exspensive designer shoe or handbag that is just too exspensive for you and your wallet you can bet that Jessica Simpson's shoes and hangbag lines have a less exspensive model. Just like the above shoe and I need these shoes! That slick, candy apple red pump has my foot print written all over...soon, hopefully! These shoes would definitely leave a huge grin on my face and plus they are the perfect prop to show off any pedicure!

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Posted on May 25 2007 2:04 am UTC by samida
Oy Vey!

It seems like I have been saying that for the past three days. Yesterday afternoon was the ultimate test of the strength of my heart. I'm shock that I didn't a have a heart attack or stroke in my sleep! My computer got that "sickness" and I had to reboot from scratch. Yep, a squeaky clean and clutterless hard drive. I felt it coming so I was zipping up folders and emailing them to myself like crazy, before I pulled the plug and my hair. So, don't be shocked if a slight new layout pops up on your screen in the next few weeks, because I was unable to get the folder of info for this layout among other things like all my folders of beauty, fashion, and celebs!

Just work with me! I promise I will have a "Stained Couture" post up by this evening!

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Posted on May 24 2007 10:55 pm UTC by samida
Yay or Nay: Dolce & Gabbana Shiny Stirrups

Dolce & Gabbana Shiny Stirrups, $695, Nordstrom

There is so much wrong with the above picture and caption, its almost absurb! Shiny. Stirrups. Skintight. $695?!?!?!

Would you dare add these to your closet? Personally, I wouldn't even think about if they were 2 for a $1 and still by Dolce!! What do you think?

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Posted on May 23 2007 5:43 pm UTC by samida
Heavy heart...oohh, cute bangles!!

Unfortunately, I am not having the best evening that I hope for as the sun sets everyday.

Work?...bubbling over in my inboxes, which means not that much time for blogging! 

Shopping?...A dress that I have been wanting for months was finally down to a price that my wallet and I agreed on, but not in my size or the next size!

Grizzlies?...Didn't win NBA lottery despite finishing with the worst record in the league and having a 25% chance of getting the number one pick. Instead, griz picks 4th!!!

After such a craptastic evening I needed to find something to pep me up before I go to bed and have my recent daily and odd dream of being chased by a Prada pump and LV bag while trying to race to my Spanish final only to find out that I have missed it by a day! To make it a little more weird, the people in the class are people that I went to junior high and high school with that I haven't seen in almost a decade! Did I forget to mention that I graduated college three years ago and haven't taken a Spanish class in over 4 years!Don't get me started trying to analyze that!

Anyway, leave it to Disney to put a smile on my freshly washed, exfoliated, and moisturized face with these way too adorable bangles from their Disney Couture Jewelry collection. Plus, ya'll know a girl loves her some bangles! I can just imagine wearing that beautiful blue Alice in Wonderland bangle as I go check into Charter Lakesideto treat my exhaustion and depression thanks in part to the recent bouts of stress in my life!

Alice Blue Bracelet, $100, 80s Purple;  We'll All Mad Pink Bracelet, $100, 80s Purple; Alice in Wonderland White Bangle, $150, Think Her; Bambi Studded Bracelet, $125, 80s Purple; Tinkerbell Studded Bracelet, $125, 80s Purple

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Posted on May 23 2007 5:09 am UTC by samida
Life's A Beach!: Retro Inspired One Piece Swimsuits

Not everyone, including yours truly, is a fan of bikinis. Personally and unfortuantely, I am too body conscience! However, that doesn't mean even us body conscience chicas can't still look fab on the beach! That is especially true when it comes to retro-inspired one piece swimsuits! They give you such a super sleek shape. Avoid the water all together and throw on your fav pair of big shades and just lounge around the pool like in the throwback fashion of the 1930s and 1940s! Plus, you know what that water can do to your 'do!

Here are few of my favs!

First Row: Pin-Up Couture Black Cherry Bettie Swimsuit, $68, Pin-Up Clothing; Damsel Cherry One Piece, $98, Urban Outfitters; Juicy Couture Beach Halter One Piece, $155, Nordstrom

Second Row: Damsel Polka Dot One Piece, $98, Urban Outfitters; Pin-Up Couture Polka Dot Bettie Swimsuit, $68, Pin-Up Clothing; Damsel Solid One Piece, $88, Urban Outfitters

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Posted on May 22 2007 2:18 am UTC by samida
Yay or Nay: Bubble Hem Rompers

TFNC Bubble Romper All In One Suit, $50.98, Discoo

Altough I usually don't give my opinion for "Yay or Nay", I feel "fashionably compelled" to do so for this. I think its kind of cute and would be a perfect alternative for beach cover-up(i.e oversized tees and large towels wrapped around you). However, I am a little indifferent about this look being seen on everyday women doing everyday things.

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Posted on May 21 2007 4:40 pm UTC by samida
Weekend Overload: *exhales*

Forget that crappy Mayweather v. De La Hoya fight, the real fight is going to take place this weekend! That's right, between me frolicking outside in the warmth that is spring topped with a breeze or me on front of my computer with a couple of e-mail accounts loaded with work and requests! What to do, what to do!

While I deal with the latest qualm of my life, drop your head and say a little prayer for me. However, don't let me stop you from enjoying your weekend and definitely say a big "Congrats!" to Danielle M. from Seattle. She is the winner of the heart watch! Wear it with confidence that you will always know the time and faboulous...at least 'til the battery runs out!

Weekend Overload

Spring Hoops, $8.10, All The Rage; Vintage Ad Tees, $17.50, Old Navy; Bull's Eye Ring, $16.20, All The Rage; Goldtone Bangles, $9, All The Rage; BCBGirls 'Shayla Large' Satchel, $198, Nordstrom; Converse Chuck Taylor Skate Plaid Ox, $47, Zappos; Light Stone Passion Jean, $39, Hot Kiss

Weekend Links

Weekend Luxe Want

Cavalli Crystal Print Silk Dress, $1,655, Net-A-Porter

Weekend Frugal Fabness

Hendel Tank, $14.99, Go Jane

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Posted on May 18 2007 11:27 pm UTC by samida
Am I Alone?...Barney's Mannequins

I'm going to be gone all day tommorrow and I am not sure if I am going to get a chance to post tommorrow. So, here is a question for you to answer and/or ponder for me.

Am I the only one who finds these mannequins quite freaky and super spooky! I was browsing the Barney's site and when I saw this I instantly reached for my rosary beads. Way to sci-fi for me! Thanks to my obsession of online window shopping, I now have to have these vicious images in my head! Good night to me.

***Cute dress, though!

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Posted on May 17 2007 5:59 am UTC by samida
Style Jacking...Rihanna

Matthew Williamson Spectrum Sequined Top, $750, Net-A-Porter; 4 in. Bamboo Hoops, $7.99, GirlProps; AG Adriano Goldschmied Cigarette Jeans, $145, Saks; Double Band Ring, $3.80, Forever 21; Murano Glass Ring, $1.99, GirlProps; Metal Bracelets, $6.80, Forever 21; Linea Paolo 'Lynette' Pump, $89.95, Nordstrom

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Posted on May 16 2007 9:38 pm UTC by samida
I, NOW, see the light!

Earlier this afternoon, we here in Memphis got a "nice" little thunderstorm and as a gift, it knocked out the power in my apartment complex. As a bonus, it decided to do so while I was about to save some VERY important work! I guess that's the way the powder shimmer eyeshadow crumbles!

Anyway, after 6 hours, yes 6, S-I-X hours, the power finally came back on and I of course ran to mi nina...my computer! To rejuvenate the depletion of fashion, I browsed a few of my fav sites and low and behold I found a new obsession to fall asleep to!

Manolo Blahnik Contrast Patent Leather Sandal, $645

Once again, Manolo has given me something else to look forward to! Waking up to these would be like waking up on Christmas morning, except knowing that you are going to get exactly what you wanted! Oh, Manolo, I love you!!

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Posted on May 16 2007 3:31 am UTC by samida
Cherry Bomb!

Everyone has that one item that they break out every year when the weather starts to warm up. It could be that favorite tank top that show off your well shaped arms and back, or those perfect shorts that make you legs look like they could go on and on. Well, my favorite item does make me and my legs look taller, but that is not why I love them.

For the past couple of years, I have been breaking the same cherry print, 4 in. espadrilles as soon as the first bead of sweat begins to form at my hairline! I  bought them for $20 back in '04, which equals out a buck for everytime that I fallen in them. However, the cherry print makes me feel happy and youthful, plus I feel that they go well with my usual uniform of choice; denim bottoms and a white tee.

I will my cherry "espas" have made me gather a couple more other things that are cherry print. So, if you have a foundness for cherry prints or wouldn't mind trying something cherry print in your closet, then here are a couple of pieces for you!

Cherry V Tee, $24, Delia's; Cherry on Top Beaded Bag, $29.50, Alloy; N.Y.L.A 'Valerie' Pump, $69.95, Nordstrom; Romney Belt, $9.99, Go Jane; Cherry Print Mules, $14.99, Go Jane; Volatile Bryana Sandal, $44.50, Alloy

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Posted on May 15 2007 7:06 pm UTC by samida
Style Worship: Jessica Alba

Most of us have a fav celebrity that we adore, be it for their work or their personality based on the little bit that you have acquired via magazines and television. One of my favorite modern day style icons is Jessica Alba. I just adore her style! Its very easy and carefree, yet well put together. Although she is 26 years old, relatively young in hollywood, she dresses her age and shows her natural beauty via natural make-up or none at all! Gotta love that! Wheather she's all dolled up on a red carpet or strolling down the street walking her dogs, I truly love her style!


Jessica's casual style is usually based around a pair of fabolous jeans or leggings topped with a feminine tops and fully accesorized with a large bag and/or sunglasses. She often throws on a cute little jacket, sweater, or scarf for a touch of extra cuteness!

Even when it comes to her style on red carpets, its very appropriate all around. She does a perfect job dressing her age and for the occasion. To stay in her fashion comfort zone while on the red carpet, she pairs her beloved jeans with a beautiful top that makes the outfit look less casual than it is! When she does get glammed up with a dress, she sticks to elegant yet young and simple dresses. Muy perfecto, chicas!

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Posted on May 15 2007 12:43 am UTC by samida
Giveaway: Heart Necklace

I LOVE THIS NECKLACE! I bought one a few weeks ago and have been wearing it everyday! So, since I love you all so much and want you to be able to experience my new love in my jewelry department, I have one for you to possibly win this week thanks to me and my wallet!

All you have to is email me your name and put "Heart" in the subject. I'm going to start to require you to enter giveways strictly email, since most of you do so anyway! Anyway, you have 'til Friday @ Noon central to enter and good luck!

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Posted on May 14 2007 5:35 pm UTC by samida
Weekend Overload: Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all those who it applies to! I'm not a mother, but I have a great mother and stepmother who deserve all the fantabolousness they should get this weekend!

Now for the winner of the Mothers in Movies giveway....the winner is Demitria from Brooklyn, NY! Congrats Demitria and you should get your giftpack next week. I'm also going to include in your box another little gift, which will be the giveway for next week!

Next week's giveway is brought to you by me and my wallet! There is this "item" that I have been loving and wearing almost everyday for the past couple of weeks. So, I decided to buy two more to giveaway and I thing they are really cute! So, tune in Monday to see my latest wardrobe obession and how you can get one for free!

Weekend Look

Circle Post Earrings, $12, Urban Outfitters; Pixie Chiffon Dress, $148, Plasticland; 15 Multi Bangles, $20, Urban Outfitters; Boutique 58 'Jacklyn' Slingbacks, $86.25, Macy's; Guess 'Fiesta' Full Flap Bag, $72, Macy's

Weekend Mother's w/Blogs

Weekend Mother's Day Gift

Ice Tea Maker, $39.99

This what I got mi madre for Mother's Day. Its hot outside and she L.O.V.E.S sweet iced tea A.K.A Baptist tea. It doesn't hurt that I want this, myself. I'm pretty sure she'll love it!

For the record, I boughy stepmother a beautiful gold pin. She loves them!

Stay Stylish!


Posted on May 11 2007 7:52 pm UTC by samida
Shop Style: European Traveler

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Posted on May 11 2007 12:37 am UTC by samida
Yay or Nay: Skirt Dress

Society of Rational Bell Dress, $345, Madison Los Angeles

My latest television addiction is this show on MSNBC called Models NYC. I accidentally ran across this latest reality show based around modeling. However, on one episode, one of the models named Andreyna was at a photoshoot and modeled in this dress. Since it was for an editorial it was nothing to think of, but what if you saw someone walking down the street in this dress? Would you think that it was a dress or someone being creative with a skirt? Would you wear it?

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Posted on May 10 2007 8:06 pm UTC by samida
Shop Style

Wondering what those looks are to the side, well they are part of a contest that ShopStyle and the wonderfulness that is Coutorture is offering to us fashionistas! Come up with a look using various pieces from a gaggle of stores located at ShopStyle.

The three looks that I came up with are a reflection of the moods I feel in the warmer months.

The first look I called Summer Chic is for those Saturday filled with running errands while taking in a little shopping here and there!

Teh second look I call Afternoon of Leisure is what I would wear on those weekdays when I have nothing to do, but still want to look fab and relaxed on a weekday.

The last look I came up called Sassy Summer is for those days when I feel crappy, but don't want to reflect it in my clothes. Feeling low? Wear something happy and free! Red patent leather and blue gingham spells happy and feirce to me!!

If you want the opportuntiy to win a $500 shopping spree at Shopbop.com, then click the image below and get to styling. In case you need motivation, go browse and shopbop.com and look at all the fab you can add to your wardrobe with $500!

ShopStyle Set The Trend: design and win $500

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Posted on May 9 2007 9:24 pm UTC by samida
Love at First Sight!

Valentino Peeptoe Maryjane, $695, Saks

I spent most of yesterday in front of my computer romancing Photoshop to work, because I have SSOOO much work to do for three different clients. So, I gave myself a nice little visual treat by doing a little window shopping at Saks.com!

As soon as I saw these Valentino pumps, I instantly dreamed about all the places I could take these shoes. Strolling on the Riverwalk at sunset, walking into a meeting with a potential client and them hiring me on the spot based on the fabolousness of the shoes on my feet. I even imagined walking my dog in them!!

I wouldn't even allow them to be alone...EVER! I would sleep with them right beside me and I would tuck them in and protectively watch over them as if they were my child!

Yeah, a girl can dream!

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Posted on May 9 2007 6:46 pm UTC by samida
I'm Watching: Tyra's garage Sale & Online Auction

Tommorrow on The Tyra Banks Show, Miss Tyra will go through her closet with her stylist to clean it out to find stuff to sale at her garage sale with all proceeds going to the her T-Zone organization. Good!

However, you too will have the opportunity to buy some her clothes from yesteryears and days via an online auction. I am pretty sure that I can't fit anything of hers, but it's still worth a taking a gander at!

So, if you are interested, then make sure to tune in tommorrow! I'll be watching!

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Posted on May 9 2007 2:08 am UTC by samida
Style Jacking...Kim Kardashian

Fossil Brown Leather Strap Watch, $75, Macy's; Black Halo Jackie O Dress, $305, Intuition; Franchi Snakeskin Clutch, $203.11, Zappos; Guess 'Merri' Sandal, $89.95, Nordstrom

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Posted on May 8 2007 8:57 pm UTC by samida
Get Your Popcorn: Because I Said So

Tommorrow, the movie Because I Said So is released on DVD and it stars Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore as mother and daughter. When it comes to her three free-spririted daughters, Daphne (Keaton) is just your normal overprotective, overbearing, over-the-top mother. Worried that her youngest daughter, Millie (Moore), will end up alone, Daphne meddles in her daughther's love life until she ends up doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons...and all in the name of motherly love!

Watching Milly and her hectic dating life made me stir up moments of dating delimmas, which usually revolved around what to wear. I know that I am not the only one that feels those first date pressures of deciding what to wear. You have to not only decide what to wear, but what to wear for what type of date. Milly dating gear was very casual chic, which I LOVE! However, not everyone is keen on what to wear on dates and why.

So, here are a couple of outfit possibilites and scenarios to help you out on your next date!

Betsey Johnson Heart Locket Watch, $110, Urban Outfitters; Warped Lame' Bangle, $9, All The Rage; Retro Polka Dot Satin Dress, $142, Plasticland; Snowball Fight Earrings, $9, All The Rage; Jessica McClintock Pleated Frame Clutch, $34, Nordstrom; Vince Camuto 'Ruffe' Pump, $149.95, Nordstrom

MAXX NEW YORK Turnlock Pleated Satchel, $240, Nordstrom; Matte Gold Hoops, $3.99, Girl Props; Poplin Ribbon Belt Top, $20.50, Wet Seal; Metal Bangle with Heart Charm, $3.99, Girl Props; Dr. Scholl's 'Unruly' Sandals, $62.95, Zappos; Make+Model Twill Skirt, $44, Nordstrom

Cherry Tree Top, $46, 80s Purple; Cole Haan 'Village Medium Convertible' Tote, $425, Nordstrom; Flying Monkey Retro Jeans, $42.50, Alloy; Baby-G Pink Women's Watch, $79, Macy's

Hopefully, the next time you are facing a dating delimma that revolves around the age old question "What to wear?', then you won't have the hardest time answering it!

Plus, don't forget that Because I Said So is released on DVD tommorrow. So get you a copy!

Stay Stylish!

Posted on May 7 2007 6:36 pm UTC by samida
Giveaway: Mothers in Movies

It's that wonderful time of the year when your mother deservingly anticipates and reminds you to get her a Mother's Day gift due to all the stress that you have given her since birth that she kindly reminds you of in hopes that the gift you give her is better than the gift you planned to give her! Well, maybe that's just my mom, either way here is another a giveaway that you and/or your mother will enjoy!

Enter to win this DVD gift pack that contains a copy of Because I Said So, Pride and Prejudice, Prime, and Something New. Like usual, you have THREE ways to enter:

  • Enter your name and email in the Shoutbox and type "Mom" in the message
  • Comment on this post and enter your name and email and leave "Mom" in the message box


  • Email me your name and type "Mom" in the subject box

The contest ends Friday at 1pm eastern! Enter as many times as you want and I will let the winners know ASAP!

Stay Stylish!

Posted on May 7 2007 6:04 pm UTC by samida
Weekend Overload: Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Si, chicas, manana es Cinco de Mayo! Yo.. okay I am so over the Spanish 101 conversation! Anyway, as usual, I hope everyone has a fantabolous weekend filled with tequilas and fajitas!

Personally, this weekend I plan to be boozing it up on Beale enjoying all the fun that tags along with the Beale Street Music festival! Hopefully, I will be able to finish with all the work I need to do by this evening so I can truly enjoy myself!

Come back Monday, because I have another little giveaway for you all to enter! See ya Monday!

Weekend Look

L.A.M.B Mexican Print Tank, $55, Shopbop; Lacoste Classic Small Backpack, $110, Nordstrom; Geo Hoops, $20, Urban Outfitters; Tapered Capri Jeans, $39, Hot Kiss; All Girl Band, $10.80, All The Rage; Skechers Cali Doll Face Flats, $50, Piperlime

Weekend Links

Weekend Luxe Want

Mui Mui Crepe de Chine Dress, $920, Net-A-Porter

Weekend Question

Skindivania Akne Pore Oil

About 50 different people googled this stuff yesterday and lead them to my site from a post from months and months ago! Was this stuff in the news recently or something. Seriously, the locations were all over the beautiful U.S of A, so I know it wasn't one person. What's up? I will admit that stuff is amazing! Really good! However, the link isn't working today although it did yesterday. Maybe, I answered my own question. Discontinuing?!

Stay Stylish!

Posted on May 4 2007 6:33 pm UTC by samida
Working Fabolously: Power Suits

I believe that every woman needs a well made, preferably tailored suit in her wardrobe. A suit is very versatile. Normally, when you think of a suit in your closet, its for the purpose of work. However, that is not neccesasrily the case. You can wear them not only to work, but any event that usually calls for you to wear a glam infused dress.

You might not have the mucho dinero that Jennifer paid for her Ralph Lauren suit (Look 20), that still doesn't mean that you, too, can't find a fabolous suit of your very own. Here are a couple of suits that would look fab on any woman.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Calvin Klein Pinstriped Pant Suit, $199.99; Calvin Klein One Button Jacket and Skirt Suit, $139.99; Tahari Notch Collar Jacket and Pant Suit, $199.99; All found at Macy's

Despite the power that shines through in a suit, that doesn't mean that you can't mix up the colors. In the spring and summer, I love to wear a pair of black slacks with a white blouse and jacket. For some reason, I am not a big fan of the all black, brown, or etc. suits. Mixing it up is creative and shows your personal flair for fashion.

Here are a couple of pieces that you can mix up and come up your own version of a powerful suit.

Issac Mizrahi Smocked Metal Jacket, $34.99, Target; Cynthia Steffe Cascade Collar Jacket, $330, Nordstrom; Classiques Entier Eyelet Jacket, $350, Nordstrom; Issac Mizrahi Boater Jacket, $17.49, Target; Nanette Lepore 'Pinup' Piqu'e Jacket, $450, Nordstrom

Theory 'Alva-Tailored' Shorts, $195, Nordstrom; Just Below Trousers, $29.50, Old Navy; Louben Flip Skirt, $145, Nordstrom; MICHAEL Michael Kors Stretch Grammercy Pants, $69.50, Macy's

Stay Stylish!

Posted on May 3 2007 8:51 pm UTC by samida
Hip Home Decor

Just last month, I talked about all the hip, fly, and stylish pieces that are lined up in Plasticland's clearance section, which was a huge hit based on all of the outclicks they pieces recieved.

Here is a secret of mine, while I do clutter my the tables in my apartment with various fashion magazines, if you look underneath them you will find more than a few home and garden-esque mags. Well, imagine my glee and slight hysteria to receive an email informing me of Plasticland's home decor department.

Personally, maybe its my age and personality, I love for my home to reflect my personality of effortless and ageless style sprinkled with a touches of hip and urban pieces! No wonder my favorite online boutique has a gaggle of pieces that scream and cry out to me and my apartment!

Bouquet of Flower Oval Frame, $22

Polka Dot Retro Hatbox Luggage Set, $82

Modern White Metal First Aid Box, $22

Neo Chrome Cuckoo Clock, $17

Grey Felt Flower Placemats, $22

Check out the rest of their home decor section for yourself! The icing on the cake is that they offer FREE SHIPPING, no matter the price! Gotta love it!

Stay Stylish!

Posted on May 3 2007 5:49 pm UTC by samida
Who Owns It: Milly Geometric Dress

Last week, Beyonce arrived at the airport for the Australian leg of her tour wearing this geometric print mini dress by Milly. Recently, Joss Stone was seen wearing the same dress at a recent performance. Who did it better?

Stay Stylish!

Posted on May 2 2007 6:25 pm UTC by samida
Style Jacking...America Ferrara

Thakoon Orchid Dress, $895, DIANI; Jimmy Choo Twisted Platform Sandal, $575, Bergdorf Goodman

Stay Stylish!

Posted on May 2 2007 5:50 pm UTC by samida
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