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Party Pumps...Holiday '07

Can you believe that we are rapidly approaching the end of the year?  I am constantly reminded because my mailbox and inbox are filling up with holiday party invites! Well, I have ducked two holiday parties already, but I can't hide for long. So, tommorrow evening, I am going to glam myself up and attend my first part 'tis season. However, I am not going to wear some festive dress full of glitter and sparkle. I am just going to dust off and dress up my fav and fab LBD with some glitzy accessories and the best accessory to start with are shoes!

As you better know, shoes make and break an outfit! Day or evening. Holiday or none. I have opted for a pair of some gold and stoned Nina pumps (see below). So, don't stress about having to shop for some festive holiday garments, just pull out your fav LBD and glam it up with some sparkly shoes that will instantly transform your dainty dogs into festive feet!

FIRST ROW: Vince Camuto 'Zora' Slingbacks, $130, Piperlime; Via Spiga 'Oust' Sandal, $250, Piperlime; Stuart Weitzman 'Luxury' Evening Sandal, $455, Nordstrom SECOND ROW: Nine West 'Jojus' Evening Pump, $79, Macy's; Oscar by Oscar de la Renta 'Deshi' Evening Sandal, $109, Macy's; Nina 'Peppino' Sandal, $78.95, Nordstrom

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Posted on Nov 30 2007 10:10 pm UTC by samida
A bumpy road for smooth foundation...for women of color

Where have I been? Mostly working, but also trying to find a store that carries Covergirl's The Queen Collection by Queen Latifah. After watching that beautiful commercial for it and hearing some wonderful reviews for it. Needless to say it became my hobby to find and buy my own compact of the colormatch foundation. Easier to type than do...apparently.

I hit three different Walgreens and an Ike's in less than a week to no avail . As one of the kind sales associates explained to me, it depends on the area you look. So, since I live and work in an area that isn't frequently visited by "diverse" shoppers , I am forced to go all out of my way and time to a more "colorful" part of town or do what I have decided to do...order it online! Sucks.

Whew! I hope its worth it. I know that I am not the only one out there anxious to try, but have any of you tried it, yet? If so, how's it going? I really want to know!

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Posted on Nov 30 2007 5:45 am UTC by samida
Get it 'for its gone...Green Trench

It's been more than since I have done a little vintage diving. Here is one of the little jewels that you can find while searching. A chic coat in a fab color in the universally and eternally flattering, stylish trench! PLUS, only $89! Unfortunately, I know I can't get my lady lumps in this coat, but if you can...GRAB IT...NOW!!!

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Posted on Nov 28 2007 12:50 am UTC by samida
Coated Up '07: Leather Bombers

After Top Gun came out, my brother and all his friends were begging and feening for bomber jackets. However, I didn't want one, but I got one for Christmas that year and barely wore it. To have that black, beautiful bomber back and in my size would be a perfection filled dream, because bomber jackets are the thing to have! They are such style staples this season. They can be dressed down and up. Super casual or sleek sophistication.

No matter your situation, you can find one in your size and price range, because we all understand that everyone can't drop the money for a leather jacket, so a faux leather will do just find! Below, you will notice that I have included a small amount of in different prices, sizes, and colors. That blue bomber is going to star in my dreams for quite a while!


Super Fly Leather Bomber Jacket, $168, Nordstrom; Doma Leather Bomber Jacket, $595, Madison Los Angeles; Faux Leather Bomber Jacket, $24.99, Target; Make + Model Knit Trim Bomber Jacket(PLUS), $106.90, Nordstrom; Mike & Chris Edison Jacket, $855, Singer 22

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Posted on Nov 26 2007 6:03 pm UTC by samida
Yay or Nay...R.E.D Valentino Scallop Skirt

Patent is definitely one of the 'it' materials to have lining your closet in the form of handbags and shoes, but what about skirts? This R.E.D Valentino patent leather scallop skirt is very daring! Patent leather and mini skirt? Seems a little too "hollywood hookerish" to me, but what about you? Yay or Nay?

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Posted on Nov 23 2007 7:49 pm UTC by samida
I heart Heart Handbag!

As I was reading my little sis' Teen Vogue, good read by the way, I was instantly shot in the back by some little dude in a diaper when I was looking at a glossy ad for Target. It was love at first site! It was a big, red, heart shaped bag and I felt it was made just for me, hence it was at Target! I'm a sucker for a conversation piece and this bag is definitely one. I bought it last night and soon as I got back in the car, I wouldn't allow my semi-better half to start the car until I transfered all my daily neccessary junk from my black bag du jour! I couldn't wait to try it out to the public. I received way too many inquiries while trying to run into Walgreens in less than 5 minutes. I reluctantly spilled the beans and felt that I should also do it online.

This bag is designed by Erin Fetherston for her Target collection and it's also available in stone. Unfortunately, the stone one didn't leave me lovestoned like the red one.  It's perfect for day or night and a MAJOR steal for $29.99!  I do love it so...as will you!

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Posted on Nov 21 2007 5:49 pm UTC by samida
'It' Bag of the Moment...D&G Crinkle Bowling Bag

I am going on a whim to say to that this Bowling Bag is the next bag to swoon for and I have been for the past few weeks! This crinkle confection of luxury is to die for and the price is high enough to have to kill for, but advise you to not try that.  Both Hilary Duff and Lauren from The Hills have already snatched one for themselves and all I have is a big, green eye of envy of them for coveting this big ol' bag that I've been dreaming about! Damn, them!

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Posted on Nov 20 2007 8:08 pm UTC by samida
Fab Find...Message Envelope Necklace

This Message Envelope necklacefrom Urban Outfitters is too cute! It's an intricate and distinctive designed conversation piece in the form of an affordable necklace. *Perfect stocking stuffer* I just love the fact that you can actually pull the message out of the envelope. Like we need something else in our lives to fiddle with while at work. Oh...maybe that's just me. Anyway, with a price tag of $24, it is definitely worthy of a fab find!

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Posted on Nov 20 2007 4:09 am UTC by samida
Holiday Shopping Guide '07: For the girl who has everything

Let's face, there are some people that are hard to shop for, because they seem to already have everything. In order to get them something, you have to really reach into your bag of fab to find them something. Well, this Juicy Couture monopoly game could work!

How uniquely fly is this pink Juicy Couture monopoly board game. The Juicy Couture pink is the only thing that makes it different from the traditional game. This edition feature different tokens like a high heel, heart, crown, lipstick, and the Juicy Couture dog instead of the car, thimble, etc. and the real estate features some of the most popular shopping locations worldwide. This is perfect for the girl who has everything and who knows, it might bring back game night!

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Posted on Nov 19 2007 5:31 pm UTC by samida
Weekend Rewind...I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Way before the marriage to Bobby Brown, drugs, the "Show me the receipts!!", and the divorce from Bobby Brown, there was the young, fresh, and fab Whitney Houston with the big hair and great music to dance to! All my friends and I wanted to be Whitney. Times have changed, but hopefully only temporarily...keep our fingers crossed.

Her I Want to Dance with Somebody was one of my fav videos. I remember I got quite the yelling when I cut up my purple tights to make a dress like Whitney's for my Christie doll! Yeah, that was great! Have a good weekend!

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Posted on Nov 17 2007 9:09 pm UTC by samida
Accessory Bug Nov/Dec edition

The fabulous Kim, over at Accessory Bug, recently sent me the November/December catolog for Accessory Bug. You can never have to many bags, despite what your better half might try and get you to believe. Accessory Bug has also made it even harder not to have too many bags by giving us lovely shoppers a 10% discount on our entire order. Just in time for the holidays! Just type in the code FALL10 and wipe away 10%...how fab! Hurry up, though, because it expires on 12-15-07.

Accessory Bug has a HUGE selection designer inspired bags at way frugal prices. Love them! Below, is my and Kim's favorite out the collection!

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Posted on Nov 16 2007 6:19 pm UTC by samida
Booted Up 07/08: White Boots?

Hhhmmmm. When I think of white boots, two things come to mind: Nancy Sinatra and majorettes. White boots are so retro and disco to me, but that hasn't stopped me from trying a few on at a recent visit to the mall. However, I'm still not convinced that this is boot trend that I can get with, but if you can get your "These boots were made for walking" on, then here are some suggests that you might appreciate.

Sam Edelman 'Margaret', $125, Piperlime; Kaya 'Charlie', $49.99, Journey's; Plask 'W', $130, Piperlime; Icora 'Key', $49.99, Journey's; Donya boot, $39.50, Alloy

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Posted on Nov 16 2007 4:17 pm UTC by samida
Fab Find...Unloose Me Vest

Not only is this vest a fab find, but also near the top of my Christmas list! I don't think you can have too many cute vests in your closet. Vests are like accessories to me, because they can easily make an outfit out of nothing but some jeans, undershirt, and flats. This Unloose Me vest is sccreaming with detailed, fun, chic, and all together fab! Since it's only $18.99...grab one for you and a few fashionable girlfriends!

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Posted on Nov 15 2007 5:47 pm UTC by samida
Holiday Shopping Guide '07: Barbie Fashion Fever Boutique

Those mini fashionistas are some of my favorite people in the world. Just to see them having mini tantrums in Macy's, because they want the patent leather flat t-straps instead of the basic, shineless, just blah black ones. Saw that today, luckily I had a Starbucks napkin stuck to my venti frappacino to dap the admiration filled tears that trickled down my face.

Anyway, I don't have to look far past my front door to find a mini fashionista of my own. My little 7 year old neighorbor, B (very Gossip Girl) is the budding style icon on my block hence her fab tall suede boots that she has the gumption and flyness to rock with some long shorts and cozy sweater. Chic. If she could, she would live and giggle with glee to live in a mall. So, she is the first person to pop in my mind when I saw this tra-billionth addition to the Barbie empire.

Barbie Fashion Fever Playset  is a cute, trendy, little boutique that could give that special little girl in on your list the power shopping training and/or business boutique owner that she will need and/or want in the future. The playset comes with three very Barbie style infused outfits, a "credit card" to swipe! Fun times at Barbie.

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Posted on Nov 15 2007 3:54 am UTC by samida
Give the Navy a rest...for now!!

As usual for this time of year, the color red is invading our wardrobe in the form of Christmas cheer and let us not glance over the fact that its a pretty fab color all year round. Also, this season, red is definitely the itest of 'it' colors for your nails. Dark, bright, bold, or glitzy, it doesn't matter as long as its red. The color that I am rocking right now on my fingers is Nubar in Sexy Red and it's definitely lives up to its name. My nails are just screaming "Come here you sweet, seexxxy thang!!" Fierce and festive- the best of both worlds to me!

To help you get in the fierce and festive mood for your fingers, here is a nice selection of various shades of  red that can tickle your fancy and your fingers.

Nail Tek Hydration in Hello Gorgeous, $10, SHOP; O.P.I in I'm Not Really A Waitress, $7.50, Drugstore.com; Nubar in Sexy Red, $6.99, Nubar; O.P.I in Red Like Roses, $5.49, Amazon.com; E.L.F polishes in Medium and Dark Red, $1 each, E.L.F

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Posted on Nov 14 2007 5:16 pm UTC by samida
P&G venture aims at black women

CINCINNATI by Dan Sewell/AP-- There's a little-girl memory that Najoh Tita-Reid recounts, as a way of explaining what is behind a new campaign by the nation's biggest advertiser.

A young child in suburban Pittsburgh, she goes to play dolls with her neighbors, all of them white. Her doll stands out with its black color and features, and one girl says pointedly: "Najoh, our dolls can't play with yours."

Why not? "Because your doll is ugly," comes the reply.

Posted on Nov 13 2007 9:08 pm UTC by samida
Style Worship...Alicia Keys (As I Am)

Today, the incredible and fabulous Alicia Keys is releasing her third studio album entitled As I Am and I must admit that this is one of the albums that I have been anticipating. I have heard all the songs from the album and I can't wait to buy this after work. Alicia is one of the few artist that I actually make an effort to PURCHASE their album. This album is filled with authentic music, but has some different elements than Alicia has experimented with on previous albums, but stuck with making great music. Her music has really grown and flourished since when she first hit the scene.

Just like her music, Alicia style has definitely grown and flourished. Just check out the pictures of her that were taken over the past few months in preparation of releasing this current album. Over the years, she has drifted from the b-girl style of jeans, sneakers, simple tops, and a head full of corn rows to gorgeous gowns, feminine blouses, and sexy wavy hair. However, she did have a lot of women rocking cornrows! Anyway, Alicia Keys is definitely one of my fave style and musical icons from my generation and deserves all the success she has and will continue to gain!

Her new album is in stores NOW!!

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Posted on Nov 13 2007 6:58 pm UTC by samida
I have been contemplating
When I was in high school, colored contacts were all the rage, but mi madre would never allow me to alter my eye color. However, I have been tempted to test drive some nice hazel eyes on my dark brown eyes. If you, too, have been wanting to test drive some colored contacts or contacts in general(Hi, Annie!), then here is a little info about them! Today colored contacts have become a popular item for both people with and without any eye disorders. Today it’s easy to order the contacts online to a reasonable price. However the most online retailer demands that you check your eyes at an Optician/eye doctor before ordering. Colored contacts have been available for quite some time but it’s just until recent years the quality and effectiveness of the lenses have set a respectable standard. The main thing to remember when ordering colored contacts is that the effect varies from person to person. For instance some lenses only work as an enhancer and some of them change your eye color completely. The two most common types of lenses are the tinted and the opaque. The tinted lenses are made for those who want to increase their natural colors. If you for instance however have dark eyes and want to change it to baby blue eyes for a night then you should get the opaque ones. Another good thing about colored contacts is that many of them are design to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Another more increasingly popular item is novelty contacts. These lenses are perfect during Halloween or when going to the club. Unfortunately these lenses generally come without any type of correction but there are still a few retailers who sell them. Even though these kinds of lenses are not something you usually wear everyday it’s still very important to remember that you should never ever during any circumstances share your contacts with someone else. Stay Stylin'
Posted on Nov 13 2007 1:34 pm UTC by samida
Sale Alert...Old Navy Outerwear

Just in time for the holiday shopping rush begins, Old Navy is having a MAJOR sale on all their outwear with 40% off! Too great, plus since its Old Navy they have a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes for any and everyone. So, get on the good foot and to your nearest Old Navy or OldNavy.com. Hurry up, though, because its only for this week only!

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Posted on Nov 13 2007 3:07 am UTC by samida
Vinnie says "Know Your Flow"?

Vinnie's Tampon Case, $13, Francesca's Collection

As a 26 year old woman, I know that the world is not through throwing out ideas and products aimed at women's hygiene and personal care. By the way, thank you, World. However, this idea for a tampon case went a little too far. Tampon case to prevent them from getting mashed and smashed about in your gigantic, but fly bag is a plus, but the slight pervertish man with the huge finger pointing at me with the demonic eyebrows and the "handy" period cart is too much to handle! I wish I could get a closer look at that chart to see what that "Vinnie's Psychic Skills" is about! On a serious shopping not, would you buy this for you and/or as a gift? I don't think so.

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Posted on Nov 12 2007 9:51 pm UTC by samida
Trend Watch: Red and Black Bracelets

For the past few seasons, chunky jewelry has really been a accessory staple to have. This season, I can't help but notice the number of chunky red and black contrast bracelets and...I think they are fab! They are edgy, but at the same time can pull the drab out of a boring outfit. Although this trend is more popular in a chunky form , there are some slender and more delicate versions. However, as usual, I am rolling with Team Chunk!

a. Cluster Cuff, $17.10, All The Raeg Online; b. Betsey Johnson 'Girlie Charms' Rose Bracelet, $45, Nordtsrom; c. Betsey Johnson Double-Link Charm Bracelet, $60, Dillard's; d. Jumbo Fire & Ice Bracelet, $7.20, All The Rage Online; e. Utopia Bracelet, $841.98, Kabiri; f. Tarins Tarantino Victorian Punk Pearl Bracelet, $95, 80s Purple

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Posted on Nov 12 2007 3:36 pm UTC by samida
Eye Spy...Alicia's tank

Last night, Ms. Alicia Keys performed in D.C to a crowd of lucky fans while wearing this Christin Audigier "True Love" tank.  Cute tank, but too thinly strapped for yours truly!

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Posted on Nov 9 2007 10:42 pm UTC by samida
How gorgeous!!

How fabulous is this clutch?! I saw this Antonio Melani flap clutch this morning at Dillard and thought that is was too gorgeous and the picture above does it absolutely NO JUSTICE!! It has great length, well made, and the shiny chicness that gleams off this clutch is A-MAZING! So much so, that it caught my eye from across the store and I followed it like a white light to heaven. It has more than enough room to hold a cell phone, wallet, keys, and some of your neccessary make-up that you need to make it to the end of the day fabulously. Although clutches are associated with evening, more and more are become daytime friendly, but this one can work just as haute in a day and night! Gotta love it.. a versatile, fierce, and chic clutch!

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Posted on Nov 9 2007 9:21 pm UTC by samida
Holiday Shopping Guide '07...Curls Essentials Sample Kits

There has been an increase in women deciding to go natural with their hair. So, maybe there is someone on your Christmas list that has recently gone or considered going natural and saying 'Adios' to their chemically altered hair and 'hola' to their natural curls and kinks!

Well, CURLS has the perfect gift for them in the form of various sample kits that features some of their best selling and performing products. Each kit comes with a sample of the curly girls essentials of Curlicious Cleansing Cream, Coconut Sublime Conditioner, and Quenched Curls Moisturizer. Each kit also includes either a sample of the Curl Goddess glaze (amazing!), Curls Milkshake(moisturizing at its best!), Curls Souffle', or Whipped Cream (an intense moisturizing workout for thick hair). All incredible products at an incredible price of $20 per kit! Lovely.

By the way, don't worry about explaining to them what to do, because each kit comes with clear and concise instructions to guide them to a mane of cute, conditioned curls!

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Posted on Nov 9 2007 3:50 pm UTC by samida
Fab Find...Black Bamboos

Just when I was glad that bamboos were slowly drifting off my ears and everyone else's, here comes Spear with these too-fly-to-deny black bamboos. These heart and round earrings are more chic and sophisticated alternative to the "ghetto gold" ones that we initially fell in love with. Plus, there are perfect for the fall! Now, all I have to do is find a cheaper alternative to these sophisticated alternative!

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Posted on Nov 9 2007 6:02 am UTC by samida
Coated Up...Puffers

Who wants to look puffy?! However, puff coats have come along way from the days of the baggy, slouchy look of the 1990s. Just like their former consumers, they have grown up and matured into vertalile beings in various shapes, styles, and sizes. No matter what your shape or size, you can find a puffer coat to accentuate and disguise.

Now a days, you can dress up or down a puffer with a glitzy clutch or some strappy stilts or just be your usual chic, comfortable self in one. However, pick and probe carefully to make sure that you find the right one for you, your shape, and lifestyle!

A. Andrew Marc New York 'Launch' Down Coat w/ Racoon Collar, $552, Nordstrom; B. Coleen Puffer Coat, $168, Guess; C. Steve Madden Short Quilted Coat, $128, Nordstrom; D. Peacoat Puffer, $79.50, Alloy; E. Long Puffer Jacket, $39.50, Wet Seal; F. Quilted Frost Free Jackets, $68, Old Navy

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Posted on Nov 8 2007 5:14 am UTC by samida
Sponsor Spotlight...Elvi

It takes more than internet access and some words to keep Stained Couture up and running! So, it would be more than fab of you and me to give love to one on my sponsors; Elvi!

Elviis U.K largest independent plus size women's fashion retailer. They cater to the today's trendy and curvy woman. They offer everything from chic and stylish jackets, flirty blouses, and unique accessories! Those orange gloves are just GORGEOUS!! Feel free to gawk and purchase some curvy cuteness from Elvi!

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Posted on Nov 7 2007 5:02 am UTC by samida
Holiday Guide 2007...Roxy Perfume

One of the most difficult people to shop for are teenage girls! I'm sure most of you remember how picky and particular you were about how your clothes had to fit and the colors that looked good on you and the line of cosmetics that you loved and loved you back. Difficulty at it's best!

Do you have a teen on your list who loves fruit and floral scents and has an outgoing, fun, and flirty attitude and approach towards life?  Say, 'Hello' to the perfect gift for that fun-loving girl, Roxy's first fragrance from the beachy line. This perfume is designed and driven toward teenage girls, but not just any teen girl - a Roxy girl! "A Roxy girl", you ask? Well, a Roxy girl is a girl who has a "fun and alive" attitude and this perfume screams that with every squirt. The scent has the right level of subtleness for teen that is not too overbearing. The packaging of hot pink and yellow yells to the Roxy girl that this is the fragrance for them!

I gave my 15 year old sister the bottle of it on Friday and she has been hooked to it since as well as her friends! I'm 25 and I have even taken a liking to its flirty and feminine scent! SO, don't be afraid to delve back in your teen years with this fragrance!

You can only get Roxy's Roxy at Sephora and Sephora.com.

However, if you would like to test it out, then I have a full size Roxy shower gel for you to win. Send me your name and address to GIVEAWAYS@stainedcouture.com by 11 pm central TONIGHT and I will pick a RANDOM winner! Place 'Roxy' in the subject line and good luck!

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Posted on Nov 7 2007 12:21 am UTC by samida
Style Worship...Jay-Z

Today, Jay-Z is releasing his second album post-retirement called American Gangster. Dope album, by the way, but we here at Stained Couture are more impressed with Jay-Z's style and swagger game. Seriously, he looks his status and age! He is mega mogul with mega moolah, but has been able to maintain his presidential look without completely straying away from his street and hip-hop swagger.

It's very hard for rappers to 'age' in this business, because of the dynamics, demographics, and preference changes among hip-hop heads, but Jay has found a way to balance and survive all the music shake ups and still be one of the most respectable rappers in the game all while nearing 40. That, in itself, is impressive. Plus, he is a trendsetter! Once Jay started rocking button downs with jeans and icey whites, everyone follwed! That is one manly look that I apreciated and still do! I still haven't gotten around to sending him a thank you note for influencing guys to step away from the throwbacks...want to sign it? That is why he is so deservant of this edition of Style Worship!

To find out more Jay-Z's American Gangster, visit his official Def Jam website!

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Posted on Nov 6 2007 1:33 pm UTC by samida
GIVEAWAY...Yarborough Knit Bangles

This week's Coutorture giveway is for those uniquely fabYarborough knit bangles from online jewelry boutique Kabiri. Aren't they lovely? Imagine the slap of color and uniqueness that they could add to your day and outfit.

Want to win!? Well, enter your e-mail in that tall slender box to the right and keep your fingers crossed! Enter as many times as you want! Good luck and...

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Posted on Nov 5 2007 10:24 pm UTC by samida
Old Navy.... the latest dealer to fashionistas

Cashmere is a drug to fashionistas, because it's hard to shake your love for it once you have a taste of it. The softness of it and the regale feel that snuggles you makes you feels super comfortable and it's very difficult to give it up. In the past, cashmere has not always been the most wallet-friendly material in the world. A fabulous cashmere sweater could and still can run you into the hundreds and possibly thousands. That's just evil. However, more and more stores and lines are making it easier and affordable to add cashmere pieces into our closet without breaking the bank or robbing one during your lunch break!

Old Navy is the latest dealer of affordable 100% cashmere and I am loving it! They are offering a wide range of styles, colors, and most importantly, sizes to accomadate almost anyone fashionable chica on your ever growing Christmas list! Not to mention that with a price tag of under $70, it's pretty hard not to want to grab a couple for yourself! So, get to shopping!

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Posted on Nov 5 2007 9:04 pm UTC by samida
Style Jacking...Beyonce'

Mesmerizing Hoops, $9, All The Rage Online; Milly Psychedelic Shift Dress, $410, Interrmix Online; Christian Louboutin Ernesta Plateau Sandal, $785, Saks

Today, Beyonce' attended a press conference in Shanghai, China before her concert, which is part of her The Beyonce' Experience World Tour. She wore modern hippy print shift dress, my dream summer Louboutin's and some dazzling onyx Chanel earrings.

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Posted on Nov 5 2007 7:14 pm UTC by samida
Traveling Divas...Luggage

Although I don't get to do it as much as I like, I lust to travel! Even if its just to another large city in my state (i.e: Nashville), I'm there! However, I do prefer the traveling that requires me to scrape up all my spare change and pile some fashion essentials into a suitcase and race to the airport to fly out of the 901 area code.

To stay on Stained Couture topic, I just adore girly, fun, and stylish luggage. The big, black trusty suitcases get the job done, but there is nothing like toting a cute, multi-colored suitcase to counteract  the uncuteness of  most traveling ensembles of sweats, sneaks, and tees. The brighter and cuter, the better! Plus, they are easier to spot when you land and see all the luggage being unloaded off the plane and you can rest assured that your neccesities safely made it, too! I once spotted my bright white, trimmed in black faux patent leather bag in all its chicness instantly while I was on the plane waiting to get off! Comforting, trust me! Plus, it's easier to spot on the conveyor belt and not get confused with someone else's luggage.

Here are a couple distinctive, cute and chic pieces of luggage. I even threw in one for the mini-traveling diva in your life!

A. Diane von Furstenburg "Catwalk" Wheeled City Bag, $360, Macy's; B. Roxy Supa Star Suitcase, $134, eBags; C. Murval Large Retro Black Patent and Lace Suitcase, $68, Plasticland; D. Like Luggage Dots Mine Upright Carry-On, $69.99, eBags; E. American Tourister Hawaiian Floral Set, $119.95, Amazon.com; F. Wild Dots Luggage Set, $89.97, Macy's

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Posted on Nov 5 2007 4:57 pm UTC by samida
And the winner is...

Ashley J. from Detroit, Michigan! She is the winner of the weekend's Bliss giveaway. Hope you enjoy it, Ashley, and look out for an email from me so I can get information!

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Posted on Nov 5 2007 4:54 pm UTC by samida
Happy Holidays!

Its that time of the year when you put all the Halloween costumes in the back of the closet to never be worn again, slowly eat all the leftover Halloween treats secretly at your desk, and mostly importantly the time to start saving and preparing for the money draining holiday shopping season. You know, when everyone starts dropping hints and lists to help you find out what they want. My little sister is eagerly anticipating her annual clothes and shoes extravaganza and hopefully a new Sidekick I.D. and the new PSP. Yeah, she can dream!

However, not everyone drops hints and lists and they leave it up to you. Those people are lovely aren't they, kind enough to add another brick of stress to your pile! Well, don't fret my lovely readers, I am going to be here until Christmas Eve frequently dropping some recommendtions for those various personalities that you might have to shop for in mind. Consider it an early gift!

So, come back daily for ideas for the clothes, beauty, gadget, and etc, horse on your shopping list and I am sure you can find something fab for them! Also, I there will be a few quick giveaways mixed in with suggestions! Stay tuned and...

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Posted on Nov 5 2007 6:17 am UTC by samida
Introducing...e.l.f Bath & Body

My favorite company to scoop inexspensive make-up from is introducing their bath and body line. The line which consists of everything from hand soap, bath gel, hand cream, and more. They offer 5 scents of Lavender Blossom, Peony Petal, Cucumber Melon, Pineapple Mango, and Vanilla Coconut.

Although e.l.f is know for the $1 price tag for their cosmetics, that isn't going be to be the case for this line. It's not a buck, but not far from it with a fabulous price of $4 per item. Not bad for a bath and body products.

I must admit that I am more than interested in trying products from the line, especially in lavender blossom and vanilla coconut! To find out more about e.l.f Bath and Body or any of their other products, feel free and fab to visit their website!

Stay Stylish!

Posted on Nov 2 2007 11:52 pm UTC by samida
GIVEAWAY...Bliss Sinkside Six-Pack

Halloween is over, but that doesn't mean that you don't deserve a treat! All weekend you have the chance to win this six-pack of some of Bliss' highly adored bath and body formulas. This kit is perfect for travel or just to sample some of Bliss' products if you haven't done so already! Plus, its a fabulous gift idea for the holiday season!

To enter send your name and address to Giveaways@stainedcouture.com with the word 'Bliss' in the subject line. You have until Midnight eastern on Sunday. Enter as many times as you want, but only U.S residents. Sorry.

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Posted on Nov 2 2007 5:19 pm UTC by samida
Yay or Nay...Union Bay boots

These Unionbay metallic boots caught my eye as I was flipping through my sister's Alloy catalog. The silver was actually look like shiny white boots in the right light and the gold ones are a very soft gold that can go with almost anything. I'm okay with the gold ones, but to fond of the super futuristic silver onw. However, how do you feel about both of them? Yay or Nay?

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Posted on Nov 2 2007 4:59 pm UTC by samida
Guess the Designer....Houndstooth Jacket

The first person to email me with whose/which line this fab jacket comes from will win an equally fabulous prize! Trust me on this one!

***UPDATE: That was super quick! Within 5 minutes there was a winner. Congrats to N'esha F.! She was the first person to correctly answer that this too cute cropped houndstooth coat  is from the Dereon line. Way to go!! She wins a $100 gift card from Sephora courtesy of Moi! I will send you an email asking for your information, so get that back to me ASAP!

Don't fret my other pets, tommorrow I will be announcing another quick giveaway and you will have all weekend to enter as many times as you want. Plus, don't forget to enter the Tigi giveaway to the right to win 4, yes FOUR, Tigi hair appliances and if you win, I win! Help me, help you and vice versa!! A win-win situation!

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Posted on Nov 1 2007 4:18 pm UTC by samida
Trend Watch...Coated Jeans

Since I love denim, I am always sniffing and snooping for the newest style and trend in the wonderful world of denim. One trend that I see popping up are coated jeans. Coated jeans are just that, they are treated with a special coating that leaves a once simple pair of jeans look somewhat like leather pants thanks to subtle shine and sheen! They are very edgy, but sexy!

A. Rich & Skinny Sleek Metallic Jean, $216, Shopbop; B. 7 for All Mankind 'Roxanne' Skinny Stretch Jean, $179, Nordstrom; C. Citizens of Humanity Ava Straight Leg Jean, $159, Shopbop; D.Anlo Bauer Trouser Jean, $227, Shopbop; E. Lux Risen Coated Skinny Jean, $68, Urban Outfitters; F. Seven Jeans Ginger Treated Jean, $179, Shopbop

*BTW...new month means last month's posts are now archived!

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Posted on Nov 1 2007 3:42 pm UTC by samida
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