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Swooning for…The Hagen Sunglasses


This weekend in Memphis I was able to wrap up my Christmas shopping, but with a forecast full of those mean gray clouds and cold air. However, today is a new day and the sun is beaming down on me from my office window. I even had the chance to break out my good ol’ Latina Dior shades.

In terms of sunglasses, I tend to to stick to large square or rectangular sunnies that don’t wrap and are completely black or dark brown. My BF teases me about my “big glasses”, but he can kick rocks in barefeet, because I love big, dark shades. After typing that, I guess you might be slightly confused as to why I am swooning over these aviator pink/purple gradient shades by The Mosley Tribe. Well, I’m confused, too. Still….I WANT THESE SHADES!!

I will admit, that I know these shades’ shape aren’t meant for my round face and the color fits nowhere in my winter wardrobe color scheme, but I think I can make them work.

Stay Stylish!

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On second thought, hold off warm weather!


After giving myself a pedicure last night, I was wishing that the warm, sunny weather was back so I could show off my lovely shaped hot pink toes! However, after seeing these hot Louboutin Bobo booties, I think I want the cold weather to stay. Well, stay until these shoes are knocked-off by another line. *fingers crossed*

In the meantime, I’m just loving the tan and white, which makes it appropriate for spring, too! Plus, seriously, how can you not swoon for the leather pyramid studs?!

Come on Steve Madden or whoever, and make the knock offs, already, because my bank account can’t take a $1,395 punch right now!

Stay Stylish!

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Holiday Gift Guide… Gift Closet


Now you’re done shopping for everyone on your list. Congrats! However, have you cover that embarrassing moment around the holidays when someone gives you a gift, but you have nothing to give them. Not only is it embarrassing, but also it just makes you feel bad that someone thought of you, but you didn’t think of them.

To avoid moments like that, you definitely need to start stocking a gift closet. In case you didn’t know, a gift closet is a place that you stash little gifts for whenever you are in the need to give a gift at the last minute.  Gift closets are perfect for all year round, but they get the most use around the holiday season. I’ve listed some gift closet ideas that are make perfect and inexpensive gifts!

1. Gloves– Gloves are just a lovely and thoughtful gift to receive. What makes them so great is that you can get them in various lengths, styles, and fabric. A pair of leather gloves are just chic and very affordable now a days, even leather!

2. Gift Sets- I stock up on various gifts sets throughout the year. Lotion, makeup, men kits, etc. The great thing about gift sets is that usually contain plenty of items in one handy container. So, more than likely, the giftee will find something in there to tickle their fancy.

3.  Gift Cards- I’m mean, duh! Gift cards are incredible! They are more personable than cash and you don’t have to worry about picking a bad gift for someone. They can buy what they want. Plus, depending on store, gift cards don’t have expiration dates.

4. Picture Frames- Sounds boring, but they are not! You can get some pretty fancy looking frames for fraction of the cost and you can personalize them by including a personal picture of you or them that’s memorable. In the end, it will look like thought of a very personal gift.

5. Slippers- The same reason to stock slippers is the same reason to stock gloves. (Read above) However, unlike gloves, slippers can be gifted and appreciated all year round. Personally, I love slipper socks and boots. Uber-comfy!

Well, those are just a few things that I suggest you start stocking up on to build you a great and inexpensive gift closet!

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