Blue Stripes Are My Current Jam

Every now and then, I go through phases in various parts of my life. For example, a few weeks ago, I went through a phase when I ate onion rings almost everyday. Currently, I’m exiting my black coffee and almond with a dash of cinnamon phase. I’ve also gone through bright lipstick phases and the overgrown eyebrows phase, but I might bringing those back for the summer. Another phase I might be going through this summer is the need to buy and wear nautical blue stripes.

blue stripes summer 2017

My blue stripe phase wasn’t planned, but it’s happening. In the past couple of months, I’ve bought 2 different shirts with 2 different sizes of blue stripes. Also, I’m tracking a skirt with nautical blue stripes on it’s way to my doorstep as I type. Therefore, I’m in this phase and I’m still interested in adding to it. Keep reading to see what other striped items are perfect for my latest phase.

BAGGU blue stripes duck bag

Currently fawning over this BAGGU Duck Bag with nautical blue stripes, because it’s perfect to carry all summer.

strapless jumpsuit blue stripes

Two things I would love to master this summer is wearing a jumpsuit and anything off the shoulder/strapless. This strapless jumpsuit from Forever 21 is a beautiful way to master both. I know, this is more white stripes on a blue setting, but I’m looking at it as a wide blue stripes. 🙂 Plus, I wouldn’t feel confident I could pull off a white strapless jumpsuit with navy stripes. Maybe next summer.

oversized blue stripe shirt

An oversized striped shirt is so versatile in the warmer months. For one, it’s classic enough to wear to work, but you can also use it as a cover-up on the beach or paired with some cutoffs on the weekend. FYI, that’s another a look I’m hoping to casually pull off this summer, too.

A subtle way to add some blue stripes to your life is via a simple shoe, like these Tory Burch Miller sandals. Simply perfect, if you ask me. This shoe is also available in red stripes, but I’ll save those for if I ever find the need to buy things with red stripes.

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