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We all have days when we look like we didn’t get quite enough sleep. Unfortunately, there are times when we do get enough sleep, but don’t look like it. One of the main culprits that makes us look this way is our under eye area. Dark under eyes can make us look tired and even, dare I say, older. Thankfully, there are a few makeup products that can help us and our eyes look brighter and more awake. Personally, I have 2 go-to tricks to get brighter under eyes and they have yet to let me down.

Tip For Brighter Under Eyes | STAINED COUTURE

Keep reading to see the 2 products that you should keep in your makeup collection for those days when you need to look like you’re awake and alert.

The first product is one product that you probably already have in your makeup collection – banana powder. Banana powder is a yellow powder that can combat dark areas, including the under eye area. Ben Nye Banana Powder was one of the first brands to introduce this to the masses. However, it’s 2020 and almost every cosmetic brand that sells face powder has a banana powder. You can even find a few options at your local drugstore.

Occasionally, I do use banana powder to make my eyes pop and look refreshed. However, the trick that I’ve been using the most is using a yellow or peach color corrector concealer under my under eye concealer. You can buy these concealers individually, but I suggest you get a color corrector palette. Most color corrector palettes contain 5 shades that help conceal skin discoloration issues, including redness and hyperpigmentation. Even I get the occasional need to block out redness from a pimple. Personally, I prefer the Dermaflage Color Corrector palette, because the concealers aren’t too creamy and they stay put under my concealer.

Back to brighter under eyes. After I apply my foundation, I dab a little bit of a yellow concealer (if I’m tanned) or peach (if I’m paler) under my under eye. I only use a little, because I’m going to add my concealer on top. Too much corrector and then topped with concealer and set it with powder can result in a cakey mess. So, after dabbing the color corrector on my under eye, I take a damp sponge and apply my concealer. Once I’ve reached my level of “I look like I slept like a baby even though I binged season 5 of The Office last night” – I set my concealer clique with setting powder. I don’t have a go-to setting powder, because they all do it for me. #Blessed

Do you know a trick for brighter under eyes? Drop the tips, sis!


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