Brushing Up With … Alba Face Products

Resident beauty junkie/editor, Beautylishus, recently bought, tried and reviewed a couple of products from Alba’s hawaiian skin care line. Keeping reading to see what she thought.

Alba Hibiscus Enzyme Facial Toner
Stats: $12.99/8.5 – Target – CVS
What it claims: Tropical flower and fruit extracts with skin toning enzymes purify and balance skin’s delicate pH for optimum moisturizing benefits and a fresh, healthy complexion. This gentle toner combines witch hazel and soothing aloe vera together with a whole host of tropical fruits and floral extracts to refresh and tone skin.
What it did: It clarified some of the dryness on my face but it did not last all day. The way to make it last all day would be to fully heavily moisturize your skin otherwise if you are like me, you’ll just flake right on up after 3 hours.
Final Words:This product was a good “back-up” toner to my sea breeze. I would recommend it only if you just needed a emergency “spare” toner. Its not really worth the entire $12.00. However it does smell great!
Alba Pineapple Facial Scrub
Stats: $12.95/4 -Target – CVS
What it claims: This gentle cleaner combines effective fruit enzymes and buffing granules for deep-cleansing without drying. Maintains your skin’s delicate pH while infusing it with healing moisture. Pineapple enzymes, certified organic aloe vera and gentle exfoliating granules smooth away dull surface cells and impurities for a clear and radiant complexion.
What it did: This product was surprisingly worth recommending. The scrub is thick and full of good smells and exfoliating beads. The beads are not anywhere near as hard as the ones in the Biore cleanser but they still have a prominent effect. Think of rubbing a fruit smoothie on your face and you have this scrub! I did see a difference after a few days.
Final Words: This scrub is actually a good scrub and should be considered for purchasing. Its not a mandatory HGP but it worth having in the product bin. Go get the product to have because its a good transition product when transitioning from one product to another.

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