Brushing Up With…Eufora International Products

I had some Eufora International hair products sent to in-house beauty junkie, Beautylishus. Read her reviews of Eufora’s products after the jump!

Eufora Illuminate Shine Mist
Stats: 4 oz. /$19.25/
What it claims: To restore a healthful sheen to all hair types
What it did: This mist saturated my hair for a good 20 minutes and then my hair went right back to being dull and lifeless. Maybe because I’m a naptural and it might not be specifically made for my hair types but i was not impressed after that short amount of time. However those 20 minutes that the product was in my hair, it did make my hair soft, manageable and smell heavenly, but the softness did not last for a very long time.
Final Words: If you are a naptural i say RUN! but if you have chemicals in your hair this product might be a good product to have as a backup to your normal softening/shine/sheen spray.
Rating: 4 out 10
Eufora’s Pure Polish Drops
Stats: $28.95/
What it claims: To add lustre while controlling frizz
What it did: This product was my absolute fav of the bunch! Think of a jelly type of oil sheen/gel and you get this product. It is extremely good. Its very light so you wont need much and its easy to control. It is a good product for naturals because it provides that “glow” without looking like you poured a whole entire bottle of oil on your hair
Final Word: if you dont order anything else from this line… GET THIS!!!!!!
Rating: 9 out of 10
Eufora’s Piece Works Defining Paste
Stats: 3.5 oz/$22.00/
What it claims: To provide a pliable hold while protecting the health of the hair
What it did: I used this product to twist my hair. Most of the time, when i twist my hair and untwist it theres a visible curl pattern but this product did not provide me with that, which tells me that it is not made with napturals in mind. It did hold the twists ALL night though, which is what it claimed to do.
Final Words: if you want a product alternate to a styling gel then this product would be good for you. Its very light so you would have to use a lot but it would work never the less. Its NOT for napturals or anybody with a lot of thick curls.
Rating: 7 out of 10
Eufora’s Formation Whipped Styling Solution
Stats: 8 oz./$19.25/;
What it claims: To be a styling foam without the crunch, protecting color, adding volume, and creating texture
What it did: I used this product after using the “Defining Paste” to try to add some curls to my natural hair. it did add a VERY small curl to the ends but not to the hair. It actually shrank the hair length by 1 inch.
Final Words: Not for napturals but will work for anybody with thin easily manageable hair. If you were to put your hair in a ponytail and wanted curls at the ed then this product would be right up your alley
Rating: 6 out of 10
If you are interested in trying out some Eufora mnay products for yourself, including some of the products above, then to see where you can purchase them.
Stay Stylish!

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