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The NEW Reach by Design Collection

When I was a little girl and my mom tried to buy me a simple solid-colored otherwise “blah” toothbrush, I would pout like no other! I never wanted just a red, yellow, or white toothbrush. Instead, I wanted one that had a colorful print or one of my many favorite cartoons stuck along it (Did they ever make a Gem toothbrush?!), because I loved having a fun and different colored printed toothbrush. When my mom would reach for one of those “bleh” ones, I would scream “No! I want one of the pretty ones!” So, when I saw these Reach’s new Design Collection toothbrushes, I couldn’t help but feel like a little girl again wanting one of the “pretty ones”!

The new Reach by Design Collection features the same awesome quality toothbrushes that makes Reach one of my favorite, but with some new fun and chic prints. Reach enlisted a group of style and tastemakers that included interior designers Tom Delevan and Celerie Kemble and celeb stylist Brad Goreski to created a limited edition collection of bright and unexpected prints and patterns that could help add a splash of style to any bathroom.

Personally, I’m in the mood for the zebra print, yellow striped, or the pixel print ones. One of the many benefits of having an all white bathroom means that I can pick any color I want!

Since they are limited edition, I suggest you pick out your favorite and get it now! So, which one tickles your fancy?

Stay Stylish!

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Tomorrow, Thursday September 16, Bliss is debuting on! I love Bliss and my bank account can show you how much I love So, this sale is definitely something that I suggest you check out!

For the first time ever on a luxury flash site,Bliss is partnering with Gilt Groupe for exclusive sales in multiple cities, offering treatments and packages with locations in New York, L.A. and six other cities in between! In addition to cult-favorite products, this sale is a MUST for beauty buffs looking to refresh for Fall!

However, if you don’t live in any of the cities like me, then don’t worry because you will be able to purchase Bliss products, which are Awesome with a capital A! I  have my fingers crossed for the Triple Oxygen Treatment and hopefully one of my fav face washes will be available, too! *fingers crossed* Everything will be up to 60% off!

So, check out for the Bliss sale tomorrow at 11am est!

Stay Stylish!

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The perfect 1-2 for a ‘Completely Bare’ chin

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been slowly figuring out a lot of things that my skin loves and needs to look the best it can. Now that I’ve found a skin care regimen that, for the most part, helps my combo/acne skin stay clear, the next thing I needed to do was find out how to clear a few “bumps” in the road that even the strongest regimen couldn’t cross, until now!

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Awhile a back, I reviewed Completely Bare’s Completely Smooth for Body and I love it! In my review, I mentioned that I wanted to try the Completely Smooth for Face. So, Completely Bare was fabulous enough to send it to me to review.

When I got the Completely Smooth for Face, they had also included Bikini Bump Blaster, which was an unexpected surprise.

Why beat around the bush…I get facial hair on my chin. Let me rephrase that, I get stubborn and continuously thick facial hair on my chin that despite weekly waxing, still grows back and just has thick. Ugh, it pisses me off just typing about them!

Anyway, I needed to try and find, not a good, but an awesome hair epilator for my face, but also something to help ingrown hairs.

Although the bikini blaster is for ingrown hairs in the bikini area and thought it would work just as well on my face, I still wanted to try the razor bump pads, which are aimed more for men who get razor pumps. So, I ordered with my own moolah the razor bump blaster pads. They combined with the completely smooth for face seem to be the 1-2 combination I need to keep my chin smooth.

Now, just like with the completely bare for body, don’t expect for your hair to just stop growing for a long time. They do however, slow down the growing process and the hair grows back thinner and not so obvious.

I will say this, I didn’t notice a difference in the texture and formula between the fCompletely Smooth for face and body lotions. The obvious difference is the size of the bottles with the one for body being a little taller.

Also, I after trying both ingrown hair pads for both the bikini area and razor, I also didn’t notice that much of a difference except that the Bikini Blaster had no scent while the Razor Bump Blaster seemed to have a “manly” scent that I kinda liked!

To sum it up, Completely Bare is continuing to get me hooked to their products and if you try them you just might get a hooked, too!

Stay Stylish!

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Cult Classic…Clinique’s Black Honey Lipstick

The desire for fall to hurry and tie on her running shoes on and sprint into my life ASAP has motivated me to start scouring my closet and makeup train case to see what items I can’t wait to break out for fall. While I was doing that, I spotted one of my favorite lipsticks EVER, Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick.

It’s a cult favorite thanks to its ability to provide the most complimentary sheer wash of just bitten red hue to practically any complexion or tone. Although it’s sheer, it can be buildable, but I love the light shiny sheer look. However, the fun part is that when you first look at the lipstick, it looks almost black, hence the black honey name. Major bonus, its probably one of the moisturizing lipsticks you will ever encounter…SERIOUSLY!

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No, that's not a bruise or burn mark! See how sheer it is with one swipe?!

Off topic, but I never thought I had full lips until I started to take pictures of myself. To think of all the money I wasted on lip plumpers growing up! Not to mention, the burning tingling sensation that practically all lip plumpers possess. *gives the finger to Lip Venoms*

Stay Stylish!

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Collecting Creme of Nature?!

I’ve never been one to fancy just one brand, especially when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. However, over the past couple of month, Creme of Nature has been my go-to shampoos and conditioners. Since Creme of Nature offers gaggles of products in multiple lines, I  don’t have all the counterparts to the products I’ve been mixing and matching.

I wish I could give you all an indept review of each of the items, but to be honest, they all work awesome on my hair, because they all strengthen, moisturize, and overall make my hair soft and manageable. I plan to try other lines from Creme of Nature, because I’m loving them hardcore right now!

Stay Stylish!

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