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This month, launched an Earth Month Boutique, which wfeatures 30 natural and organic products from beauty brands such as Jane Iredale, Eminence, Dr. Hauschka, Burt’s Bees, Sonya Dakar and Cargo, among many others. This one stop shop is the premier destination for getting gorgeous and giving back. will donate 5% of the proceeds from each unit sold in the boutique to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) whose mission is to provide urgent medical care around the world to victims of war and disaster regardless of race, religion, or politics.

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Crabtree & Evelyn’s Citron Bath and Body Care

A little while ago, Crabtree & Evelyn sent me a box of products from their new Citron range that features honey and coriander.

Since I’m about to practically hit pan on everything and the scent is perfect for spring, I feel it’s definitely time I point these products out to you. Keep reading for more!

I love the scent of coriander and lemon on their own, so I was not surprised that I instantly fell in love this collection.  The combination of citron, coriander, and honey gives a lovely cool, crisp and clean scent with feminine undertones thanks to honey, I presume.

Now, on to the products! The cleansing bath and shower gel is a typical body wash that suds up nice and soapy and rinses off easily and with not residue. FYI, if you hate residue left off from body wash, then switch to gel body washes. They rinse and slide off easily with water!

The skin quenching body lotion is just that, a light in texture lotion that moisturizes just enough. I keep this on my desk at work for when I return from the bathroom, because the antibacterial soap in the ladies room dries my skin like no other!

The body souffle is a heavy cream that will be a godsend for those of you with dry skin and the love of soft citrus scents. It practically melts into your skin on first touch and gives you soft skin for hours without a greasy feel. I love it!

I haven’t used the body bars, yet, but I’m looking forward to taking more baths rather than showers this summer and I have a feeling that these are going to be great to use and smell while soaking. I’ll let you know!

Now, on to my favorite product from the skin smoothing body scrub. The consistency and texture of this scrub is unlike any other scrub I’ve ever used. It feels more like a heavy body cream with a little grit, but that grit works! After using this scrub, I was left with skin that is equally smooth and moisturized. I loved it so much, I’ve order a couple of more!

I wish that there was a body spray in the collection, because I’m a firm believer in the 1-2-3 punch aka body wash-lotion-body spray. Hopefully, they will offer it the future. *fingers crossed*

So, if you love citrus scents and good body care products, then you should definitely try out this collection from Crabtree & Evelyn.

I’m serious about that body scrub!

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Review: My Clean & Clear skin care regimen

Every skin care line has a three-step skincare regimen that usually includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Although, I believe that Clean & Clear has a three-step skincare kit, I decided to “create” my own using different products from Clean & Clear.

So, keep reading to read my review and what frustrated me to try something new.

About a month ago, after being a hardcore believer that Cetaphil was the cleanser for me and my acne prone combo skin, my skin did not feel clean after using it. Maybe it was my oil skin, but I started to want to rework my skin care regimen

The Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser is  a cream cleanser which I thought would work for my slowly drying skin.

The Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning astringent for sensitive skin has salicylic acid which I thought would be good for my sensitive acne skin.

Finally, the Clean & Clear Dual Action moisturizer combines oil-free moisture for oily skin and salicylic acid to prevent breakouts which tends to follow oily skin like mine.

The first item I bought was the moisturizer a couple of months ago when it was still too hot outside for my skin to be anything BUT oily. I bought this to lightly moisturize my skin while preventing breakouts and it did. Well, it did until the weather calmed as well as the oiliness of my skin. After that, my skin just laughed at me thinking that this moisturizer could do anything for my drying skin.

The next item I bought a couple of weeks after the moisturizer was the astringent. I wanted to try something a little stronger than the witch hazel I’d been using for months. Although I try to only use one item in my skin regimen with salicylic acid to avoid overdrying of the skin, I thought this wouldn’t be too bad because it’s for sensitive skin.

This astringent was a little strong for a sensitive formula and it helped in the drying of my skin, oily and normal skin. So, I was  not feeling this. AT. ALL.

The final thing I bought a couple of weeks ago is the cream cleanser, because  Cetaphil and I needed a break. This cleanser is creamy and gentle and did a fairly decent job cleaning my skin without leaving any residue.


  • The moisturizer was good for my skin when it was oily. So, I might buy this again in the spring and summer when my skin is at its oiliest. Grade: B+
  • The astringent was too harsh, especially for sensitive skin and I didn’t notice any difference except that it made my skin feel super tight and dry, even when it was oily. Grade: D-
  • The cleanser was nice, but not for me. It did a fairly good job washing my face and was refreshing. However, I would have preferred it better if would lather or foam. Grade: B

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The perfect 1-2 for a ‘Completely Bare’ chin

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been slowly figuring out a lot of things that my skin loves and needs to look the best it can. Now that I’ve found a skin care regimen that, for the most part, helps my combo/acne skin stay clear, the next thing I needed to do was find out how to clear a few “bumps” in the road that even the strongest regimen couldn’t cross, until now!

Keep Reading for More!

Awhile a back, I reviewed Completely Bare’s Completely Smooth for Body and I love it! In my review, I mentioned that I wanted to try the Completely Smooth for Face. So, Completely Bare was fabulous enough to send it to me to review.

When I got the Completely Smooth for Face, they had also included Bikini Bump Blaster, which was an unexpected surprise.

Why beat around the bush…I get facial hair on my chin. Let me rephrase that, I get stubborn and continuously thick facial hair on my chin that despite weekly waxing, still grows back and just has thick. Ugh, it pisses me off just typing about them!

Anyway, I needed to try and find, not a good, but an awesome hair epilator for my face, but also something to help ingrown hairs.

Although the bikini blaster is for ingrown hairs in the bikini area and thought it would work just as well on my face, I still wanted to try the razor bump pads, which are aimed more for men who get razor pumps. So, I ordered with my own moolah the razor bump blaster pads. They combined with the completely smooth for face seem to be the 1-2 combination I need to keep my chin smooth.

Now, just like with the completely bare for body, don’t expect for your hair to just stop growing for a long time. They do however, slow down the growing process and the hair grows back thinner and not so obvious.

I will say this, I didn’t notice a difference in the texture and formula between the fCompletely Smooth for face and body lotions. The obvious difference is the size of the bottles with the one for body being a little taller.

Also, I after trying both ingrown hair pads for both the bikini area and razor, I also didn’t notice that much of a difference except that the Bikini Blaster had no scent while the Razor Bump Blaster seemed to have a “manly” scent that I kinda liked!

To sum it up, Completely Bare is continuing to get me hooked to their products and if you try them you just might get a hooked, too!

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