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Get ‘Stoned and Dangerous’ with BRIDE Magazine

I’ve been in wedding mode, because my brother is getting married in January and I’m a bridesmaid. FYI, I love my dress! It’s soft green, grecian style dress that I plan to have hemmed after the wedding to make into a nice dress worthy of a nice spring night. So pretty!

Anyway, weddings mean new beginnings. Sure, there’s the dress, but what about a new car? Or a new home – and everything that goes in it?  So, if you are a bride or now a bride you might to temporarily point them away from the hassle of planning a wedding and steer to this fun contest fron BRIDES Magazine.

Get ready to start spending, like only a bride can on Stoned and Dangerous (!

Upload a photo of yourself, or a friend, and begin to set the scene of your wedding day and your life with your new hubby!  You will be able to choose your fashion, location, food and beverage, and location among other options. Along the way you will be entertained with fun facts and your spending will be tracked and compared to with what a real bride spends. When finished, you can share with friends and enter for a chance to win a $2,500 American express gift card so you can spend dangerously like only a bride can!

In support of Stoned and Dangerous, BRIDES Magazine had brides swarm the streets of New York City Monday! Check out the action here!

Stay Stylish!

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I have a lot of Studying to catch up on

I don’t read fashion and beauty magazines, I study them! As you can see, I have a lot of studying to do. Instead of studying this weekend, I spent the majority of it engulfing every horror movie my sister and I could find on TV and her collection. In between I noshed on halloween candy and lasagna I made on Saturday. Great weekend, in all.

Now, I need to start flipping threw these…ASAP!

Stay Stylish!

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