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Holiday Essential… Adjust-A-Button


As I sit her at my desk, I’m wearing my go-to Spanx and my loose fit jeans and my waist is still giving the button on my jeans a hard time. Typical day-after Thanksgiving bulge from all the good eating starts giving your pants/skirt’ button a run for their money and your patience.

Well, this product’s information has been sitting in my inbox for more than a minute and right now I am really regretting not ordering one…last week! Oh, how I need this Adjust-A-Button right now and for the rest of the holiday season.  Adjust-A-Button allows you to extend or tighten your waistband in seconds. Do you tend to fluctuate in weight, especially around the holiday season? *raises hand* Well, this is perfect for you!


I think I need to go order a couple…ASAP!

Stay Stylish!

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Why do I need/want these?


Have you ever seen something and instantly knew that they didn’t have any place in your life, still wanted them? Well, that’s how I felt about these button leg warmers I spotted over at Plasticland.

There are so cute, yet victorian thanks to round gold buttons that give the look of old time spats. I’m not a leg warmers girl and short skirts and shorts are nowhere near sight, but I would just love to have these in my personal archives. However, I need a reason. Any suggestions?

Stay Stylish!

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