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Changeable Purse Straps

purse straps

Handbags accessories have been really big over the past year. They have become an easy way to accessorize and customize your purse and bags. First there were those colorful puffs, which I loved and still do. Afterwards, the addition of small coin purses that people attached to outside of their bag for easy access to common needs such as cards and cash became the hot trends. Now, the newest way to accessorize your bag and make it stand out even more is with interchangeable purse straps.

Yes, you can now buy individual purse straps to switch on and off your bags. Actually, some major luxury brands such as Fendi and Valentino have gotten on on this trend and offer some obvioulsy gorgeous purse straps that you can add to any bag of choice. It’s a simple way to revive an older bag or add some character to your simple everyday bag. I love options!

If you love the possibility to create countless other purses with the simple changing of a strap, here are few options for you to consider.

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Taking Care Of Your Glasses

taking care of your glasses

Although I’m in my 30s, I’ve experienced quite a few first this year, including completing fast. However, having to wear glasses for my vision has been the biggest thing on the list.  Considering that intense vision problems run in my family, I’m very happy that I was able to prolong it this long. When it comes to adding new and important things into your life, you have to learn how to take care of them and taking care of your glasses is a very important thing that you need to learn to do.

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BRAND LOVE: Shourouk Jewelry

shourouk jewelry

In the summer, like most people, my jewelry aesthetic is all about fun print, bright colors, and easy pieces. Therefore, I’m super sprung on every piece of Shourouk jewelry that I’ve seen. I’m obsessed!

Shourouk is a jewelry line that masterfully created fun and trendy statement pieces. With a mix of different materials, techniques, and designs, they are almost like miniature pieces of art that you can wear on your body.

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Metallic Accessories for Spring

Although I do consider myself a pseudo-minimalist since I tend to gravitate towards simple design, clean lines, and neutral shades, there is this part of me that loves shiny, metallic accessories. It’s a very unexpected characteristic for me, but it’s a love that I’ve had since I was a girl. Most girls chose sparkly, but I was all about shiny.

As an adult, I embrace my love of shiny things with shiny, metallic accessories, but not limited to just jewelry. I’m always in awe over seeing a shiny gold clutch, silver shoes, or even a piece of apparel with a metallic overlay of sorts. Despite my love for shiny metallic accessories, I won’t over do it. If I have have on a pair of metallic shoes or carrying a large gold bag (which I have), I’ll pair it with a simple and neutral monochromatic look and minimal jewelry, if any. I’m a one focal point at a time type of girl.

Metallic accessories that are shiny and little gaudy (let’s be honest) are perfect to test and wear in the warmer months. Their fun and stand out on the sunniest of days. Just beware, because when that sun hits it….grab your sunglasses!

If you are into shiny and metallic or thinking about it and want to add more to your spring wardrobe, here are some worthy pieces to consider:

metallic accessories

Rose Gold AviatorsSilver Triple Wrap Bracelet –  Metallic SneakerGold Leather Pouch –  Gold Gladiator Sandals


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Coin Purses

One of my first introductions to accessories, bags in particular, were coin purses. I believe my first one was the quintessential 80s kiddie coin purse made of vinyl with colorful picture of Rainbow Brite and here sidekick/horse Starbrite on the front. Despite the super kid vibes of this plastic coin purse, I felt like a full fledged grown-up when I received it. I also believed that I could buy anything I want with it and all the pennies and nickels I would cram in there, of course. Oh, to feel that invincible and naive.

However, the older I got, the more I felt compelled to own larger and longer wallets that could not only hold my spare change, but dollars, credit cards, checkbook (when they were still useful), and receipts. Pretty much my entire life in paper form, because I am one of those people that carries a copy of my birth certificate and social security card in my wallet. Hmm…I think I need to stop doing that.

Anyway, about a year ago, I realized that my days of thick, borderline clutch size wallets were no longer a need or convenient. Other than the fact that it took up major room in purse, it stayed pretty empty. I rarely carry cash (I know. That’s not good, but I’m working on it.) nor my checkbook considering I haven’t written a check in years. Seriously, who still regularly writes checks?

I decided to put my chunky, chic MCM wallet on eBay (scored $125 for it) and buy me a coin purse. Awesome decision for many reasons and I’m going to share them with you.

For me, when I began looking for a coin purse, I needed more than a zippered pouch. Since I was pretty much trying to streamline not just my wallet, but my life, I wanted something that served more than just a place to toss coins. I wanted a coin purse that was roomy enough to hold my ID, debit card/cash, access key card for my office building, and my actual keys. So, a keychain wallet was what I needed and I found it in Rebecca Minkoff’s Molly Metro Wallet. It almost felt like it was made for me, because it has a zipper compartment for loose change, a card holder, and clear slot in the back and snap closure to prevent anything from falling out. Hands down, one of my best purchases of 2015. FYI – I chose blue, because black felt too basic for me at the time. Now….I want the black one!

If you are into finding new ways and things to streamline to make your life even the slightest more convenient, you might appreciate the ease of a keychain coin purse. I found some really cute ones that are a mix of cute and classic.


Anya Hindmarch ‘Wink’ coin purseRebecca Minkoff ‘Mini MAC’ coin purseWest 57th Zipper Leather coin purse – MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set coin purse – zip zip keychain pouch







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