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How To Prepare For A Fast

This is first day of my 21-day fast. Yes, I’m fasting for the next 21 days and although I’m barely a few hours in, I feel confident that I can make it to the finish line. The reason I feel confident is because unlike attempts to fast in the past, I actually prepared myself this time.

While trying to mentally prepare myself for the  journey, I realized that there are quite a few things to keep in mind while you prepare for a fast and decided while I’m up and fully committed to this upcoming few weeks, that I would share just exactly how I got here. So, keep reading.

Reasons To Fast


One of the main reasons people choose to commit to a fast is for health reason, such as to lose weight and/or detoxify the body. My sister-in-law does multiple fasts throughout the year whenever she feels a negative change in her body or health. She feels it helps filter out anything unhealthy that didn’t agree with her body. Her fast range from weeks to months and I’m so envious of her dedication.

Personally, I’m fasting in part with my church’s annual corporate fast that always happens at the beginning of the year. We are called to use that time to pray and increase our hunger for God while focusing on the upcoming year and things we would like to see happen in our life.

I will be the first to admit that in the past I haven’t been very good at sticking to fasting for various reasons. However, thanks to being focused on things I want to see happen in my life this year and proper preparation, I feel confident that I can make it.

Types of Fasts


The common method and definition of fasting that most people think of is not eating anything and drink only water. I will admit, I used to think was what it meant to fast. However, over the years, I’ve learned that fasting just means giving up something you’re dependent on for a fraction of time.

There are countless types and ways you can fast, but the three popular types of fasts include:

  • Dry Fast – The most extreme of the types of fasting, dry fasting has spiritual roots, and consists of foregoing food and water for short periods.
  • Liquid Fast – Like the name suggests, you only drink liquids with this fast. You can opt to drink only water or even a juice only. Fasting with detox waters are a great option, too.

Here are some other fasting suggestions:

  • Daniel Fast – With this fast, you don’t eat any meat, sweets, or bread. Drink water and juice.  You can only eat fruits and vegetables. Read more about the Daniel Fast here.
  • Full Fast – Drink only liquids (you establish the number of days).
  • Partial Fast – A partial fast is from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm or from sun up to sundown. You can select from three types of fasting —a Full Fast, Daniel Fast or give up at least one item of food.

You can even just fast off certain things that you are “emotionally dependant” on such as breads, dairy, and some people choose to fast social media, TV, and technology all together. It’s really up to the person on what they which fast they would like to do that they would benefit more from doing.

To really make a commitment, I’ve decided that this year I will do a partial full fast, which means that I will not eat anything from sun up to sundown and only drink water. I thought about the 6 a.m to 3 p.m, but I really wanted to challenge myself.

How I Prepared For My Fast


You would assume that once I decided that I was going to commit to fasting from sun up to sundown everyday for 21 days that I would spend the days leading up to it inhale any and every food that I can…while I can.

Although I was tempted to use that as an excuse to “carb up” this past weekend, I actually did the opposite. I only drank water and ate small ans sensible meal throughout the day. I tried to avoid anything too heavy (i.e. bread, pasta, beef) and stuck mainly to salads and lean meats.

What I Hope To Take Away From This Fast


Overall, I hope that I’m stronger in all aspects of my life, including my faith, career, and relationship. Hopefully, this will also be a jumping pad toward an healthier lifestyle, too.

If you have questions about fasting or question you would like for me to keep in mind to pass on to you after completing, please share them below, because I plan to do a follow up at the end and  can any questions you might have that I can address for you. I’m in guinea pig mode.

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DEFINE DESIGN: Scandinavian Design


As a beginner minimalist, one of favorite decor aesthetics is Scandinavian design. Basically, the term Scandinavian design emerged in the 1930s to describe the design style from…wait for it…..Scandinavia which includes the countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

The Scandinavian has a very simple, clean, and minimal design and functional furniture, which is created with natural materials  such as wood, leather, and hemp. This is design element that I’ve slowly been incorporating in my home since I’ve been purging a lot of useless and non-functional items.

If you are interested in ways to add this design element to your home, keep reading to see some awesome ideas for Scandinavian design.



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The Skinny on Skinny Teatox


If you are an avid or even just an occasional person on social media, then you have probably been hit by the new rave of detox teas. Well, I know I had and when Skinny Teatox gave me the chance to try one for myself coincided with my need to take a detox following a weekend of inhaling numerous plates of cookout food (summertime weakness) during Memorial Day weekend, I had to take them up on the offer.

So, about this detox tea…

Continue Reading

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Improve Your Posture On The Clock


The older you get, the more you realize what your was parents were nagging you about when you were younger were actually gems to prepare you for the future.

If you would have told me that there would be a point in my life where I would crave for spinach, brussel sprouts, and cabbage, I would have thought you were a.) crazy b.) on an intense acid trip or c.) just down right lying to get a quick chuckle to yourself. However, even at this moment right now, I’m sipping a green juice made mostly of spinach and kale and would kill for some steamed cabbage. Kill might be a little too aggressive for the situation, but I really do want some cabbage right now.

Delicious and fiber filled veggies aside, the one thing that I wished I payed better attention to when I was growing up was good posture. For the past couple of months, while at work, I’ve been catching myself trying to sit up straight in my chair and do stretches in my desk chair all for the sake of improving my posture. Continue Reading

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Changes to Celebrate Earth Day 2015


Today is Earth Day.

The message of Earth Day 2015 is “It’s Our Turn To Lead”. Small changes can make a BIG impact to the betterment of our world.  So, keep reading to see a list of 5 things you can start doing right now that not only help you celebrate earth day, but that you can eventually implement into your life and feel good about…FOREVER.

  • Plant A Tree – The easiest and most beneficial things you can add to the earth.
  • Start Recycling – I will admit that recycling can be hard to get into the habit of doing, especially if you’ve never done it. However, if you start off small by separating cans and plastic, it’ll eventually become second nature.
  • No Plastic Water Bottles – Plastic bottled water consumes huge amounts of fossil fuels to produce and transport, and most of those recyclable water bottles end up in landfills. Instead, buy a refillable and permanent water bottle. They are so affordable! Even your local dollar store carries them. So, you can help your planet and pockets!
  • Buy locally – My favorite Saturday activity is going to one of my local farmers market. The produce is fresh and easy on the environment thanks to the lack of chemicals added to keep produce fresh while transporting it many miles away from the farm where it was grown. So, buy locally to help your environment, local economy, and farmers.
  • Walk More – Cut back on driving so much and go take a walk outside. Instead of driving to the gym to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes, go for a walk in your neighborhood or local park. Trust me, it feels better and is there a prettier time than springtime to be outside? I think not.

Stay Stylish!

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