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A Wasteful Week


I wish I could say that I was off on some spontaneous exotic vacation or even just swamped by work to explain my absence. However, the ultimate culprit was just a lazy weekend followed by two snow days off from work, which equaled me laying on the sofa binge watching/catching up on shows on my DVR.

Now, I’m back to my daily grind of being in the office, daily inspirations and the want to share them with you. So, I’m back and so will regular postings.

Stay Stylish!

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5 Quick Tips To Have A Productive Day


Productive days are awesome! I feel so accomplished by being able to get things done efficiently and with ease. Well, I recently did a (or a few) mini experiment to explore some tips that helped give me the result of a perfectly productive day.

If I miss or skip one of these tips, I usually can still rally in the fourth quarter to come up with a win. However, if I omit at least 2 of theses tips, I have found it hard to end my day on a high note and/or feeling.

So, I thought I would share my formula, which continuously helps me achieve and productive day.

  1. Prepare – I like to shave minutes off of my morning, mainly because I don’t like to rush, especially in the morning. A rushed body leads to a rushed mind. I like to have a clear and fresh mind in the morning. So, before I go to bed the night before, I spend 30-45 minutes preparing what I’m going to wear, preparing lunch, and preparing everything I need to have on me when I leave (i.e laptop, planner, etc.) Those 30 minutes help immensely.
  2. MeditateMeditation helps you relax and clear your mind, which helps you with the next tip.
  3. List – Creating lists are one of my hobbies, because I love them so much. The feeling I get when I finish a task and cross it off of my to-do list is exhilarating and motivates me to want to finish another task so I can scratch that off and so forth.
  4. Exercise – Cardio, yoga, or 30 minutes of deep stretching to warm your muscles up and alert your body that it’s time to move will be much appreciated; instantly and in the long run.
  5. Eat – A classic cup of coffee is nice, but your body needs more than that, preferably something with fiber and protein. My favorite breakfast is granola, almond milk, and bananas and wash it down with some lemon water; hot or cold. That’s my go-to breakfast. Fast and fulfilling.

There you go, my favorite tips to help you start a productive day. They are so quick and easy to add to any daily regimen.

Do you have any tips and tricks that you use to start your day off? Please share below or tweet me!

Stay Stylish!

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Online Wishlist: Lulu & Georgia


Recently, I’ve been clearing a lot of things out of my life and home. The main reason that caused this upheaval in the removing of things that I no long wanted, needed, or used was mainly caused by current urge to live a minimalist life. Since I’ve taken on this lifestyle change, I’m shopping differently, too. I look for versatile, neutral, and classic pieces that I can keep for years without it looking dated, plus versatile.

I love Lulu & Geoorgia and I may or may not stalk their website everyday. Okay, I’m obsessed with the store and it want everything they carry. However, I know I don’t need everything, but there are just pieces that I can’t shake from my design loving mind.Keep reading for more info.

  • Bird of Paradise Print – I like color added to my home to pop, without being too overwhelming. This print is small, but adds just enough color.
  • Grace  Mirror – This mirror has the right mix of clean lines and edge.
  • Rose Gold Oval Platter – I’ve been into rose gold for minute, but have that love reflected in my home.
  • Cohen Floor Lamp – I need a simple floor lamp. This one will do.
  • Typewriter Bookends – So, cute!
  • Black Lovisa Bench – I love benches, because you can use them for extra seating or as an unexpected table space.
  • Flokati Rug – Who doesn’t need a fluffy rug in the perfect pewter? I need this rug.

Stay Stylish!

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Achieving Lasting Joy


A couple of years ago, I went through a rough patch of unintentional and disposable relationships, friendships, and other situations that caused me to really take a step back and reevaluate my life and where I wanted to be and the type of people with whom I wanted to share my life. Ultimately, I decided that I just wanted to be happy and live a joyful and content life.

A few months later, in an issue of O magazine, I ran across life-coach Martha Beck‘s 5 Rules for Lasting Joy and these quick tips really helped me assess things and how to move toward a happy, peaceful, and joy-filled spirit and life. So, I wanted to share these same tips, in case you need some help in finding your joy.

  1. Honesty Is The Best Policy – You heard this phrase all the time when you were a child, but you never really understand how true it is until you are older. Plus, as Beck mentions, lies can create more lies, which can drain your brainpower and take a toll on solving real problems.
  2. Give Up On Toxic People – Ugh! This was literally one of the first things I had to do to get to my current positive space. Negative people create negative people and the last thing I wanted to do was be a negative person or live a negative life. Instead, I made a concerted effort to look for positivity in everything, which eventually lead me to positive thinking and people. Birds of a feather…
  3. Let It Go – I’m such a non-nonchalant person and have rarely let negative events fester in and on my spirit for so long. So, I’m a life long believer of letting things go. Acknowledge the situation, but think about it for no longer than a couple of minutes. There’s no need to let negative things sit with you.
  4. Trust Your Gut – Personally, I used to have a hard time trusting my gut. Well, I trusted my gut, but I had a hard time acting on it. However, I realized that not acting on my gut was leaving someone else to make decisions for me, which I don’t like.
  5. You’re More Powerful Than You Know – Yes, you have power! Stop being afraid of what others will think and react to what you want to do. You are the master of your destiny and life, which means that you have the ultimate power.

I hope you take some, if not all these small pieces of wisdom and apply them to your life and effort to live a joyful life.

Stay Stylish!

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Hi, I’m a Mininimalist.


Well, maybe I’m not completely a minimalist, but I can admit that I have been tiptoeing the line of living a minimalism life for the past couple of years, but excess can creep up behind me instantly via a sale or beautiful instagam pictures filled with colorful clothes, delicious looking food, and or flawless makeup applications.

At the beginning of the year, Into Mind posted a 30-Day Minimalism Challenge and I feel compelled to try it. After completing this challenge, hopefully I will have a a cleared mind and look into discovering new things and accomplishing big goals.

Yesterday (Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015) required me to stay offline for one whole day, which is usually easy because I’m rarely on social media on Sundays. However….yesterday was Superbowl Sunday. OMG. I’m still in awe that me posting on Twitter about the game and halftime show featuring Katy Perry DID NOT HAPPEN! When Missy Elliot came out and performed a couple of her hits, all I wanted to do was reach for my phone, but couldn’t. The ending of the game? Oh, I would have went in about that Seattle call for at least 5 tweets.

Luckily, this wasn’t Superbowl 2013 when Beyonce’ performed and the lights when out delaying the game. Remember that? So, I guess I have that.

Anyway, today’s mission was to meditate for 15 minutes and this was another easy task since I’ve been dabbling in the world of meditation. Mediation is the best way to start a productive day.

So, feel free to follow me on Twitter, where I will be posting my daily challenges and results. Stay tuned and…

Stay Stylish!
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