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Ways I’ve Learned to Relax At Work

For the past few months I’ve been experimenting with things and actions that help me; mentally, physically, and emotionally. As a person who has mild anxiety, I’m always looking to embrace actions that can help me relax and focus. One of the main places I need these actions the most is at work.

My career isn’t very fast-paced and nor does it require me to always be on the go. Actually, my responsibilities are pretty lax for the majority of the time. However, there are a few moments in the week when an unexpected assignment falls into my lap and/or inbox that requires my attention ASAP. As a person who works with well order and preparation, these impromptu stress sessions can be strenuously overwhelming.

Unfortunately, drinking water, deep breaths, and quick yoga stretches at my desk can only do so much. Therefore, I’ve created an arsenal of tactics that I use on the regular to help me relax at work and wanted to share them in case one of you find yourself a little stressed out at work, too.

Proper Planning

I’m an avid support of making lists. It’s probably one of the easiest ways you can stay organized and less stressed out about daily tasks. About an hour before I leave each day, I wrap what ever I’m working on prepare for the next work day.

I also clean up my desk area by making sure everything is nicely stacked and back in it’s rightful place. This also includes taking my coffee mug and water bottle to the kitchen to clean.

The objective of doing all of this is so that when the next time I come to work, I can ease myself back into what I was working on the previous workday and without feeling too overwhelmed. Plus, who wants to arrive to an unorganized mess? Not me.

Reading Breaks


To help me with my desire to finish reading more books in 2016, I decided that it would be a great idea to keep a couple of books on my desk to read while eating my lunch or whenever I have a small window of nothing to do. However, it has also formed into a way for me to take a break when I’m feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated. Since those can be two very different feelings, I keep a couple of reading options on my desk; a funny, quick read to help relax me and a book to help inspire me on some level.

Currently, the 2 books on my desk are 1 Page At A Time by Adam J. Kurtz and The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. 1 Page At A Time is more of an activity book than a traditional book that you read. It  designed as daily companion for creatives and features random activities and tasks to help enhance your creative flow, which is why I use it whenever I feel uninspired to write and/or create content.

Get Up

When your 9-5 consists of you mainly sitting for 6-8 a day, then any movement is appreciated. Usually when I’m stressing over trying to finish a project or feel  myself sinking into the abyss of emails, I get up and take a brisk walk from the desk. Usually, I take a bathroom break, go the kitchen area to refill my water bottle, and/or stop by another co-workers office for a quick chat (preferably not work-related). I’m usually back to my desk within a 15-20 minutes and just a little more refreshed and productive.

Fresh Air

I’m one of those people that rarely leaves the office building on my work days, mainly because I don’t have a reason to leave. My office building has a general-style store and restaurant in the lobby. There’s even a branch to the bank that I bank at in the lobby. So, I rarely need to leave through the day. However, there are moments when I know that I need to get away from not only my desk, but the whole office environment. Therefore, I might take a 10 minute walk to Whole Foods for a juice, walk to the nail shop for a mani, or even just go sit in the partial stairwell of the parking garage to play Candy Crush. Just anything to get some fresh air to help clear my mind and de-stress me and this works wonders.

Do you have any ways you relax at work? If so, please share, because you can never know too many.

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Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs


For the past couple of years, I’ve been hooked on podcasts. I tend to listen to podcasts at night as I fall asleep and/or use them to get through long days at work to speed up the day.

I wish I could say that I’m subscribed to only a few podcasts in a certain niche, but I’m not. Currently, I’m subscribed to well over 20 different podcasts that mostly includes pop culture and comedy stations. I usually listen to these as I fall asleep at night. Who doesn’t want to fall asleep with a smile on their face?

Currently, one of my favorite types of podcasts to listen to while at work are podcasts are aimed toward creatives and entrepreneurs. They are usually very motivating and share valuable information that I can implement in my work, creative endeavors, and life.

So, I decided to share some of my favorite podcasts for creative entrepreneurs with you. If you work/live or aspire to possess a creative lifestyle or start your own business, then you will definitely appreciate some of these podcasts. Check them out!


Mattieologie – Mattie James is the beautiful branding bad-ass behind the Mattieologie podcast and Mattieologie blog. In her daily podcast, she shares tips and suggestions on everything from blogging, social media, and video content creation in less than 10 minutes. No, seriously, some of podcasts are less than 5m minutes, but are so thorough and filled with awesomeness. I tend to listen her podcasts from throughout the week on Friday, while getting ready for work. LISTEN HERE!


Ask Pat – Ask Pat is a podcast hosted by Pat Flynn, who is known for helping other create and curate profitable online businesses through his blog, Smart Passive Income.  Like Mattieologie, the format of this podcast is daily short episodes where Pat answers a question from one of his supporters including questions about blogging schedules, what equipment to use for podcasts, and email marketing. I binge listen to this podcast on Sundays, on my way from church. It helps me slowly get back into the upcoming work week. LISTEN HERE!


Lewis Howes – Lewis Howes is a former professional athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur that shares great life and business tips from personal experiences and also interviews with other creatives and entrepreneurs. Each episode is informative and inspiring. LISTEN HERE!


#GIRLBOSSES Radio – So, pretty much anything that has Sophia Amoruso name attached to it automatically gets my vote, including her #GirlBoss podcast, which is named after her best-selling book that was released earlier this year. In her new podcast, the founder of Nasty Gal, interviews other inspiring #girlbosses about business, life, and everything in between. Unfortunately, she’s only released a few episodes, but they are so worth listening to and waiting patiently for the next one. LISTEN HERE!


Creative Start Podcast – I recently found this podcast, but I really enjoyed the interviews with creative entrepreneurs who discuss how they got started with their business/careers. So inspirational and reassuring! New episodes are supposed to start soon. However, in the meantime, you will enjoy their past episodes. LISTEN HERE!


She Did It Her Way – She Did Her Way podcast is the reason I’ve hardly listened to the radio on my way to work the past couple of weeks, because this podcast is specifically geared toward the top female entrepreneurs who climbed the ladder of their success their way with interviews from women who’ve succeeded in various businesses. LISTEN HERE!

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Easy Job Search Apps


When I graduated from college back in 2004 (whoa.), it seemed like the process to look for a job was…very interesting,for a lack of better words. You either were one of those few people who secured your first job before graduation by kicking ass (working hard) and taking names(networking) at your internship and/or pounded the pavement at the very few online and on-campus job boards looking for anything that could pay you enough to not have to move back home.

However, the job search market has changed drastically in the 10+ years since I had to endure my search for my first “real” job. Truth be told, the ability to search for jobs has rapidly developed since I found my current job 4 years ago. Now, you can search, find, apply, and even secure a new job with a few swipes off your cell phone. Yes, your next job is pretty much in your pocket…right now.

Currently, I’m passively looking for a new job. So, job search apps have become some of my favorite apps to click on multiple times a day. I check in frequently throughout the day, because they are constantly updating and adding new jobs.

So, if you currently or thinking about looking for a new job, check out these 3 easy job seeker apps that I use everyday.

Indeed – The Indeed app is just like with it being very easy to search and apply for jobs. Plus, you can see others reviews of working for each company. It’s always nice to know what you’re potentially getting yourself into.

LinkedIn Job Search – I love the LinkedIn app, because it’s perfectly condensed version of the LinkedIn website. However, the ability to search jobs from it was always a little more confusing than it should be and I guess they realized it,too, because they recently released a LinkedIn Job Search app that it purely used for searching and apply for jobs without all the streaming posts. You can search, apply, and even track jobs you’ve applied for or looking to apply. Plus, if you already have the LinkedIn app on your phone, the job search app will automatically sign and sync up with it once it’s been downloaded.

Glassdoor – Another app that’s quick for instant job searches. However, like the Glassdoor website, the app let’s you view and compare similiar jobs and salary.

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What I Learned From Taking A Staycation


Aside from this blog and side hustles associated with blogging, I have a full-time 9-6 job. You read that right. Yes, I’m expected to sit at a desk in a cubicle in front of 2 monitors, 9am – 6pm, Monday thru Friday. Not only that, but I’ve been doing that for 4 years. So, to celebrate this wonderful anniversary, I decided to use five out of my 10 allotted vacation days and treat my self to a nice staycation.

FYI, a ‘staycation’ is pretty much taking time off from work and staying home and doing things locally, including possibly staying at a hotel.

For my staycation, I opted to just lounged around my own home and do what I want, when I want, and however I wanted to do them…and it was awesome! However, during this week off from the typical grind from the place that pays for the majority of my health insurance, I did explore ideas I’ve been putting off and even ventured off to a festival and plenty of resturaunts.

In the end, I realized that my staycation helped me appreciate a few things I either forgot about or didn’t think to do. Here a few things I learned recently from taking a staycation.


Cocktails for lunch are great – This lovely cocktail consisted Sugarland Moonshine, topped with lemonade and Sprite and twist of lime. It was so refreshing and the star of my day.


Pizza on the grill should be the norm – Well, cooking barbeque pizza on grill should be the norm. It takes a little longer than in the oven, but authentic smoky flavor just can’t be beat. These pizzas were Papa Murphy’s new BBQ pizza. I had the steak one and I still can’t get over how amazing it was after cooked in the smoked grill. So much so, that there may or may not be a pizza cooked on my grill on Memorial Day. I’m just saying.


I’m Addicted to House Plants – Drawing was my life when I was a child and just recently, I started sketching and drawing again. I’m really into creating and playing around with shapes, graphic prints, and using different mediums. Colorful graphic pens and Sharpies are so nice to have and to hold on a rainy afternoon.


New foundations make me feel better – This Tarte foundation was on my “Need To Try List” for a while. So, while I decided to pick it up while doing a couple of laps around Ulta. It’s full-coverage, which is just what I wanted so I could do spot applications. I’m using it like a concealer, except a really amped up concealer. I’m cutting back on full face makeup all over. It’s just too hot for a full face a glam, no matter how natural.

A boring 9-5 is not for me – …and definitely 9-6 is not for me, which is what I have. I’m very appreciative of having a secure job, but I’m over it and I’m over being over it. After spending a week off and having the pleasure of enjoying life how I want and when I want was exonerating. Although I was off from my “benefits job”, I found the time to stir up some things for my freelance eCommerce consulting and Social Media Marketing business, which has been great. I’m not saying giving up a having a 9-5 ever, just having one that allows me to explore other things I enjoy, at my time and pace.

*Honorable Mention – Refreshing your resume’ isn’t the most fun to have while on vacation, but it needed to be done!

Stay Stylish!

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How To Learn Anything…Anywhere


Practically any and every thing is available to you, via a click on your computer or a couple of taps on phone, which is awesome.

Like most people, when I want to find out how to do something really fast (i.e get a stain of carpet or hair tutorial) I hit up YouTube and for fast facts or info, there’s always my BFF, Google.

However, there are some skills and knowledge that aren’t so quick or beneficial to absorb instantly and requires dedicated time. In the past, when you’ve had the urge to learn a new skill, you signed up for classes at a local college/university or online classes.

Those options are still great, but the latest thing to help you learn, sharpen, or advance yourself in new skills are websites that offer online video courses. Not only are the courses in video format, but most of these sites offer a wide range of subjects for business or hobby. Plus, unlike online course via an online university, you have the option and convenience to complete these courses at your own pace, time, and location and for the fraction of the cost.

So, if you are looking to further your knowledge on business skills, software, or a hobby you’ve been meaning to take up, then try one of the sites below that will show you how to learn anything and anywhere.

  • – A membership based site that offers thousands of online video courses in everything from business skills, technology, and software that’s available from your computer and their app that’s available from iOS and Android.
  • – Like, Skillshare is another membership based site with  online video course. However, Skillshare focuses on creative courses including photography, DIY, and even Entrepreneurship.
  • – Udemy, like, offers thousands of course in a wide range of subjects from computer programming to yoga. However, this site isn’t membership based. You pay for individual courses that you can learn at your pace, time, and location.

I’m really looking into perfecting my graphic design skills, since I haven’t used them in awhile and I’ve been into photography backdrop. So, I think I’m going to sign up for SkillShare. Are you thinking about taking some online video courses to work on somethings and further yourself, personally and professionally?

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