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I’m very jealous of people who get to travel frequently for work or play. I definitely not only want, but need to travel more and its one of the things I plan to do in 2015. I feel like I said the same thing last year, but there were a lot of personal things that deferred that this year. However, next year should be my year.

Here is a list of ideas to gift that frequent traveller in your life. (NOTE: I prefer “traveller”, which is the UK spelling opposed the the US “traveler”, because it has always felt just a little more fancier.)

  • Cashmere Travel Wrap by White + Warren – The perfect travel accessory, because it keeps you warm as a blanket, but it also so soft that you can ball it up and use it as neck/napping pillow among countless other uses.
  • studio BANANA THiNGS ‘Ostrich Pillow Light’ Travel neck Pillow – This is pretty awesome, because it doubles as a neck pillow and eye mask. Plus, doesn’t it look ridiculously soft, warm, and comfy for long travel
  • Flight 001 F1 travel adapter – 4-in-1 adapter in a simple, easy-to-use design that follows the color-coded JA/C READY adapter system and for use in 150 countries.
  • Herschel Supply Camoflauge Highland Luggage – One of the best pieces of luggage advice is to always pick a color of print that will help you to quickly identify it on conveyor belts. This one should help!
  • World Travel Journal – I love reading travel journals, online and books. These travel journals are perfect to give, because the soft leather cover is travel friendly, plus it includes summary and color maps to detail travels.

Stay Stylish!

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