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Who is a GirlBoss? Pretty simple.  A woman about her business, literally. She’s strong, independent, and focused on maintaining and growing her business. Therefore, gift guide for these powerful women include products that will keep them on goal, on trend, and on point in their life.

So, here are some clutch gift suggestions for that girl who’s always grinding and striving. Check out these gifts for a girlboss.

  • Rebecca Minkoff ‘Like A Boss’ Business Card Case – Business cards have continuously survived the “paperless” lifestyle and a good girlboss knows that she should always be prepared to have business contact ready to give in the case an opportunity comes knocking. Therefore, this “Like A Boss” business card holder is perfect and chic.
  • Be You and Live Civil: Tools for Unlocking Your Potential and Living Your Purpose – Karen Civil is the generational voice for digital and entrepreneurial hustling. She has managed to catapult her name/brand as presence that impressive and inspire. She recently released a book that’s a quick read filled with ways to help you tap into your purpose and passion. I’m almost done reading my copy.
  • Michael Kors Battery Wallet – There are countless wireless batteries to charge your phone, but the ultimate Girlboss needs one that is not only functional, but fashionable. Therefore, enter this one from Michael Kors, that is a battery and a wallet with the sleek design of a passport holder.
  • Pebble Time Steel Watch – Smartwatches are so useful, because you can answer calls, emails, and texts while listening to music while scheduling your upcoming week of meetings all from a few taps on your watch. This Pebble Time watch does all of the aforementioned without the bulky price of the most smartwatches. Plus, there are plenty of designs and straps to customize it for anyone.
  • Akris Leather Laptop Portfolio – A laptop case that is not only sleek and minimal, but fashionable enough to pass for a fab oversize clutch. Well, that’s what this laptop portfolio from Akris provides and then some. Any girlboss in need of chic laptop sleeve can’t go wrong with this one.
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Gift Closet Items…under $50


One of the best things I started to collect in my 30s are gifts. Not gifts for me from other people, although those are also greatly appreciated, but gifts to give.

A ‘gift closet’ is a just a collection of gifts to keep in on hand for those “Oops, I forget that it’s my dad’s birthday!” or “Crap!! I forgot to go buy a housewarming present!” moments. Believe me, they happen to the best of us, because you know you know…that’s just life and it full of unexpected moments.

Now, the typical and basic ‘gift closet’ tends to be have a few bottles of wine and stashes of blank greeting cards and gift cards to random restaurants and what not. Don’t get me wrong, those are definitely nice to have on hand and are the ultimate clutch player. However, when it comes to close friends and family, a bottle of wine in a gift bag just won’t feel genuine and personable, which is the core of a any good gift.So, to avoid giving impersonal gifts, I like to occasionally pick out random, but unique items that can be great gifts for men and gifts for women and stash them away.

This is the best time of year to start adding more gift closet items, because once the holiday shopping season, you might not have the time or money to buff up your gift stash. So, here are some unique and personable items that will help you always be armed with an affectionate gift.

DIY Smartphone Projector –  Bluetooth Tracking TagCome In, Go Away DoormatAromatherapy Shower Kit

FYI – I have the Tea To Go and is awesome! It has saved me so many morning when I’m running behind. Although, it’s mostly used for brewing tea, I also use it to make quick water detoxes my combining some of fruits with my water. I gifted my brother with the bluetooth tracking tag for his birthday last month and he loves it.

Now, I need to add that shower kit to my life.


*Some products were provided for review purposes, but the opinions are all my mine.


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I’m very jealous of people who get to travel frequently for work or play. I definitely not only want, but need to travel more and its one of the things I plan to do in 2015. I feel like I said the same thing last year, but there were a lot of personal things that deferred that this year. However, next year should be my year.

Here is a list of ideas to gift that frequent traveller in your life. (NOTE: I prefer “traveller”, which is the UK spelling opposed the the US “traveler”, because it has always felt just a little more fancier.)

  • Cashmere Travel Wrap by White + Warren – The perfect travel accessory, because it keeps you warm as a blanket, but it also so soft that you can ball it up and use it as neck/napping pillow among countless other uses.
  • studio BANANA THiNGS ‘Ostrich Pillow Light’ Travel neck Pillow – This is pretty awesome, because it doubles as a neck pillow and eye mask. Plus, doesn’t it look ridiculously soft, warm, and comfy for long travel
  • Flight 001 F1 travel adapter – 4-in-1 adapter in a simple, easy-to-use design that follows the color-coded JA/C READY adapter system and for use in 150 countries.
  • Herschel Supply Camoflauge Highland Luggage – One of the best pieces of luggage advice is to always pick a color of print that will help you to quickly identify it on conveyor belts. This one should help!
  • World Travel Journal – I love reading travel journals, online and books. These travel journals are perfect to give, because the soft leather cover is travel friendly, plus it includes summary and color maps to detail travels.

Stay Stylish!

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