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Congrats on making it to the halfway mark of 2014! Can you believe summer is practically here? Well, I can because I’ve had too many hot mess days thanks to the heat. Eh. So, I’ve been on this dress, simple shoes, and random casual bag kick with minimal makeup and jewelry. So, why not keep that going into June? Yeah. Here are some things that I’m lusting for this month.

  • Hamilton Beach Java Blender, $69, Target – A machine that brews hot AND iced coffee?! However, not just coffee, but also teas and smoothies!
  • Fallon Infinity Bent Ring, $175, Shopbop – I love this 2-fer ring that can be worn as a regular and midi ring in one.
  • Premium Leather Backpack, $200, TopShop – A white leather backpack seems so right for the summer. Shouldn’t we all have one?
  • MAKE UP FOREVER Aqua Matic in Iridescent Turquoise, $21, Sephora – A simple bright eyeliner and mascara can go a long way without the need for much more. Fun, flirty, and fast!
  • Garden Party Skater Dress, $22.80, Forever 21 – When I saw this party dress, I instantly came up with so many scenarios that I could see myself reaching for this dress this summer. Weddings, parties, BBQ, and even just running errands on the weekend. Countless…
  • Vince Niven Cutout Flats, $325, ShopBop – I’ve been contemplating buying a pair of Vince’s d’Orsay flats for the past month. However, that energy and contemplation went out the window as soon as I saw these hybrid of their d’Orsay with a wide strap. These shoes will look amazing paired with everything from shorts to dresses, to fun cropped trousers for work.

Stay Stylish!

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I’m feeling very adventurous or at least yearning to be a little adventurous, which I like to think is the same thing. Anyway, I’ve been embracing more colors and thoughts of more adventures and hobbies.

So, here are a few things that I’m lurking and lusting for this month. Dig in!

  • Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil, $18, Sephora – When the weather warms up, in regards to make-up, less is more. Less time and less product is my go-to motto and this creamy lip and cheek oil is the perfect product that will give you that naturally dewy look that every one tries to create.
  • Michael Kors Padlock Charm Necklace, $125, – It’s pretty and would look great layered with other small necklaces.
  • Samsung Galaxy s5 – I have the Galaxy s3, which I really love, but it has ran its course and all the upgrades and new additions to this phone have me in awe and lust.
  • Dolce Vita Fiji Flat Sandals, $139, – These sandals would look fab when dressed down and cute for a hot night on the town.
  • Suede Snake Embossed Luggage Bag, $160, TopShop – I plan to go on a girls weekend with my sister this month and my goal is to only pack one bag and this one from TopShop is super cute.
  • Crepe Woven Shift Dress, $32.80, Forever 21 – I want this dress! The versatility in this dress is all over the place. Perfect for day and night and would chic paired with strappy sandals or a classic pair of pumps.

Stay Stylish!

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LUST-HAVE LIST: April 2014


Apparently, my love of navy and neon colors, individually and collectively, isn’t dying down anytime soon. Plus, Spring finally sprung last month and the weather has been a little more friendly with the warm weather. I’m starting my lazy beauty and style regimens of less is more in terms of make-up and clothing styles.

Here are the things I’m lusting for this month!

  • Michael Kors Small Layton Watch, $350, – Super glitzy and looks really luxe.
  • NARS Matte Multiple in Exumas, $39, Sephora – This is a little pricey for one make-up product, but it has multiple purposes, hence the name. You can use this on your lips, cheeks, and even eyes.
  • Adidas x Opening Ceremony Baseball Stan Smith Sneakers, $210, – I’ve been stalking these sneakers for weeks. I’ve always been a sucker for navy leather shoes, even sneakers.
  • MARC By MARC JACOBS ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Hobo, $458, Nordstrom – Oh, I love cobalt blue leather, too. The neon yellow handle seals the deal, for me.
  • Sophisticate Pleated Shorts, $22.80, Forever 21 – Neon pink pleated shorts for the spring. Can be dressed up with nude pumps and flowy top or dressed down with a white tee and flip flops and shades. Winner!

Stay Stylish!

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LUST-HAVE LIST: March 2014


It’s March 2014 and my car is outside still partially covered with remnants from a snow storm that hit Memphis on Sunday night/early Monday morning. Oh, did I mention that just 2 days prior on Saturday, it was sunny and in the 70s? Well, it was and that one day alone made me super anxious for the warmer days.

The thing I’m lusting for the most this month,AGAIN, is Spring. In the meantime, these will do, as well.

  • Desert Cool Woven Jumpsuit, $24.80, Forever 21 – Last spring, I finally stopped being self-conscious of my extra curves and thick legs and bought, wore, and enjoyed wearing dresses. Not too mention, I got tons of compliments and can’t wait to break them out this year. However, I would also like to try rompers. Although I’m not keen on the idea of having to practically get undressed to go the bathroom, I’m still down to try a romper this year and I’m loving this one from Forever 21+. Cute.
  • NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Never Say Never, $25, Sephora – A velvet matte pencil in a lilac rose color is just the lippie that my make-up bag is missing for Spring.
  • Saffiano Tote Bag, $72, TopShop –  A cobalt tote? Yes, please! A pleasant and lovely punch of color for Spring.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, $399, – Last week, I introduced my little sister to the amazing world of Netflix and almost instantly regretted it, because she would take my laptop every night and binge watch every movie and TV show her heart desired. I got fed up and surprised her with a new Samsung Galaxy tablet this weekend and she loves it and so do I. Therefore, I want one, too! Tablets are great!
  • Jeffrey Campbell Rives Sandal, $158, – Chunky, flat, silver sandal. Why do I want these? I don’t know. All I know is that I’ve mentally concocted about 20 different outfits around these.

Stay Stylish!

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LUST-HAVE LIST: February 2014


It sucks that February is mostly known for Valentine’s Day and love and all that jazz. However, I’m riding solo again this year (Don’t call it a comeback!)

I could really care less about having a valentine, because I’m too cold-hearted-faced-eared-nosed and any and all other extremities of mine that have been exposed to this ridiculously cold weather. I mean, really, when is it supposed to warm up!

Here’s what I want this month. So….

  1. Garden Party Flow Shorts, $17.80, Forever 21 – This spring, I’m going to be all about the wide and flowy shorts. I guess you can consider them skorts, but I despise that word. So, flow shorts, it is!
  2. Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, $88, – I’ve been craving a masque and this one from Fresh is packed with all the moisturizing ingredients and antioxidants that my face is feening.
  3. Josie Maran 100 percent Argan Oil, $48, – This cold weather has been doing the most to not only my skin, but especially my bleached, honey blonde hair. Argan oil is light, but very moisturizing and perfect for skin, nails, and hair.
  4. MCM Craig & Karl Large Pouch, $485, – This is a fabulous piece to have in your clutch collection, because it’s perfect for a night on the town and can easily be used to run errands on the weekend thanks to pop-art print combined with the iconic MCM logo laden print.
  5. Valentino Rockstar small neon leather bracelet, $225, Net-A-Porter – To say that I’ve been obsessed with neon yellow over the past couple of years is a huge understatement. Needless to say, I was panting at this small shock of neon yellow in the form of this Valentino bracelet. Would look so great with almost anything I wear this spring and summer.

Stay Stylish!

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