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LUST-HAVE LIST: September 2012

New month. New season. New needs. New wants. Yep, that what September is all about to me, PLUS, it’s my birthday month!

I’m so happy that it’s FINALLY getting cooler outside and I can reach for cardigans, denim jackets, and layering scarves! I love Fall fashions! So, here are a list of some things that I lusting for in September and would also make great birthday gifts…hint, hint!

  1. Chiffon Double-Layered Skirt, $42, American Apparel – Cute skirt! Although the skirt is made of chiffon, it makes a great layering and transitional  piece. Imagine pairing this skirt with some brown tights and boots, a cream top, and denim jacket? Sounds fab, right?!
  2. MICHAEL Michael Kors Silk Top, $175, Net-A-Porter – Such a lovely way to switch out summer tees into chic tops. A casual shape with a luxe feel and look!
  3. Dooney & Bourke ‘Pocket’ Shopper, $198, Nordstrom – This tote is HUGE! It has all the roominess you need in tote this fall to carry all your essentials, including books and makeup. Let us not forget about the outside. The bag is made of durable nylon and accented with Dooney & Bourke’s grained leather, which I love, and the bright red lining!
  4. Cecelia Wedge Booties, $130, Aldo – What is about wedges that scream “Fall” to me? I don’t know, but a pair of wedge nuetral color wedge booties are just what my shoe closet needs this season. They go with almost every casual fall look your closet can cough up and office ‘fits, too!
  5. Lancome Artliner in Aubergine, $29.50, Sephora – Hands down, Lancome’s Artliner is my FAVORITE liquid liner! It’s goes on smooth and stays on all  day, with virtually no smudging…unless my allergies in the mood to create a tear fest. Anyway, I love my Artliner in Noir (black) and I need to go buy another one, because I just ran out. While I’m buying that one, I need to grab it’s burgundy red sister, Aubergine. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been straying away from eyeshadows and have opted to just wear mascara and occasionally a swipe of liner. This liner would be a nice in between, for the days when I want a little extra something, but not too noticeable. The deep red is fall friendly and would work with most skintones.
  6. Shrunken Blazer, $110, TopShop – Fall is the official kick-off of blazer season and I think it’s safe to say that shrunken blazers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This peach blazer from TopShop will add a touch of softness to the darker colors of fall, especially when paired with some dark wash jeans, scarf, and brown boots.

And that’s that!

Stay Stylish!

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Lust-Have List: AUGUST 2012

I can’t wait for fall to arrive! I’m over the constant and unwanted sweating just to walk to my car. Not to mention the instant burn I feel when I touch my steering wheel or accidentally touch the metal part of the seat belt buckle (ouch!).

Although we have more than a while to wait for fall to begin, let alone the cool weather that arrive with it, I couldn’t help but lusting over some fall friendly pieces for August. So, here are some of the things I’m lusting for this hot and muggy month of August.

  1. French Connection Colorblock Silk Dress, $218, Nordstrom – Is colorblocking going to go out of “style” any time soon? I don’t know, but while it’s till popping, I’m all over it! This silk dress looks super chic,comfy, and down-right fabulous!
  2. Infinity Knot Gold Necklace, $29, Wanderlust+Co. – Ya’ll already know I’m a sucker for a dainty necklace to wear all the time. So, I’m swooning hardcore over this infinity knot necklace. It’s very sleek and elegant. It’s simple just a nice everday staple necklace….and I want it!
  3. Dorset Tote, $239, Eva Hanusova – I can’t tell you how I’ve been on a mission to find a clean, simple brown tote with no embellishment or even hardware, but with some ruggedness to it. Lo an behold, I think I’ve found it in this tote by Eva Hanusova. I can’t over how I’m in love with the classic simplicity of this cow-hide bag. It’s also available in tan and wine, which is a deep blood red. Lovely!
  4. Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Serum, $55, Macy’s – Another Origins anti-aging product? Yep. I’m all in on Origins products, especially their skincare aimed at anti-aging. I was actually going to but this last week, but digressed on some other Origins products. However, I have a feeling that I’m going to get this product soon enough!
  5. Leopard Print Wedge, $159, Zara – Leopard print sky high wedges from Zara? Yep, don’t mind, if I do! I mean, these are just down right closet necessities to me, right now. It’s almost embarrassing to think that I don’t have these already! I have a feeling these are going to move into my closet sometime soon.

There you have it, the list of things I’m lusting for this month. Hmm, I wonder what some of ya’ll are itching to buy this month. Can you share? I promise, I won’t bite your style, I mean unless it just sounds to amazingly fabulous to NOT get. All is fair in love…and fashion!

Stay Stylish!

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Lust-Have List: July 2012

110 degrees. No, exclamation point needed at the end of that number. Those are the numbers we have been hiding from in the coolest rooms in our homes while in front of a fan, here in Memphis. Also, that number is not heat index people, that’s pure actual degrees. Yep, I’m hiding for a moment. Luckily for me, I’m smack dab in the middle of a mini-vacay I scheduled. I took a few days off from work to go visit my new 1 1/2 week old nephew, Ethan, and welcome the arrival of my goddaughter, Charli! So, don’t be shocked if you see some fly baby clothes post pop up here and there. Just a small warning for you gals…and gents?….oh, well.

Anyway, I’m taking the weathermen’ advice and avoiding having to go outside at all possible costs. As I pour myself another tall glass of ice water, please partake in the list of things I’m lusting for this super hot month of July.

  1. Neon High Heel Sandal, $89.90, Zara – I think it’s almost pretty official that you need an all neon sandal in your closet for the summer, be it a canvas sneaker or flip flops. However, I fancy this neon yellow high heel sandal from Zara. The classic and simple style is lovely and the bright color is AWESOME!
  2. Michael Kors ‘Bradshaw’ Watch, $250, Nordstrom – A Michael Kors watch. Yep, another one on this site, but this Bradshaw style is fabulous. Gold AND Rose Gold?! I’m sold. Let me be honest, I’m pretty much sold on all MK watches, but this one is stalker-worthy.
  3. Satin Ditsy Dot Joggers, $22.80, Forever21+ – Satin harem plus size pants. Sounds dangerous and it can be, IF you get the wrong size. However, these look super chic and comfy. Plus they  can be dressed up with a pair of fancy heels and blazer or dressed down in flip flops and a white tank.
  4. Mary Katrantzou for Longchamp Handbag, $150, Nordstrom – I’ve been wanting a Longchamp bag and a nice roomy floral print bag for white tee and jeans kind of days. So, why not kill 2 birds with one stone with this Mary Katrantzou bag? Perfect and timeless, in my humble opinion.
  5. The Little Mermaid, $19.75, – Disney and their stupid vault! I’ve been wanting and waiting for The Little Mermaid to be released from that crappy vault for more than a while now. However, I see some people are selling some copies on Amazon and I might just have to take one of these vendors up on there offer. Nothing sounds better right now than plopping down on my sofa with a fan directly blowing on me and my favorite cold beverage while singing “Under The Sea” and “Kiss The Girl”, along with Sebastian (who I named my cat after, by the way)!
  6. Avington Buffet, $279.99, Target – There’s a bare wall in my dining room area just begging for a buffet table. However, I was thinking about making more of a mini bar for entertaining. I need something modern with dark or black wood to match the rest of my decor. This buffet from Target is pretty much just what I want and it has a wine rack on the bottom. Target always know and have what I want.

Stay Stylish!

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Wow, it’s June. I’m already over graduations, weddings, and baby showers. Although my sister is due July 2nd, I have a feeling that my little booger of a new nephew, Ethan, will make his arrival before June is over and I can’t wait to greet my first nephew! *doing the cabbage patch in my computer chair*

So, although I’m a little late with the list of things I’m lusting for in June, it’s better late than never. Let’s roll that beautiful lust-list now!

  1. Special Edition T-Shirt, $19.90, Zara – It’s t-shirt season and the lighter the better, beit color and/or weight. I’m loving this tee from Zara. Actually, I’m loving everything about this tee, from the casual chicness, the light neon hue, and especially the high/low style that’s everywhere on dresses and skirts.
  2. ROSEGOLD Pana T-Strap Sandal, $158, – Will there every be a season in which I don’t fawn over a cork shoe? While I wait and ponder the answer to that question, take a look at this wonderful at this cork covered sandal. The great thing about cork shoes is that they can go with so many things, because of their natural and neutral color. Possibilities are endless, my loves!
  3. Ojan Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy, $35, Sephora – My hair routine is 2weeks curly and then one week straight. This has been helping my hair get stronger WHILE keep getting my natural curl pattern back after some unfortunate and unwanted heat damage. However, with curls comes dryness and oils have been my best friend in this routine of mine. I would love to try out this Ojan hair oil. I’ve tried one in the past and it was amazing, because it provided moisture and lovely light scent. It would be nice to have a soft, moistured, and bouncy tresses with a hint of a tropical breeze.
  4. Biennial Handbag, $348, J. Crew – A classic handbag with multiple color options can be hard to come by, but leave it to J. Crew to make that search a little easier with their Biennial bag. The bag is a pebble leather bag with a simple silhouette, but has multiple sleek compartments. It’s work week and weekend friendly!
  5. Sunglasses Case, $75, Rebecca Minkoff – Currently, I have 3 different pair of sunglasses swimming around in my purse all wishing that their owner would buy them a new pouch to protect them from the number of things that could scratch up their shiny exterior. I’m sure they would love to sleep in this case from Rebecca Minkoff. Although Minkoff is more known for her lovely bags, see makes and offers some cute and fun small leather goods, including the this case. Although it’s only available in nude and yellow, I wish and hope she’s planning to introduce some more colors that could work with the bright colors of summer.

Stay Stylish!

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Lusting these Jean-Michel Cazabat sandals from ShopBop + giveaway(CLOSED!)

Sandal season! Ahh, it feels good to know that aside from my recent rebirth of being a sneaker head, I’ve manage to squeeze in a few pair of new sandals between purchases of Jordans and Air Maxes.

One shoe that I recently came across and fell for is a pair of Jean Michael Cazabat sandals called the Ashanti Platform. Although I’ve seen countless of shoes and designers with this popular style, I’ve never seen this black/blue stonewash denim with the black espadrille platform. So chic and different. I want them! Do you want them? Well, you might be able…keep reading!

GIVEAWAY! The giveaway has been closed and winner has been chosen and notified. Thanks to all that religioulsy entered and look out for more giveaways in the near future!

One (1) lucky reader has the chance to win a $100 giftcard to! I’m a HUGE Shopbop fan with the invoices to prove it and I even fan Shopbop on Facebook. Have you? Anyway, if you want to win, just keep reading!

  • Be fan of Stained Couture (Peep that Facebook box in the sidebar and click “Like”!)
  • Leave a comment on letting me know what you would use the giftcard towards to buy.
  • Leave as many comments as you like, but NO DUPES (i.e. Copy and Pasting the same comment)!!
  • Contest ends Saturday, May 19th, 2012 (My sister’s baby shower- I’m going to be an aunt!)

Anyway, go check out and look around and lust after some fabulous clothes and shoes like L.K. Bennett sandals and Viktor and Rolf sandals. Good luck!

Stay Stylish!

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