LAZY GIRL BEAUTY: Cleansing Sticks

cleansing sticks

I’m a firm believer in washing my face before bed, even on days when I wear no makeup at all. However, for those makeup-free days, it feels so unnecessary to go through all those steps as the days when I go full coverage. Therefore, I was super happy to learn about cleansing sticks; the lazy girl’s new favorite skincare product.

Okay, maybe they aren’t super new, because I first heard about a cleansing stick back in early Spring. However, since then, more options have popped up all over the place. Not only are there more options, but different ones to fit different skincare and lifestyle needs.

The great thing about cleansing sticks is that they are designed to used to clean your face when you don’t have to the luxury to clean your face at-home. Cleansing sticks are convenient to use and travel-friendly. Toss one in your suitcase for your next vacation, purse to refresh your skin on makeup-free days, or gym bag to clean your face after a sweaty workout. It appears that you use most of them the same way; wet your hands/or face, rub the stick across your face, massage it on your skin, and rinse. Pretty quick and easy.

Here are some cleansing sticks for you to ponder adding to your makeup bag.

Skincare Cleansing Sticks:

skincare cleansing sticks





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