Current Nighttime Moisturizers

nighttime moisturizers

This year, winter has been so inconsistent with it’s temperature. Therefore, properly picking and choosing the right products to use has been a little difficult. This unusually warm winter has caused me to switch between different products, including nighttime moisturizers. However, I have been able to narrow them down to a few go-to items.

So, if you are in the market for some new nighttime moisturizers, please keep reading to see my current arsenal of nighttime moisturizers.

If you have any issue related to dry skin, you should definitely keep some shea butter in your beauty arsenal. In the colder months, shea butter is my default moisturizer. It’s hydrating and easily absorbs into the skin. Also, since it’s natural, no need to worry about irritation to sensitive skin.

This winter, for the first time I can recall, my neck was getting dry. So, on a random trip to Target, I picked up this face and neck oil by Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh.This oil is designed for face and neck, but I only use it on my neck. This oil was true lifesaver for my neck, which is an area that I need to pay more attention to anyway.

I reach for Derma e CoQ10 Super Repair Creme when I feel like my face needs a little extra anti-aging care. This cream is very hydrating and makes my skin feel very soft and supple. When I recently ran out of my daytime moisturizer, I used this as an alternative and it was great.

The under eye cream I’ve been using at night is Benefit’s It’ Potent eye cream. This cream is very thick, creamy, and hydrating to fade dark circles. Therefore, it’s the perfect nighttime moisturizer for your under eye area. However, I tried to use it as a day and it made my unde reye concealer crease and cake up. So, I will only use this at night and makeup-free days.

Do you see any moisturizers that you’ve used or want to try? Actually, if you have any recommendations for a good nighttime moisturizer, share it below.

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