Current Skincare Shopping List

Recently, I’ve been on one of my spending freeze kicks when it comes to buying skincare. I’ve been doing this by fighting the urge to “buy and try” new product, which is one of my favorite hobbies. Therefore, I’ve been very committed to using skincare products that I already have. Unfortunately, this dedication has caused me to reach the point to where I’m running out of products. So, I’ve been forced to create a skincare shopping list a.k.a spend some money.

Current Skincare Shopping List Sprting 2018

Interested in the skincare products on my current “to-buy” list? Well keep reading to list and me justifying why I need each one.

Current Skincare Shopping List: Cleanser

Gentle face wash are my new go-to cleansers of choice. Recently, I fell down a rabbit hole of watching branded skincare videos on Youtube from Into the Gloss and Violette. The videos usually feature skincare tips and product suggestions from experts in the beauty and skincare market. Using gentle cleansers is the morning has been wide spread must from the majority of the videos.

Bliss Makeup Melt

I recently ran out of my favorite gentle cleanser and wan to replace it with Bliss Makeup Melt Cleanser. I must address the elephant in the room, because this cleanser looks and sounds very similar to the Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser. Actually, I was contemplating try the Glossier version, but this Bliss one also removes makeup. You can use it wet skin a gentle cleanser or add to yur dry face to remove melt and gently remove your makeup.

Current Skincare Shopping List: Toner

GLOSSIER face exfoliator and skin perfector

Speaking of Glossier, one of their products I’ definitely been stalking and planning to order is their new Face Exfoliator solution. This time tomorrow, I’ll probably be out of my Mario Badescu Gyclolic toner and on the market for a new one. Unfortunately, as of today, this toner won’t be available again until May. Thanks goodness for back up bottles and natural toning options to tie me and my skin over until then.

Current Skincare Shopping List: Serum


I don’t think I will ever not have too many serum options, but I’m currently running out my daytime serum; Dr. Brandt Ceramidin Liquid. The Dr. Brandt serum is hydrating and was clutch during the winter months. However, I need to add some brighten elements of Vitamin C to my skincare routine in the form of  Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum. No only does it help brighten skin, but also improve firmness. Anything that claims to improve firmness always grabs my attention.

Current Skincare Shopping List: Moisturizer

ORIGINS skin refining oil

To combat dry skin and moisturize my skin overnight, I switched between different oils and creams at night. I preferred the oils, because they not absorb easily into the skin and it feels ah-mazing massaging them into my skin for a few minutes at night. Uber relaxing! Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins Skin Refining Oil has been on my “to buy” list for a minute, because it helps smooth, hydrate, and brighten your skin overnight.

Current Skincare Shopping List: Masks

Sometimes I feel like I need another mask like I need another hole in my head, but sheet masks are just so easy to but and use. Yes, at least one sheet mask finds itself in every cart I have, but I’m currently dabbling in other masks. Multi-masking is still a thing and my current thing to do while washing dishes on Sunday night. However, I do need to add a new clay mask to my collection to use on my oily acne-prone areas, such as my cheeks and chin. The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask seems ideal.

THE BODT SHOP tea tree clay mask

I’ve been using the actually tea tree oil from the collection to help treat and soothe the occasional breakout. My skin gets oilier when the temps warm up.  Tea tree oil is for helping to combat oily as acne-prone skin and this clay mask will help me out.

What new skincare products are you looking to try this season?

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