Curvy Girls Cropped Denim Jacket

I’m sitting at home trying to prevent a cold from settling in and decided that tonight would  be a great  night for me to search and score a new denim jacket. Read more to see why.

It’s getting warmer here in Memphis and it is making me evaluate my closet and what spring staples it’s lacking. At the top of the list is a cropped denim jacket, but not just any cropped denim jacket. I want a medium wash, slightly distressed one that would be great for layering.

I don’t want to say “fortunately”, but…fortunately I’m at a size (thanks to being nicely endowed) where I can wear regular or plus size tops. So, I tend to browse both sizes when I’m looking for tops.

Well, I decided to stop by, since you can only see their women’s sizes online only(BOO!) and found this really chic cropped denim jacket. What sold me instantly was the pointed hem! It looks so cute and adds an element of design that most plus size denim jackets don’t have!

FYI, I read customer reviews and based on the reviews, the fit seems to be a bit snug on the arm area, which works for me when I wear plus size.

The only thing I wish this jacket had was a medium wash one. The jacket is available in smoke gray and dark wash. I might get the dark wash one.

Stay Stylish!

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