Cute Plus Size Athletic Wear

I’ve been some form of “plus-size” all my life. However, a few years ago, I finally learned to move more. I even had a trainer for awhile. Although I still don’t workout as much as I should, but I’ve worked out more in the past few years more than I did in the previous 30. Sad. What’s even sadder than that were the plus size workout clothes. They were usually boring, unexciting, and ill fitting. Pretty much dull sweat suits and black spandex pants. Boring. Thankfully, times have changed and now you can actually cute plus size athletic wear.

plus size athletic wear

When the weather starts getting a little warmer and inviting, my desire to get out and get moving increases. Although I wish I had this desire all the time, it’s been intense this year. So, I’ve shopping for new athletic gear that I can wear comfortable and look cute while I attempt to melt some weight off. During this process, I’ve discovered some brands that make some pretty stylish and accessible workout clothing in plus sizes. When I say “stylish”, I mean really stylish!

plus size athletic wear Nike

Recently, the creme de’ la creme of athletic wear, Nike, announced their new Nike plus size line of athletic wear and gear. The church said “Amen”! The line, which is updated regularly, features everything from leggings, running shorts, to sports bras and running jackets. The colors are fun and the styles are very inline with the Nike styles in traditional sizes. I recently ordered the Nike Breathe training top in black and it’s amazing. Not only is it cute, but lightweight and very cooling, which is going to be clutch when the humidity kicks in.

plus size athletic wear fabletics

Like Nike, Fabletics recently announced that they expanded their line to include plus size offering. Fabletics, launched with Kate Hudson, is a membership site that offers stylish and quality workout clothes for women. They offer some of the most stylish workout clothing for women, including the plus size options. Ruffled tops, graphic print leggings, and even some jersey dresses as coverup. The one item from Fabletics that I love are their high-waisted leggings, which have compression fabric and performance elements. However, the power mesh lined high waistband sucks and smooths your stomach area with ease. These legging instantly became my favorite leggings.

plus size athletic wear old navy

Finally, Old Navy. Old Navy is one of those ego stroking stores, because their sizes tend to run large. Therefore, you might find yourself wearing 2-3 sizes smaller than your original. I hardly wear any plus size items from Old Navy, due to their sizing. However, they also offer extended sizes, too. The selection of plus size is pretty nice and the clothes are cute and the prices are cuter. Not to mention, the quality is very good for the price.


If you talk about anything “plus-size”, you have to mentioned the O.G Lane Bryant. Lane Bryant offers many pieces of workout and athletic wear for plus-size women. However, their design and style aren’t very fun or trendy. However, if you want a good sports bras in larger sizes, this is the place you should go.

Forever 21 recently started carrying activewear for their plus size line. Unfortunately, there isn’t much selection, but hopefully that will change in the near future. For now, it’s mostly sweats and leggings.

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