Back Into The Daily Groove

As you might recall, I’ve spend the past couple of weeks dealing with a real bad case of bronchitis. Unfortunately, bronchitis can last for weeks, even a month. Luckily, all I have left from it is a slight cough and I’m pretty much back to normal. However, being out of my normal routine for 2 weeks really set a girl back in all areas of my life. I had to cancel plans with friends and I worked from home more than I was in office. Not to mention, I did spend more than 15 minutes getting ready each, which means no makeup and hair in a bun. I felt and looked rough. However, now I’m back and ready to get back into my daily groove.

Getting Your Daily Groove Back

Although I got through the worst of it, it took me awhile to get back to my normal routine. It felt like everything in my life was off; sleeping pattern, eating habits, and activities. Since I’ve been through this before, I already knew some ways to get my daily groove back. If you are having a hard time getting back to normal after a minor setback, keep reading to see some of my suggestions.

Getting Your Daily Groove Back:

  1. Declutter Your Space – I know I’ve said this plenty of times, but I look for things to declutter anytime something feels off in my life. That walls caving in on your feeling is real and real easy to stop by removing unnecessary things from your life. This weekend, I tackled these metal shelves in my room that somehow turn into a catchall for random crap. I sat my big butt in front of it for 30 minutes sorting and tossing all the things that it had accumulated.
  2. Journal It Out – I have to make a confession; I don’t daily journal anymore. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time and desire to journal every single day. However, whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed or unclear about a situation, I journal. As soon as I felt unclear about how to get back to my daily flow, I whipped my journal out. Journaling helped me to clear my head of things that didn’t deserve space there. Also, it helped me to refocus on the things that have been on my plate for awhile.
  3. Hit The Town – Although I’m an introvert and homebody, every now and then I feel the need to go out with my girlfriends for lovely dinner for us to all play catch-up with our lives. It’s a fun and lively way to help you remember what you have going on while helping your close friends talk their lives out, too.
  4. Treat Yo’ Self – The way my financial accounts and goals are set up, I really don’t have the luxury to shop as much as I would like. However, when I need a boost and quick fix, I will go buy self a little something something. Depending on how nice my budget is feeling, I might treat myself to a fresh bouquet of flowers. This weekend, I bought a new fall friendly nail polish to polish my toes with this weekend. The little things can make a big difference.

If you’ve have any tips or suggestions for anyone needing help getting back into their daily groove, share them below.


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