Digital Declutter: What, Why, and When?


How often do you do a digital declutter?

What is “digital decluttering” and how and why do you do it? Well, for lack of better words, it’s when you delete/purge unwanted and unused items from your digital life including your email account(s) and social media accounts to keep you digital life uncomplicated and streamlined.

When it comes to email, people tend to leave countless emails, opened and unopened, in their inboxes for unlimited amounts of time and then the emails sink lower and lower to the bottom of the pile where they are forgotten until you think to delete them or need more space, which is something I’ve been guilty of in the past. SMH.

When it comes to decluttering your social media accounts, that includes deleting old direct messages, even old posts (if you fancy) and unfollowing people you no longer wish to follow or people you notice no longer post as much or as frequent. Yes, it’s okay to unfollow people for their laziness or their uninterest in socializing online.

Now, the big questions: When and how often should you declutter your digital life? Good question!

In my opinion, it differs per person, lifestyle, and accounts. Here’s the breakdown of my digital declutter:


  • Personal (Friends/Family/ etc): Since I don’t get that much email in this account, I only clean up this account every 1-2 months.
  • Business/Blog: I have a 3 emails I use for business and blog emails and they get filled up pretty frequent and quickly. So, I’m purging these accounts everyday to make room for more emails.
  • Work (9-5): Unfortunately, I have countless of opened emails in my work inbox, but scared to delete just in case I need it later. However, I do purge my deleted folder every week.


  • Twitter: I tend to go through my list of people I follow once every 2 months and if the person hasn’t tweeted anything in a month, I unfollow.
  • Instagram: I recently did a HUGE purge of people I follow. It was more about streamline the things I see and people who influence me. In one day, I unfollowed over 400 accounts. However, I usually purge my Instagram following list once a month.
  • Facebook/Youtube: I’m rarely on Facebook, anymore. So, there hasn’t really been a need for me to unfriend anyone. I’m an avid and daily YouTube watcher who is subscribed to quite a few channels. However, I go tiresome of some and unfollow some every other month, if needed.

So, do you declutter your digital life? If so, how often? Let me know!

Stay Stylish!

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