Dior Symbol 4 Sunglasses at Sunglassesshop.com

Although sunglasses are more useful and fun in the sunny days of summer, they are worn all year round.

However, in the spring and summer, I look more towards the big, dark, and sometimes colorful styles. However, in the fall and winter, I’m all about glamorous looking shades like these Dior Symbol 4 shades Fabulous all around!

I love the chic and classic look to these. I feel like they deserve to be paired with natural make-up and a head full of 70s glam big curled and feathered hair, and only the chicest of trench coats and sky high heels. Oh, that just gave me chills or it could be the air vent blowing profusely over my desk. Either way, these sunglasses are everything to me right now!

Stay Stylish!

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