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For the past 10+ years, I’ve been the girl that usually goes with all white bed linens or soft solid colors. However, I’ve recently started to step put of my comforters comfort zone and explore different colors, prints, and textures. Actually, this is long overdue, because every adult woman should have a fabulous collections of beautiful bedding options. Well, that’s what I’ve been telling myself every time I wander upon some lovely high thread count Egyptian cotton or linen bedding that costs almost half of my paycheck.

Dreamy Beautiful Bedding | STAINED COUTURE

Although I feel like I’ve been pinning a lot of bedding inspo, there have only been a few that have totally taken my heart. I shared a couple of them below.

Zoe Bios TENCEL Umber Corner Bedding

Watercolor prints have been high on my list of things I love. So, this Zoe Bios TENCEL Umber Corner set from West Elm is rubbing me the right way. For me, it’s the perfect mix of soft hues, but still has a clean and minimalist feel. The cherry on top is that every piece in this set is currently on sale, but I’m hoping to find it in my local West Elm outlet.

This next beautiful bedding is Ocean Series by Rebecca Atwood and it’s dreamy for a number of reasons. First of all, it has the most perfect illusion of water that I’ve seen on printed fabric and I would imagine it would feel like falling asleep on a floating pillow in a pool. It’s so dreamy because I can only afford to comfortably pay for this set in my dreams. I guess I can try to at least aim for the duvet cover first.

Belgian Flax Linen Sheets | Beautiful Bedding

Now that getting hot, I can ditch the comforter for now and make due with just a top sheet. I’ve been pretty obsessed with finding some a classic linen sheet set, such as this set from Pottery Barn. One of the reasons I’m into linen bedding is because I hear it gets softer over time. So, I need to hurry and buy a set to wear down into a soft cocoon of opulence.

Do you have weakness for beautiful bedding? Have you found your dream bedding? Share below!

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