EMPTIES: February 2021

EMPTIES: February 2021


So, yeah, about January 2021 empties. I did empty a few products, but they were mostly products I used up before. Therefore, I didn’t feel the need to post them. However, I have a feeling that I will be buying the one product that I hadn’t shared before and tell you about it. It was a good one!

However, let’s move on to the EMPTIES list for February 2021. As you can see in the photo above, I only used up 2 products. Keep reading to see why I only used up 2 products and my final thoughts on them.

As you may have recalled from my tardy Lust-Have List for this month, February was a bust. Out of the whole month, I think I only wore makeup once or twice and it was probably just brows and mascara. Since I wasn’t wearing makeup and in the middle of a move, I kept my skincare routines minimum. I mostly just used my maskne skincare routine and face oil at night. So, that’s why I only used up 2 products.

First, let’s talk about this Pacifica scalp detox serum. In the winter, I do experience more buildup on my scalp from products and just dry scalp from the cold. I usually use a scalp scrub, but I decided to try this scalp oil as an alternative. I tried to use it every other night, but failed. However, I did use a few times a week when I noticed my scalp had build up. Although I was expecting it to have a little tingling sensation due to the mint, it was very gentle.

In the end, this scalp detox oil could be great when used regularly and help maintain a clean scalp during wash days. I may buy it again, but I’ve become very diligent with making sure I wash my hair properly and cut back on applying products near my scalp. So, I don’t see me rebuying this anytime soon.

Over the last year, I’ve tried a few COSRX products and I’ve been a fan of all of them. The COSRX ABH/BHA clarifying toner is no different, because it came in handy. Initially, I ordered it to help keep my skin clear from the occasional breakouts I experienced. However, I eventually started to use it to help prevent maskne and spray it on my masks before wear. I read that spray a clarifying toner on the inside of your mask will help treat and prevent breakouts from masks. Needless to say, but I was shocked to say that this life hack worked!

I don’t wear face masks that much, because I don’t go anywhere. However, I will definitely buy this toner again when I need another clarifying toner for acne.

Have you tried anything from my February 2021 EMPTIES? Share below!

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