eSTYLIST: Christmas 2017

Usually, for Christmas, I tend to dress very casual in the form of leggings, boots, and loose fitting top. However, this year, I decide to be a little festive and feminine. I scored a cute burgundy dress from Nordstrom Rack a couple of weeks ago that’s also really comfy. However, I’m still not sure what shoes to wear, which sucks. I was torn between knee high boots or lace-up booties, but now I’m also considering fur-lined mules and thigh high stretch boots. So many decision and so little time. In this year’s eStylist Christmas post, I mixed some feminine details with festive colors and fun textures.

eStylist Christmas 2017

Keep reading to get all the details from this year’s Christmas eStylist post. Those nude thigh highs spotted on Shopbop were too hot to not include, FYI!

eSTYLIST: Christmas 2017

Do you know what you’re wearing on Christmas this year? Share below!

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