eSTYLIST: Galentine’s Day GNO 2017

estylist galentine's day outfit 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day! Okay, I completely forgot today was Valentine’s Day until I had to go to the grocery store and the dollar store last night. Last night, all of the parking lots and the Valentine’s Day sections were packed. The checkout lanes consisted of people holding flowers, boxes of chocolates, and covered in a cloud of heart-shaped balloons. I’ll admit, my anxiety was on 100, but I made it out alive.

This year, a couple of girlfriends are in town and we are going to have a small little Galentine’s Day girls night out. We’re just going out for dinner and drinks, because I have an early day tomorrow. My Valentine and I are going to have a Valentine’s Day lunch and then have drinks at his place tonight, which is just my style.

Since I’m having a very lowkey Valentine’s Day, I’m going to wear a simple crepe dress I got from H&M, similar to the one above. To finish the look, a pair of stappy shoes and simple clutch. Perfect look for a lowkey Valentine’s Day and/or Galentine’s Day girls night out.

eSTYLIST: Galentine’s Day 2017

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