eSTYLIST: Lemons and Lines

I’ve that gloomy point between seasons when I feel as if I’ve run out of outfit options. I tend to experience this the most between winter and spring. The transition from cold to warm can be hard to dress for. Needless to say, I can’t wait until this transition period is over and I can finally break out all the pastel shades and floral prints that embody my spring aesthetic. To help curb my lust for spring styles, I created this eStylist post that features a cute work-friendly look for spring.

eStylist Lemons and Lines

Keep reading to get all the details about my ideal spring office look.

eStylist: Lemons and Lines

The great thing about this look, is that you can mix and match different pieces until you can fully transition into spring. For example, you can switch out the light loafers for some black booties or add a dark cardigan to tone this look down.

Have you started transitioning your wardrobe to spring yet?

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