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I’m always down for finding ways to tweak everyday routines, which includes skincare routines. Usually, when I find a routine that works, I stick to it everyday. However, every now and I then I run across products that I love, but not ideal to use every day. There are some products that you only need to use every other day; every other day skincare products.

Every Other Day Skincare Products | STAINED COUTURE

Recently, I’ve added three new products to my skincare routine, but only need to use them every other day. In a matter of a few weeks, these products have helped my skin look smoother, brighter, and down right magical. Keep reading to see these life and skin saviors.

On on spur of the moment, I picked up these Aveeno Daily Cleansing wipes at Target. I used these pads a few years ago and they were clutch for those days when I was too lazy to do an intense face washing routine. What I love about these pads is that one is smooth and other side is textured for exfoliation. Also, these pads contain salicylic acid,which helps prevent and treat acne. I’ve been using the foam face wash counterpart to these pads for a couple of months, which cleared my skin. Although these are gentle enough to use everyday, I opt to use them ever other day; usually in the morning.

I finally treated my skin to the Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel wipes, which I’ve been wanting to do for the longest. I picked up the small box of 5 sets of the pre-soaked wipes to just test it out. How this works is that each package comes with 2 wipes. You wipe the first pad over your face and wait 2 minutes before wiping the second one. Like the Aveeno pads, you can use these everyday, but I opt to use them ever other night to gently introduce my skin to them. After 2 weeks of using them, I noticed my skin was brighter, tighter, and smoother without any irritation. Now, I’m contemplating if I should start to use them everyday or try out the extra strength version. If I go the extra strength route, I will use them every other day, as well.

The last product that I use every other day is Mario Badescu Vitamin C serum, which you are directed to use every other day. It’s very potent and very good. Initially, I was using this product the same night that I would use the Dr. Gross daily peel wipes. However, I thought I was going overboard combining these 2 intense products on the same night. Although I never experienced any irritations from using both products on the same night, I still decided to stop. These serum, as well as the pads, has helped my skin look more radiant and the made my texture smoother. My skin complexion is more even and supple.

What’s your favorite every other day skincare product? Share below.

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