Everyday Nail Care for Healthy Nails

Over the past few years, I’ve been learning how to properly take care of my natural nails. Up until I was 24 years old, I was an avid nail biter. My dad bites his nail, which caused me and my brother to bite ours. However, unlike them, I was able to eventually stop. Take it, it took me a couple of decades, but I did it. Ever since I stopped, I’ve always looked for ways to maintain healthy nails. The first step is knowing everyday nail care is a thing.

everyday nail care

To maintain my nails, there are some things that I do everyday to my nails. I believe that these little things attribute to my nails staying strong and healthy.


Although I’m not a germophobe, I always try to use antibacterial soap. Having clean hands and nails helps to remove any dirt or germs, which can break cause some nasty infections. Fungal nail infections are gross. Trust me. Always, when possible, use a nail brush to thoroughly clean under your nails and to exfoliate any dead skin around your nail beds. This helps to promote nail growth, too.


I might have an unhealthy habit of applying cuticle oil to my nails multiple times a day. I apply some after every I wash my hands. Cuticle oil helps to soften and moisturize the cuticle, nail, and skin around the nail. Rubbing the cuticle oil will also help promote nail growth and keep your nail flexible.


I work in an office building that has fills up the soap dispensers with the driest hand soap. It literally dries my skin before I leave the restroom. However, most hand soaps dry the skin. Therefore, I apply one of the hand creams I keep at desk as soon as I get back. Depending on the condition of my nails, depends on which one I use.

If my hands and cuticles are in tip top shape, I use a Nivea  creme. Since I’ve been wearing my hair naturally curly, frequently co-washing my hair can break the skin around my nail. When that’s the case, I use a little Aquaphor for a few days to help heal my skin.

EVERYDAY NAIL CARE: Honorable Mention

These were just things that I do almost everyday to take care of my nails. However, some other things I do that I feel is very important is finding a nail tech that specializes in natural nail care. They know which products and brands that works better on natural nails. Also, I know longer get tips on my nails. Instead, I get gel manicures, which can be unhealthy for your nails. However, I don’t get them back to back. I keep them on for a 2-3 weeks, remove them, and then wait a couple of more weeks before I get another one. Letting my nails “breath” will help them get stronger to prepare for the next gel manicure.

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