Everyday Ways To Date Yourself

As someone who grew up very shy and insecure, the road to self-love was a bumpy trip. The road to not only loving myself, but appreciating what I offer to the world and people was strengthen by learning how to date yourself. Once I did that, I couldn’t NOT love myself. Afterwards, that led me to having some pretty good relationships and knowing when to let bad relationships end. When you love yourself, you learn to nurture the things you need and easily remove the things you don’t. It’s a crazy good feeling and characteristic to have in life.

Everyday ways to date yourself

I first heard about the concept of “dating yourself” years ago on an episode of ‘Living Single’ when Regine and Max both had a hard time finding a significant other. So, they each attended a seminar where the “self-help” guru encouraged them to “date themselves” Now, preteen me thought it was stupid, but grown AF me after enduring crappy “situationship” decided to give it a try. After a few awkward solo drinks at a bar and solo Saturday breakfast dates, I totally got it. After that, I started looking for others ways to woo myself that were easy and could be done on the whim.

If you are looking for sweet ways to treat and/or date yourself on a daily basis, then keep reading.

Everyday Ways To Date Yourself: Buy Flowers

Buying flowers is one of my favorite acts of instant gratification. Picking up a small bouquet of flowers after work is a lovely way to reward yourself. It can also serve as reminder that you deserve to receive flowers occasionally. Always treat yourself as you want to be treated, sis.

Everyday Ways To Date Yourself: Wear Pretty Lingerie

Who says that you have to save those pretty silk camisoles and lacy bras for that special man in your life. The next time you wake up on a day that already feels like it’s going to be horrible; break out one of your “special” pair of undergarments to rock under your office attire. Although nobody might see them, I can guarantee you’re going to feel just a little sexier and sly for the day.

Everyday Ways To Date Yourself: Red Lipstick

What about red lipstick can make even the everyday women feel 10x sexier? I recently found my perfect shade of bright red lipstick and I instantly feel like one of the most wanted women in the world. Not to mention, my boo loves it on me and I get mad compliments when I wear. Flattering compliments will make anyone feel a little irresistible.

Everyday Ways To Date Yourself: Sexy Scents

Scents and aromas fascinate me, because they can encompass a certain memory in your mind. However, they are also great for luring and mesmerizing. Those Axe commercials are cheesy, but they have a point. Even if you don’t want a herd or men/women gyrating at you in the produce aisle, the right sexy scent might make you realize that you at least deserve the option. 🙂

What’s another way that you can date yourself and/or pump up the self-love?

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