Face Masks Everyday for A Week

Occasionally, I get on a spell of constantly buying an item in different formulas, colors, and/or sizes. The latest victim of this spell was face masks and I have collected so many face masks over the past couple of weeks. I had so many various formulas that I could’ve spread them all over my bed and roll around in the. However, instead of that obvious bad idea, I wondered decided that I would treat myself and skin to face masks everyday. At the time, it sounded like the best idea, challenge, and #goal all wrapped up in one. Plus, I had countless jars, bottles, and packets of masks that I could use for this experiment of living my life to the fullest.

Face Masks Everyday | STAINED COUTURE

Before I entered into this luxurious sounding adventure, I made sure to simplify my skincare routine and made sure to stick to only face masks that I’ve either used before or from a brand that I trust. No new friends, indeed. Keep reading to see all of the masks and sheet masks that I slide over my face everyday for a week.

Face Masks Everyday: Monday

The Monday I decided to do this little experiment was Memorial Day, which means I spent most of the day inhaling smoked meats and poorly crafted margaritas. However, at the end of the day and long weekend, I knew my skin needed a good deep cleanse. So, I opted for a Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing mask, because it helps to clean and exfoliate skin. This was my first time trying this mask, but my oily skin can never go wrong with anything charcoal. After using this mask, my face felt refreshed and soft as a baby’s arm. It was a perfect cherry on top of long, lazy weekend.

Face Masks Everyday: Tuesday

Last week, Tuesday was my Monday, and I was exhausted after work. After work, the only things I craved was cool air, a soft bed, and a soothing face mask. My mask du jour was Bliss’ What a Melon De-stressing Overnight Mask. After washing my face, I slathered this fruity, cool mask over my tired skin and instantly melted into my bed for 8 hours. When I woke up in the morning, my skin was soft, supple, and glowing, which made my makeup look bomb that day.

Face Masks Everyday: Wednesday

My skin was still beaming from the previous night’s mask. So, I decided to use some Miss Spa Hydrogel eye mask before doing my makeup. These eye masks are great to throw on to help you smooth out and hydrate your under eye area. Also, it will help your under eye concealer show out.

Face Masks Everyday: Thursday

Thursday was a little hectic and hot, which made The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Face Mask the perfect choice. What I love about this mask is that it helps deep clean the skin from all the gook that sweat brings. Aside from the deep cleaning power, it makes your skin feel refreshed, tight, and calm. This mask is very soothing and helps clear your skin while preventing any further breakouts.

Face Masks Everyday: Friday

Friday was date night and I wanted to give the impression that I my pores aren’t the actual size of my corneas. The one mask that never lets me down in trying to conceal my pores is Dr. Brandt’s Pore Minimalist sheet mask. When I tell you that this sheet mask can drastically reduce the appearance of pores in minutes, believe me.

Face Masks Everyday: Saturday

After a long night of fun and booze, my skin felt and looked dehydrated. So, I maneuvered the Tony Moly Master Lab Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask on face while I binged some episodes of The Office. Tony Moly makes some pretty good sheet mask and this was is great to add some hydration and nourishment to your skin. Plus, this mask adheres to the skin pretty good. It doesn’t even shift while laughing and taking sips of iced coffee on a chill Saturday morning.

Face Masks Everyday: Sunday

In my house, Sunday nights are usually dedicated to deep cleaning my skin and face masks. The face mask I’ve started to use since the weather has gotten warmer is L’Oreal Clear & Comfort Clay Mask. I’ve had this mask for a while, but just recently discovered it’s a great for congested skin. This masks makes my skin look and feel refined, refreshed, and relaxed. What more could you want your skin to feel like on a Sunday night?

What’s your current go-to face mask? Share below!

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