Lazy Ways to Remove Makeup

We all have those moments when we feel too exhausted to wash our face to remove our makeup. I’ve been in that position far too many times that I would like. However, I recently found some lazy ways to remove makeup after a long day and decided to share.

lazy ways to remove makeup

Please note, if possible, please thoroughly wash your face every night. This will help prevent breakouts, spread bacteria from your face to sleeping areas, and way more other reasons. However, these lazy beauty techniques are easy to do from the comfort of your bed or in front of your TV, which is where I tend to do this. Plus, they do a pretty good job or removing your makeup and cleansing your face.



lazy ways to remove makeup mineral spray and wipes

My first lazy technique is to use a mineral facial spray and makeup remover wipes. Now that the weather is warmer, this feels so good to do at the end of the day! Depending on how much makeup I have on, I spray my face with the mineral spray. After letting the spray sit for a few seconds, I use a makeup wipe to wipe away my face. I usually end up doing this 4-5 times this technique to remove my makeup. After a long day at work, I will use these two while relaxing on my sofa and watching DVR’d crime shows and maybe a glass of wine within reach.

lazy ways to remove makeup micellar water and toner

The next technique that I use it micellar cleansing water and Mario Badescu cleansing lotion. To be quite honest, the micellar water can do the whole clean up on it’s own. However, following up with the cleansing lotion helps to assess that all the makeup is removed. Currently, I’m using the MB Special Cleansing Lotion “C”, which is formulated for combo/ oily skin. This cleansing lotion removes excess oil, dirt, and makeup. These two products are my favorite way to cleanse my face, because they get it squeaky clean in minimum time.

lazy ways to remove makeup cleansing balm

Finally, a warm hot face towel and cleansing balm are the quickest 1-2 punch. Rub a little of the cleansing balm on your skin to loosen the makeup and wipe it all away with the hot towel. However, with this one, I suggest you follow up with a few splashes of cool water to calm your skin down.

There you have it, my favorite lazy ways to remove makeup. If you have any quick and efficient techniques, share them below.

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