Finding Inspiration When Uninspired

Despite the cute and overused hashtag #MotivationalMonday, I still feel super unmotivated on Mondays. Luckily, I’m not one of those people that dreads Mondays. However, I still feel the least motivated and uninspired on Mondays. Therefore, I tend to spend most Mondays looking and finding inspiration for the day.

Finding Inspiration

Keep reading to see easy places to find inspiration on uninspiring days.

Finding Inspiration: Quick Reads

Although reading is a great way to kill time, it’s also a good to help motivate you. Skimming through a magazine and reading a random article on how to roast vegetables might inspire you to make a meatless meal for dinner. Also, reading through your favorite blogs is another quick read that help motivate you to try something new or to see something from a different angle.

Finding Inspiration: Social Media

Social media tends to get a bad wrap on it’s influences on people. However, depending on who you follow, you can find the right kind of influence. Personally, I use Twitter to stay afloat on the latest news and what’s breaking. There’s been many times I’ve bought something I saw on Instagram and it became my one of my favorite things. Pinterest is still clutch when looking for a D.I.Y project or recipe that will help me use up some veggies before they expire.

Finding Inspiration: Take A Walk

A clear mind can lead to a flood of inspiration and a nice brisk walk can clear up your mind. Taking a quick walk around the block can help you come up a suggestion to fix that problem that’s been nagging you all morning. An idea for a side hustle might pop up while taking a walk to pick up the lunch you ordered. It’s amazing what a little sunshine and fresh air can uncover in your life.

What is something you do when you feel uninspired?

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