Forever 21 Forever Home line

This past weekend, I spent most of my time laying down due to uncomfortable “woman pain” while chilling with Netflix. When I wasn’t binge-watching old episodes of The Office, I was browsing Forever 21 Forever Home line.

Forever 21 Forever Home collection

First of all, I didn’t realize that Forever 21 was venturing off into home decor. Second of all, I didn’t realize that they would have so many things that I would want. For the most part, the line is filled with little cutesy items aimed at tweens and teens. However, there are some items that speak to those of us with anti-aging skincare routines and student loan debts. Keep reading to see the list of things that I wouldn’t mind owning from this latest collection.

forever 21 forever home pom pom blanket

I’m a throw blanket person. No matter the temperature of season, there is always on throw on my sofa. This pom pom blanket throw is functional and the right shade of pink with minimum pom poms.

Karma Living Wall Hangings

I’ve been trying to think of something simple to fill up a blank wall in my dining area. These woven wall hanging pieces by Karma Living would be perfect, because they are easy and different.

nail polish artwork

Currently, I’ve been having the desire to add some graphic artwork to a wall in my bedroom. It’s the wall where I placed my wardrobe rack, but I want to add some style and beauty artwork. This artwork of different nail polish bottles would be a nice addition.

unicorn bluetooth speaker

Okay, I know that I said these items would be for a more mature shopper. However, how freaking cute is this unicorn bluetooth speaker?! It’s almost too cute to bare and I want it.

cat tea pot

One more cute item that I couldn’t resist wanting is this porcelain cat tea pot. Unlike the unicorn speaker, this isn’t too cutesy. It’s more tolerable.

DIY terrarium bulb kit

Terrariums are one of those things that I love, but never got around to making. This Terrarium DIY kit by Urban Green Makers includes everything you need to make your own terrarium in a bulb-shaped glass.


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