Fun Home Decor Items I’m Wanting

Every spring and fall, I get the desire to do some small tweaks to my decor. You know, nothing major; replace a few pictures and add a few knick knacks. For the past few weeks, I’ve been suppressing my desire to buy random home decor pieces. However, there are a few random, fun home decor pieces that have been chilling in my online shopping carts. I’m at the point where I’m either going to start buying them piece by piece of delete the whole cart.


Before I come to a decision, I thought it would be appropriate to share the home decor pieces that I’ve been wanting for awhile. If not to buy, to at least document what my fun home decor style aspirations looked like at this time.

Peace SIgn Wall Hook | Urban Outfitters

I’ve been needing and wanting a key hook situation by my front door for years, at this point. I’m so embarrassed to admit this, but my sister and I place our keys on this really long nail hammered in the wall. I can’t remember who, what, or why it’s there, but it’s an eyesore. Last year, instead of just buying a key hook, I painted it the same color as the wall for a floating keys effect. I enjoyed it for awhile, but I’m over it. I’ve been wanting this Peace Sign Wall Hook from Urban Outfitters to use as a key hook and somewhat catchall. It’s a little weird, but maybe that’s why I like. However, I know my sister would cringe at the thought of putting her keys on a hand that looks like it’s coming through the wall. Still, I like it.

Get Naked Bath Mat | Urban Outfitters

Another fun item I want from UO is this Get Naked bath mat. This mat is the perfect combination of pretty and cheeky and I love it. I have this obsession with putting a clean bath mat down every other day. Like a bath towel, after a couple of days, it needs to get replaced. So, the more bath mats in my home, the better. Yeah, but back to this mat; it’s pretty and I want it.

Spine Book Tower

At times, I feel like I’m living in the backroom of a book store. I love books and can’t separate from them. Apparently, I can’t stop collecting them either. Around my home, you find random small stacks of books, which I kind of love. However, I would like them to be a little more organized and together. Bookcases can look kind of stuffy in most spaces, especially small rooms like my living room. The best solution for my problem is the spine book tower, which I wanted years ago and never got. Now, it’s more of a need. This book towers, when stocked, give the illusion of floating books and/or a really tall stack of books.

Lighting incense after work is my latest way I like to relax after a long day. I have the basic incense holder, but I think I deserve something chicer. Zara Home’s octogonal incense holder might do the trick. I love that is holds the incense stick vertical instead of horizontal and it has more of a design aesthetic.

Lilly Pulitzer Pineapple Mirror | PB Teen

I’m not into Lilly Pulitzer or pineapple motif decor. However, I can’t stop obsessing over this pineapple mirror from the Lilly Pulitzer collection with Pottery Barn Teen. I think I like it because it’s not too big and is brass finished frame. A nice little mirror to place in a hallway or over a tall dresser.

What fun home decor item did you last buy or want? Share below.

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