Furry Purses I Want To Rub

As much as I love fall and the fall style, it can be a little boring. However, the accessories for fall can be fun and unique. Recently, I’ve been into furry bags. All of these furry purses not only look pretty, but feel soft and sexy.

Furry purses I want to rub this fall

I mentioned furry bags for fall a couple of years ago, but they are still working for this season, too. Keep reading to see my picks for bags that look super soft and furry.

Teddy Faux fur shoulder bag

This fluffy shoulder bag looks like it was made with the same faux fur as Teddy Bears are made. Maybe this could also double as a pillow for travel or mid-day nap at work. Well, I would use it for this reasons, too.

faux fur bucket bags

Want to add a furry bag to your life, but subtly? Well, this combined faux fur bucket bag is a very lowkey way to embrace this look. It actually looks a little chic. The black and blue contrast makes this little bag look kinda chic and maybe even work-friendly.

Furry purses calre v. shearing foldover clutch

This blush shearing foldover clutch by Clare V looks super pretty and feminine. A light pink fluffy clutch might not be fall-friendly, but it’s pretty stinking cute.

furry tassel pouch

If you’re like me and want to jump in head first, this navy and fuschia furry tassel pouch from Loeffler Randall will work. I would carry this purse everyday and everywhere. It’s definitely a statement piece and conversation starter. I love style and fashion conversation starters and this bag is definitely both.

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